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By Kshitij Sharma
Published: January 31, 2015, Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Taurus is an even, earthy, fixed sign. It is considered female and is of short ascension and is powerful at night. It is white in colour. It represents villages and agricultural land. Its prakriti/temperament is vaat/airy. Taurus represents southern direction.

Taurus is governed by Venus. It is the second sign of the zodiac and hence coming down represents the face of the Kal Purush. Due to influence of Venus, magnificence and splendor are important to the Taurus born people. Beauty, makeup, expression and communication are therefore important for Taureans. Form, symmetry, class is extremely essential. A high society page-3 socialite is typical of thiss influence. They appreciate art and are connoisseurs, but Taurus born cannot be artists by themselves unless a dash of Mercury’s communicative & expressive influence is added to equation.

Taurus is a fixed sign. It is also earthy in nature. This is why stability is important for people born under the influence of Taurus. This translates to a good family life and aspirations of a comfortable home surrounded by all luxury. A Taurus type will be content in such an environment where things aren’t changing too fast and where they can dictate and set right rules for things to operate according to a plan. At a place of work, these are the best people to understand the long term plan and accordingly implement a project for you. They are excellent administrators. Someone seeking their opinion will understand that their opinion is stable and unbiased and they make good advisors.

Under negative influence of Taurus, firmness translates to a dogmatic behavior and lack of flexibility. Once such persons make up their mind, it would be very difficult to change it. This is the trick in dealing with a Taurus born. Someone dealing with them should understand that patience is required and arguments based on facts need to be presented. For Taurus born, they should understand that being resolute is good, but they should avoid being adamant.

  • Lucky Gemstones: Diamond (Heera) and Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
  • Lucky colour: Pink and White
  • Lucky Day: Saturday will show long term success. Fridays will be good overall.

Sun in Taurus

Sun and Venus are mutual enemies and Sun is not at home in Venus’ sign of Taurus. Such a location of Sun in Taurus limits the abilities of Sun providing fame and leadership. At the same time, it brings in qualities of Venus.

A person with Sun in Taurus is a good people’s person and takes everyone along with them. The temperament is cautious and conservative. The person considers all the options before making any decision. The person is an excellent administrator. On the family front, the person needs to have a comfortable and predictable atmosphere and will work towards providing it to themselves and to the family.

On the negative side, the person could be indecisive to the core and miss opportunities.

On the health front, Sun’s presence in Taurus could lead to problems of face, e.g. boils and acne and also ENT issues.

Moon in Taurus

Moon is exalted in Taurus and the highest exaltation point is at 3 degrees in this sign. The emotional part of Moon is best revealed with this combination.

The persons with Moon in Taurus are emotionally stable and warm. They create a comfortable living environment for themselves and their family. They are quite focused and fixed in their approach. They are very compassionate towards others. They command respect from their peers and are able to exercise influence over them. They can be drawn to investment in art and collecting other forms of riches like clothes, jewelry etc.

On the negative side, they can become adamant and obstinate in various situations and may become narrow minded and even dogmatic in their approach. They can be either too controlling or too generous and may pamper their family members.

On the health front, there could be persistent throat problems. Over indulgence on food may lead to obesity.

Mars in Taurus

Venus is a neutral planet for Mars and hence it is a reasonable placement for Mars.

Mars is a planet of passion, competition and in this combination comes under the influence of Venus, who indicates class, refinement and romance. The result is that the person with this combination in his chart has a charismatic nature and a magnetic personality. The person is interested in sports and physical activities but rather in the entertainment aspect of it. This person would be more interested in dance art form rather than music or painting. A lot of passion is demonstrated in any activity that they undertake. They are spontaneous in love affairs and make charming partners.

On the negative side, this person is likely to have more than one partners and relationships. This person is likely to be a loner although the outside persona is of a smooth talker and caring person. A really bad placement of Mars in Taurus would lead to person being abusive towards their mate.

On the health front, this placement makes a person susceptible towards scars and acne on face, throat ailments, nosebleeds etc.

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury is in friend’s sign in Taurus and is a good placement for this planet of clever intellect and humour.

