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By Kshitij Sharma
Published: February 1, 2015, Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Pisces is an even hence a female sign. It belongs to water element and dual/common mobility. It is of short ascension. This sign is strong at night. It rules the north direction. Pisces if of kaph/phlegm prakriti, i.e. temperament.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and represents the feet of the cosmic man. For the people belonging to this sign, the characteristics are governed by Jupiter and water and hence Pisceans are philosophical and large hearted. They are very emotional people and have lot of imagination. They like to live in their own dreamy world. They are romantics at heart and yet honest about their feelings. They are caring and compassionate towards others, including their bitter enemies and critics, even when they have inkling that these may be fake feelings. Pisceans aren’t very discreet when dealing with shrewd people.

Pisceans can be confused about their roles and ideas – they are easily swayed by others as they are pretty pliable and receptive to new ideas. This may be deduced as being impressionable.

Pisceans love their family and the cozy comfortable environment of their homes. As they are ever friendly, they will forever entertain their friends at home, but will not be able to make them leave even if it is causing a lot of discomfort.

Pisceans need to develop little more insight towards the people they are dealing with and need demonstrate caution. They need to be watchful and wary. If you are dealing with a Piscean as a close family member, watch out for such signs and protect the person. In return, he would shower you with warmth and grace and make your life comfortable.

  • Lucky Gemstones for Pisces: Moonga (Red Coral), Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Ruby (Manik)
  • Colour: Red, Yellow. Avoid dark colours.
  • Days of the week: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday are good. Avoid Saturday

Sun in Pisces

Sun is in a friendly house in Pisces. However, it is a female sign of water element and hence some of the aggressive nature of Sun is muted.

This combination makes a person philosophical and large hearted. Emotions run high. The person has philanthropic tendencies. He has a calming influence on the person around him and is very well liked due to the support he provides in the time of need.

On the negative side, this person can be complacent and become too comfortable in the confines of their home. The person does not make use of very apparent opportunities also. The person is not aggressive and cannot be a forceful leader. However due to the social skills and helpful personality, he may still gather quite a number of followers.

On the health front, the person lack vitality and may become ill often. He may have problems in lower leg and feet.

Moon in Pisces

Moon is in its element in Pisces. It is in a friendly sign that is governed by Jupiter. Pisces’ emotional nature appeals to the Moon and hence it brings out the affectionate, motherly nature of the person.

The person is able to understand and is always aware of his inner feeling. Others perceive him as perceptive and sensitive and they absolutely love him for that. The person is sincere and honest and although he would speak the truth, he would never be harsh or rash. It is very difficult for the person to hurt others emotionally.

On the negative side, the person can be taken for a ride as the basic nature is to trust others. The person can also be more open emotionally than it is necessary.

On the health side, the person can have problems in feet by way of water retention, swelling etc.

Mars in Pisces

Mars is in Jupiter’s house in Pisces, which is a friendly house as per the tenets of astrology. This is hence a good position for Mars. However, since Pisces is the 12th sign, this position also results in a Manglik Dosha.

On the positive side, this is a position of gain of money for the person. The person is emotionally connected with his real self and is acutely aware of the needs and requirement. The person will spend money on right causes – he will not be too generous, but will size up the recipient before helping.

On the negative side, this combination results in Manglik Dosha due to Mars’ placement in 12th sign. There can be problems with relationship. There could be problems with children too. . Spending needs to be controlled otherwise expenditure can shoot up.

On the health front, there could be fractures and inflammatory diseases in feet.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces and the worst debilitation occurs at 15 degrees. Even otherwise, Pisces is a detrimental sign as the opposite Virgo is both exaltation as well as mooltrikona sign for Mercury.

The person with this yoga in the chart goes through inner turmoil and indecision. The analytical abilities do not yield many results. On the other hand, the person is a jack of all trades and is capable of pursuing many different responsibilities. This also results in artistic abilities – singing and music.

On the health front, this may lead to skin diseases, feet/bones weakness. The person may also have nervous diseases.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is in swakshetra in Pisces. Jupiter’s location in Pisces, along with simultaneous location in a Kendra (House 1, 4, 7 and 10) in a horoscope forms Hamsa Yoga, which is one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga.

The location of Jupiter in its own sige of Pisces denotes a sense of idealism. As per the results of Hamsa yoga, the person is lucky. Due to divine intervention, he would never get in trouble. The person is well respected in society and portrays an image of a responsible and trustworthy person. There is a philanthropic and philosophical aura given out by the person. The person is intelligent and highly educated. This is a good combination for children, their education and their prosperity.

On the negative side, the person is overly optimistic. He may think a lot and not achieve much. The person misses opportunities, that too obvious ones.

On the health front, this combination indicates obesity. It also indicates problems in feet and swelling in feet.

Venus in Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces. A good placement in the horoscope, i.e., in houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 from Lagna or Moon and in Pisces sign indicates Malavya yoga. The best exaltation of Venus happens at 27 degrees in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces makes one charming. The person has refined nature and taste. This combination denotes luxury. Politeness, beauty, grace and refinement of lifestyle are the defining factors for such a person. The person is humble and unassuming. He is thus very much regarded in the society and can contribute to various causes. The combination also indicates great comfort of home and domestic environment.

On the negative side, the person can be quite indulgent with no control on expenditure, especially if this money is spent on items of luxury. There can be problems with married life and partnerships. The person can be too trusting and naïve.

Health problems are indicated in area of sexual organs and feet.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn’s position in Pisces is in the neutral sign belonging to Jupiter. Thus, Saturn is not ill-placed in this sign.

The person does not venture out of the conventional wisdom. He does not have great imagination and employs a rather traditional approach to problem solving. He is considered to be predictable and reliable and thus people depend on him. This is a good position for responsible public service profession.

On a negative note, the person has delays in education and especially when it comes to gathering knowledge from any source. There are problems with relationships too. The person cannot focus and concentrate. The person also does not pay many attention to details.

On the health front, the person can have problem in his feet. This combination can cause limp while walking.

Rahu in Pisces

Rahu in Jupiter’s house indicates that the person can travel to foreign location and do successful business with foreigners. The person is also keen in spirituality. The person is intuitive and can have an extraordinary or unusual experience in this area.

On the negative side, this combination may indicate paranoia. He may not follow convention and be a compulsive rule breaker.

On health front, sleep may be disturbed due to bad dreams. Inflammation/limp in feet is indicated.

Ketu in Pisces

Ketu in Jupiter’s sign Pisces indicates that the person drawn to spirituality and leads a simple life in a foreign land. This can also indicate highly intuitive and supernatural abilities. The person is a good spiritual leader and influence lives of others. There is lack of ego in dealing with people.

On the negative front, the person can have a relationship issues with family and be detached from them.

Health wise, problems of feet with persistent pain or limp is indicated. Some of these problems may not be diagnosed properly.

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