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Saturn and Marriage

By Kshitij Sharma, November 4, 2014

The problem that astrologers and general populace is that they view Saturn as malefic planet for all cases. It is true that Saturn is a malefic (क्रूर ग्रह), but is not a malefic for all horoscopes and all lagnas. It is a natural malefic and causes scarcity and delay. However, it is not a functional malefic in every janma kundali. Therefore, Saturn’s effect on various rashis and janma kundalis needs to be studied carefully. Please refer to this article on Saturn in order to understand the treatment of Saturn in the Vedic horoscope. Further, transit effect of Saturn through Scorpio from Nov 2014 through Oct 2017 is described in this article, where it brings auspicious results for few signs. Its inauspicious results are also muted down bringing mixed results for some rashis. Please refer to the article for details.

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