Mercury in Taurus creates an environment of grounded reality and quick thinking. Such persons are capable of executing plans on the ground and seeing things through. They are quite good communicators and can relate to their audience immediately. They possess a classy sense of humour and are quite generous in their thinking. They like art, logic and philosophy and they would love to have an argument and discourse on such topics of interest.

On the negative side, such persons may be not be open to criticism. They may look down upon others and may develop a caustic sense of humour. They may become too excitable and lack seriousness in any situation.

On the health front, this combination indicates propensity towards speech, throat and ENT problems. It may also indicate problems with sexual ability and potency.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter is in neutral territory in Taurus.

Jupiter in Taurus makes a person wise and judicious. The person is broadminded in approach towards his friends and family. This combination also makes on materialistic and is found in horoscope of persons who enjoy luxuries. The inclination is towards elegance and art in all areas and such a person is predisposed to surrounding themselves and their family with domestic pleasures and comforts. It is very difficult to change the moral and religious views of such a person.

On the other hand, the person may lack energy and become lazy. They may not open the door even if opportunity were to knock twice. Such a person find it difficult to control the expenses. Expenditure on luxuries may seem unreasonably high to others dealing with them.

On the health front, there is a tendency for body to retain water and gain weight. It may lead to other diseases related to obesity.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is in swakshetra in Taurus as it owns this sign. A good placement in the horoscope, i.e., in houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 from Lagna or Moon indicates Malavya yoga.

Venus in Taurus makes one charming and attractive. This combination denotes riches. Beauty, grace and refinement of lifestyle are the defining factors for such a person. The inclination is towards elegance and art in all areas and such a person aspires to surrounding themselves and their family with domestic pleasures and comforts.

On the negative side, this indicates an easy go lucky temperament and an extremely laid back attitude towards work. Such a person is used to a regal lifestyle and other doing his work for him.

On the health side, this combination does not indicate many health problems. Obesity and related disorders can bother a person if he overindulges.

Venus is in its own sign (swakshetra). This position, if located on an angle, creates a Malavya Yoga, indicating the highest manifestation of Venus’s qualities.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn is in a friendly sign in Taurus. This is a good placement for Saturn.

The person with such a yoga in their horoscope has lot of will power and control on emotions and behavior. He is usually shy and reserved, but has a lot of self-confidence. He comes across as someone who minds his own business and is completely focused on the job. Facets like discipline, responsibility and work define the identity of such a person.

On the negative front, such a person is usually a workaholic and has difficulty creating work/life balance. Hence, the tendency is to neglect the family and these results in broken relationships. Saturn in Taurus indicates unconventional approach towards romance and desire.

On the health front, this combination can indicate problems with reproductive organs & urinary tract problems. Eye and ENT illnesses are indicated.

Rahu in Taurus

Some classical texts maintain that Rahu is exalted in Taurus.

Rahu in Venus’ sign indicates an unusual and eccentric view of romance, art forms as well as money. Such a person will have keen interest in and love towards all things foreign and will benefit from their association. He also develops keen interest in the problems of the society and work for the benefit of the downtrodden. In any competition, he would not only root for the underdog, but also think on how to boost their chances for winning at the game. Inter-caste, inter-religion marriages can happen if Rahu is associated with horoscope house number 7.

On the negative side, this may indicate perversion. Such a person can deceive others for money and in romance.

Illness of organs in the head and disfigurement of face is indicated on the health side. The person may also suffer from illness of sexual organs.

Ketu in Taurus

Some classical texts maintain that Ketu is debilitated in Taurus. Hence, it is likely to indicate negative and unfavourable results.

On the positive side, this makes a person smart. It also indicates cunningness and unpredictability with others in the matter of speech and communication. Source of money are many and unexpected. This placement makes a person spiritually inclined.

On the negative side, the person is deceptive and may find it difficult to hold on to his word. This is not a good position for romance for the person – as this combination can indicate deception from both parties in a relationship.

Ketu’s presence in this sign indicated undiagnosed health problems in head and face. 

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