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By Kshitij Sharma
Published: January 31, 2015, Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Scorpio is an even hence female sign. It is of water element and of fixed mobility. It is long in ascension. It is strong at night. Its direction is north and its prakriti/temperament is kaph/phlegm. It is reddish-brown in colour.

Scorpio is owned by Mars, and symbolizes the sexual organs of the Kal Purusha.

Scorpio is a sign where Moon, the planet symbolizing Moon, is debilitated. Hence, at the very base of it Scorpio signifies holding back of emotions and a fear of exposing the vulnerable side of the personality. Scorpios are introverted, uncommunicative and taciturn. However, they possess excellent power of perception and are very good readers of human emotions by themselves.

All the authors of great books on astrology call Scorpio a “mysterious” sign. This is because very few people can fathom what goes on inside the mind of a Scorpio. Interest in occult and “tantric” studies is also associated with Scorpio. This ability can also be directed towards research and Scorpio borns make excellent researchers.

Since the sign is ruled by Mars, Scorpios maintain good physique. Mars indicates impulsiveness and physical strength. Aggression, independence and a bit of stubbornness is indicated by Scorpio sign. Scorpio borns find it difficult to control their temper. Hence, as a lagna or rashi, these traits are very noticeable.

Communication is not the strong points of Scorpio. Hence you would rarely notice a Scorpio born indulging in loose talk or rumours. A good way or engaging them would be on points of arguments, with facts, figures and logic.

Scorpio borns are very passionate. They can be very sexual minded and prone to vices if this is not kept under control.

Scorpio borns can become obsessed with rationality and can completely ignore the feelings of people around them. This is one area of awareness that they need to develop.

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Colour: Red, Yellow. Avoid dark colours.
Days of the week: Tuesday, Thursday are good. Avoid Saturday & Fridays

Sun in Scorpio

Sun is in friendly sign in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. Sun is exalted in Mars’ other rashi Aries and this by itself is a good position.

This combination signifies intuition and dealing with mystical. The person with Sun in Scorpio is good in confronting mystery – investigations, diagnosis etc. Thus he may be a detective investigating a crime or a doctor who has a talent for diagnosing hidden diseases. The person’s intuition works for him. He may also be a psychic or an astrologer. The person has a talent to act through sheer will power and change the course of action even when pitted against strongest of odds.

On the negative side, the person is extremely aggressive even in normal situations and can be abusive towards others.

On the health front, the person can have problems with reproductive organs or urinary tract. The person can suffer from hidden diseases that may take time to get diagnosed properly.

The Sun, indicator of one’s power and action in the world, sits in the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, which is ruled by the active, aggressive Mars; and represents mystery, life, long-term health, reproduction, benefits from others, etc. Thus, we get something similar to a Sun/Mars conjunction in the 8th house (sign).

Moon in Scorpio

Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, with the worst debilitation coming at 3 degrees of Scorpio. This is despite the fact that Mars and Moon are considered friends in astrology.

The persons with this combination are introverted and shy. They aren’t very good at letting their emotions show up, even when they are very passionate. They may be seen as insensitive, but they are not. They are smart and cunning in keeping poker face in any situation.

On the negative side, they are loners who cannot trust others with their inner secrets. On the other hand, they may either never be intimate with people or become intimate very quickly. There are only extremes and balance does not exist. Marriage and partnership is affected because of this.

On the health front, this combination may lead to severe emotional disorders. It may also cause problems with sexual function in the body.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is its own sign, i.e., in swakshetra, in Scorpio. This placement of Mars in swakshetra  along with Kendra and moolatrikona in an angle or trine is called Ruchaka Yoga.

Presence of Ruchaka Yoga in a horoscope makes a person brave and gives him/her passion and intensity. This combination is found in detectives, police and military and even law breakers. The person with Mars in Scorpio is a sharp minded problem solver with ability to crack problems that others cannot make head and tail of. They are very competitive and work well in

On the negative side, this combination can also occur in charts of rank criminals. The person moves very quickly but may not be suited for long terms projects. It can also cause problems in marriage and partnerships as 8th house/sign are related to Manglik Dosha.

On the health front, the person would be vulnerable to accidents & surgeries.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury is in neutral sign in Scorpio.

This denotes a fertile mind and imagination. The cleverness of Mercury when joined by the mystical sign of Scorpio leads to an active and talented mind that can dig deep into secrets and mysteries. This person can work as a detective, a doctor or even a medium. He is great at creating long term plans and keeping cool while implementing them.

On the negative side, the person would have problems with communication with others. This is also not a good position of Mercury for relationships. The person could keep deep secrets from even close family members.

On the health front, this may manifest as speech disorders or problems with sexual drive. Nervous ailments could also bother the individual.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter and Mars are friends as per astrology and hence Jupiter is in mitra kshetra in Aries.

Scorpio is a watery sign and this provides for fertile imagination and articulation. Presence of Jupiter in this sign is manifested as possession of higher mystical knowledge. The person is conversant in logic, philosophy and scriptures. The person is usually proud in dealing with others.

On the negative side, mystical knowledge may turn into perversion. The person may lose financially.

On the health side, this may cause water retention problems and ailments of sexual organs.

Venus in Scorpio

Mars is neutral to Venus and hence Venus is neither strong nor weak when located in this sign.

The person is spontaneous and can make charming partners. Such people act in haste in matters of heart. They are infatuated easily and fall in and out of love very easily. They love action and adventure.

On a negative side, they may not be averse to using their charm on others for their own benefits. They cen be selfish and cater to their inner feelings before others.

On the health front, they need to be careful with diseases of sexual organs. They are also prone to acne and spots on the face.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn is in enemy sign in Scorpio and hence the good results that it gives in terms of discipline, focus and efficiency are muted down.

The person is still very hardworking. He would work in areas of research, mechanical or construction engineering or even defense.

On the negative side, the person is frustrated as hard work does not yield results. He is not treated well in society.

On the health front, there is a propensity to get wounded through metals. Frustration may lead to clinical depression. Bones and muscles may become weak over time and lead to joint pain and arthritis in old age.

Rahu in Scorpio

According to certain scriptures, Rahu is debilitated in Scorpio. This means that “unusual” activities associated with Rahu can potentially become treacherous. This combination leads to psychic nature and dabbling in supernatural.

On the positive side, this makes the person aggressive about self-preservation. Actions are effective.

On negative note, this combination can make a person selfish. They may be given to pangs of anger and extreme emotions.

Ketu in Scorpio

According to scriptures, Ketu is exalted in Scorpio and the great spiritual side of Ketu is manifested in this sign.

The person is given to quick actions with a sharp intelligence. He can be a researcher with ability to dig deep in any area and uncover mysteries. It can make great detectives and diagnosticians. It can manifest in horoscope of great tantriks.

On the negative side, the person is given to fits of rage and mood swings.

On the health side, illness is hard to diagnose. There can be inflammation in areas of sexual organs. The person usually has to go through surgeries of internal ailments.


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