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By Kshitij Sharma, February 1, 2015

Aquarius is an odd hence male sign. It represents the element of air and yet is a fixed mobility sign. It is of short ascension. Aquarius is deep brown in colour and is strong in day time. It has a mix prakriti/temperament, i.e., it represents all three – vaat/pitta and kaph.

Aquarius is a sign ruled by Saturn. It denotes shin bones and hamstring muscles of the Kala Purusha. For the people born in this sign, the sign belonging to Saturn, yet airy nature indicates that they are intelligent. They may be slow in grasping new ideas, but have good memory. They are attentive and vigilant and are constantly judging the situation to do course correction.

Aquarians have a desire of constantly learning and have great perception. Hence, this quality manifests itself as the Aquarian having great powers of intuition. Although they are very sociable at the surface, at the core, they are quite secluded from the society and would like to maintain a distance from others. They do not make friends easily and do not let others enter their inner circle. However, since Aquarius is a fixed sign, once an Aquarius born accepts someone as a friend, the relationship is maintained for life.

Aquarius is a sign of new ideas. New ideas may seem unusual to others, but for an Aquarius born, rules are made for others and not for themselves. In a fight, an Aquarian will always support and cheer for an underdog. If they feel it to be right in their heart, they may even side with the beleaguered, oppressed and pariahs. Therein lies the challenge for the Aquarius born. They need to understand the rules and regulations of the society around them and avoid solitude. Pessimism should be done away with.

If you are dealing with an Aquarian, you will need to understand that such a person does not have a sense of right or wrong as the society or the convention sees fit, but it is what seems right in their heart. “They are prone to do what they are told not to do and to befriend those whom they are told to avoid.”

Lucky Gemstones for Aquarius: Moonga (Red Coral), Sapphire (neelam)
Colour: Dark blue, red
Days of the week: Fridays, Saturday, Tuesday

Sun in Aquarius

Sun is in the sign of Saturn, which is natural enemy to Sun in Vedic Astrology. This is not a very good placement for Sun, but still provides for intelligence and great memory. The Aquarius borns constantly course correct to ensure that they are on the right path. They are hence very perceptive.

As Aquarius is a sign of new ideas and innovation, the person is quite innovative and original in thinking and would be successful in areas of science and technology. An Aquarian is caring by nature and would always work towards the downtrodden and low strungs of the society.

On the negative side, the person is not very lucky. Hard work alone lifts him up in life. Accomplishments are muted and/or not marketed well. Source of money can be a constant worry.

On the health front, the person has a weak heart and eyesight. Leg bones can be weak too leading to fracture in the lower leg.

Moon in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius indicates that the janma rashi of the person is Aquarius and the person depicts the emotional nature associated with the sign. Since Saturn is an enemy planet to Moon in astrology, this combination depicts a cold and calculating nature. Emotional warmth is replaced by pessimism.

On the positive note, this person is very creative and perceptive. The person’s intuition works in mysterious ways and he may be a good astrologer. This suits the person very much since he would also portray discipline denoted by the lord of the sign Saturn.

Rules & conventions are not usually made for an Aquarius born. The person is averse to following orders. They are also loners and prefer to be alone rather than in company of others.

On the health front, there could be problems with bones & muscle weakness in lower leg. This combination of Moon in Aquarius may be related to heart problems as well.

Mars in Aquarius

Saturn is an enemy sign to Mars. Therefore Mars ideally is not well placed in this sign. Position of Mars in Aquarius makes a person rash and careless.

On the positive side, this is a position where quick action and innovation meet. Hence, the person would be quite an asset in an organization where fast proof of concept (POC) projects are required. He would be able to provide an accurate and speedy opinion whether a strategy would work on not. However, for such a person, idle mind is devil’s workshop.

On the negative front, the person is quick to lose control and get angry and get into an argument with others almost all the time. The sense of adventure could backfire.

He is always prone to injuries resulting from cars, guns etc. On other health front, bones could be weak. Surgeries and fractures in the leg area are also predicted.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in the sign of Saturn is well placed, as Saturn is neutral in planetary friendship to Mercury. Moreover, the innovative and thinking sign of Aquarius suits Mercury very well.

The person with this combination is an original thinker and is capable of bringing a new and unique perspective. He would be able to see and provide solutions where other have completely missed the picture. The person is also capable of balancing quick business and administration together. The person usually is well educated and learned in a formal way. He is regarded as an intellectual within his peer community.

On the negative side, the person thinks and goes into too much detail and hence lacks awareness of happenings around him. In a team environment, the boss closely observes or controls the work of subordinates.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter is in enemy house in Aquarius. It is not in a very strong position in the chart. However, it cannot be considered to be very weak.

The quality of Jupiter needs to be channeled properly for the person to benefit through organized thinking. The person is tactful in nature. This combination also may lead a person to public office and politics. The person works for oppressed and pariahs in the society.

On the negative side, the person does not have many opportunities for expansion in life. He may not take many risks even if the upside is apparent. Many constraints and obstacles continuously hamper progress. This combination causes problems with children.

On health front, this can lead to infection/inflammation in lower leg area. Muscles could become weak.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus is in Saturn’s sign in Aquarius. It is a friendly placement and hence this is good for the horoscope. However, Venus’ attributes are opposite to that of Saturn and hence some of the results are modified in the chart.

The person would be committed towards all relations, especially parents in their old age. The person is both artistic and intelligent, resulting in combination of design and science. The person is also a people person and can be thought of as a facilitator rather than the boss/leader. The person gains through a good boss/supervisor.

The person does not follow many taboos when it comes to relationships. There could be delays in marriage or the partner may not be committed as much the person is.

On the health front, the person has problems with heart and is of weak constitution. There could be problems with reproductive organs.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is in moolatrikona from 0 to 20 degrees in Aquarius. The rest of the 10 degrees is considered swakshetra. This position, coinciding with Saturn’s position in one of the Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th) is known as Sasa Yoga, which is one of the pancha mahapurusha yoga for Saturn. In this position, Saturn is behaved as if it is efficiently at work, doing what he does best.

The combination makes a person very reliable and a great advisor. He, therefore gains respect in society for being a no-nonsense person. They are the ones who finally implement the ideas and bring them to reality. These are the people with real sense and position of authority.

The person is analytical and used this to his advantage. There is a sense of grace and refinement.

On the negative side, he is not a people person and works in a mechanical way, devoid of all emotions. He may be regarded as cold and unapproachable.

There are not many health problems directly associated with this combination, but if Saturn is afflicted, while being located in Aquarius, then this can lead to problems in lower leg, shin bones, hamstring and ankles.

Rahu in Aquarius

The person with Rahu in Aquarius has an unconventional and ingenious approach towards innovation and creativity. This combination indicates problem solving ability and intelligence. 

On the negative side, the person can be a compulsive rule breaker and always be on a lookout for short-cuts. The person has problems with authority. The person is also a loner.

The combination indicates problems in the lower leg and may indicate a limp or problems while walking.

Ketu in Aquarius

Ketu in Capricorn can result in spirituality and growth in this sign. There is a greater aptitude in mathematics, science and technology due to this yoga. The combination also indicates political acumen, which may often be related to a spiritual leader acting like a politician. The person has problems solving abilities.

On the negative side, the person may not always get success in all his enterprises. Innovations always may not work out. For examples, if a person is working in a startup, the chances of failures are more. The person is also a loner and is isolated from his friends and relatives.

On the health front, this combination indicates accidents and injuries to the lower leg – shin bones, ankles.

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