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By Kshitij Sharma
Published: January 31, 2015, Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Leo is an odd male sign of fiery nature/element. It is fixed in mobility and is long ascension. It represents kshatriya varna and is strong during the day time. Leo is of bilious/pitta prakriti/temperament. It represents eastern direction and its colour is white.

Leo is ruled by Sun. Pride, will power, shining light of Sun and a dominating father figure attitude are the themes associated with this sign.

Sun is always associated with royalty. Ram, the greatest king of ancient India was born under Surya vansha. Leo individuals have a strong sense of dignity and pride. They have great will power and an urge to shine in all situations. There is always an air of nobility around them, which attracts others towards them – making the Leo individual center of attraction. Sun the king will seek Jupiter the minister and Mars the senapati. A Leo individual will view his/her surroundings as his personal kingdom and will try to find friends who will satisfy this ego. Leos can be dominating and two Leos cannot deal with one another unless they have accepted the other one as equal and is ready to cede some ground.

They have great intellect, but at the same time, they cannot hide it from others. They will always have stories to tell about themselves showcasing their inner strength. They may sound boasting to people around them, but deep in the heart, a Leo individual truly believes in it. Leo individuals are magnanimous and generous and bestow this generosity upon others surrounding them.

Leo individuals should learn to balance the focus between themselves and others. A special effort is needed to make partnerships work.

  • Lucky Gemstones: Ruby (Manik)
  • Lucky colour: Yellow, red. Avoid both light and dark blue colours. 
  • Lucky Day: Sunday and tuesdays. Avoid Saturdays for any good work.

Sun in Leo

Leo is owned by Sun and hence Sun is in swakeshtra while being positioned in Leo.

Sun in Leo signifies leadership aspects of Leo sign and Sun. The person is in control in all situations and prevails on his adversaries. The person is very competitive and always likes to be in charge. The person has ability to rise to highest levels, be it at work, or in the society and community. The person is well respected and regarded by his peers and society. This combination indicates intelligence.

On the negative side, such a combination makes a person hot headed and impatient. The tendency to dominate and dictate terms in any situation does not go well with other members if the person is acting as a part of a team.

On the health front, this combination does not cause any major health issues.

Moon in Leo

This is a good position for Moon as Moon is in mitra-kshetra while being located in this rashi.

Leo rashi individuals are proud of themselves. They are ambitious and need for recognition. They need to be the center of attention. They are good communicators and can become good motivational speakers. As leaders, they inspire others to deliver their best.

On the negative side, they may become attention seekers and live their life around it. They may raise too high a bar for others to perform and aren’t easily satisfied. They tend to be conceited at work and in business settings.

This combination indicates stomach diseases, frequent fevers and rashes.

Mars in Leo

Mars is in mitra-kshetra in Leo and it is a good placement for Mars in the horoscope. From its ownership sign of Aries, this is a 5th house placement and from its ownership sign of Scorpio, Mars is located in 11th house. Hence it is beneficial for both the houses come under the ownership of Mars. Mars in Leo in any house does not cause Manglik Dosha in the horoscope.

Mars is very action oriented in this house. The competitive nature of Mars is demonstrated in a great way in this sign. The person is independent worker. He would do well in police and military role.

On the negative side, such persons find it difficult to be stay in once place for an extended period of time, even though Leo is a fixed sign. They are very dominating with their family and friends.

On health front, Mars in Leo provides a strong constitution. However, the person is prone to injuries that may result in surgery. Such persons are prone to diseases caused due to pitta imbalance – fever, rashes and boils and headaches. It may lead to liver & pancreatic problems, diabetes, stomach ulcer etc.

Mercury in Leo

Mercury is in a mitra-kshetra in Leo and gives positive results.

This location of Mercury in Leo makes a person sharp and intelligent. The person is capable of planning as well as execution of big projects. The person has good communication abilities including writing and oral communication. Hence the person can be a great advisor or mantri in a government or related organization.

On the negative side, the person is mercurial – moving from one topic to another and would have difficulty focusing on one subject at a time. The person would not have time to go into details before attention is diverted to other areas of work.

On health front, the person may have illness in nerve center denoted by solar plexus. This may further lead to trouble with digestive system.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter is in mitra-kshetra in Leo.

This position of Jupiter in Leo imparts higher wisdom to the person. Material wealth also expands. Since Jupiter denotes law and good judgment, such a person is regarded highly in society. He is known for his balanced approach and ethics. He is thus regarded as a great advisor, negotiator and a mediator. The person values ethics and honour among others.

On the negative side, this combination indicates that the person develops a superiority complex. He would not like to be ignored by others. The person is very difficult to please and satisfy as he raises the bar for others too high.

This combination can lead to liver & cholesterol problems and may finally lead to heart problems.

Venus in Leo

Venus is in a shatru-kshetra in Leo and hence is not a very good position for Venus.

On the positive side, this combination leads to person being honest and straight. The person has strong emotions and desire to fall in love quickly. There is a certain grace and charm that makes the person stand apart from the crowd.

On the negative side, the person has difficulty being in background. He comes across as arrogant and snobbish. He is very passionate and may lead to emotional ups and downs.

On health front, this may indicate problems with sexual organs.

Saturn in Leo

Saturn regards Sun, the lord of Leo as the enemy planet. Hence this is not a great position for Saturn.

On the positive side, this person is in control of his life and experiences. Success comes slowly and steadily and over a period of time as the person gains experience. There is a deep sense of responsibility and the person is regarded as reliable and dependable.

On the negative note, the person is cannot be considered very fortunate. He would not be in the best of relationship with his father and superiors at the place of work. He may have problems saying no to his boss and thus too much responsibility may get piled on him.

On the health front, this may indicate problems of nervous system emanating from solar plexus.

Rahu in Leo

Rahu in Leo is indicative of unusual or foreign element associated with actions that the person undertakes. Hence he would have an unusual way of problem solving at work. He would work well with foreigners, multinational corporations and likes.

On the negative note, this combination may indicate strained relationships with father and superiors at work. He may not know his father very well and have emotional disconnect with him.

This combination denotes toxins in solar plexus area. This may denote liver damage due to drinking problem, diabetes. This may lead to heart problems in long run.

Ketu in Leo

Ketu in Leo indicates higher learning and spirituality. The person seeks insight and enlightenment. Father may also be a religious figure or may have deep spiritual inclination.

On the negative note, the person may have strained relationship and emotional disconnect with father. The person may be confused about the purpose in life. There are many emotional highs and lows.

This combination indicates problems in middle abdomen area. This may indicate blood pressure, diabetes etc. This may lead to heart problems in long run.

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