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By Kshitij Sharma
Published: January 31, 2015, Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Sagittarius is a male and odd. It is of fiery nature and common/dual mobility. It is of long ascension. Its prakriti, i.e. temperament is bilious, i.e pitta. It is strong at night. It has a orange-brown or yellowish-brown colour.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is Jupiter’s fiery sign that signifies expansion and extroversion. For people born in this sign, the sense of Dharma, ethics and virtues is extremely important.

The individuals born under the sign of Sagittarius follow conventions and uphold moral values always. They are warm and sympathetic towards others’ feelings and make them feel comfortable to seek advice from them. As Jupiter rules the sign, the traits of public speaking, teaching moral values comes naturally to them. Jupiter gives great intellect and this makes Sagittarians successful in their area of work – law, business/banking and teaching are the professions most suited to them.

Sagittarians are inclined towards sports, but may not always have the killer instinct to be competitive. They would do it rather for their own entertainment or amusement. They are always moving around, seeking new opportunities and may find it hard to be settled in one place or profession. Sagittarians make friends and followers very easily.

Sagittarius borns can be too critical or preachy and provide advice when not required. As they follow convention or rules, this trait if taken to extreme can lead to dogmatism.

  • Lucky Gemstones for Sagittarius: Moonga (Red Coral), Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj), Ruby (Manik)
  • Colour: Red, Yellow. Avoid dark colours.
  • Days of the week: Sundays, Tuesday, Thursday are good. Avoid Saturday & Fridays

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun is in a great position in fiery sign of Sagittarius that is owned by friendly planet Jupiter.

This placement manifests as a positive and optimistic outlook in life. This also manifests as positive generosity associated with principles, ethics and law. Such persons will be ever discriminating. They would help others, but thoroughly evaluate the recipient of their generosity. They are sincere and wise. They follow convention and rules.

They may become too moralistic and quick to pass judgment on others. They may become quite dominating and this trait may not work in a team setting. They could forever be floating in a cloud of optimism way above the rocky ground.

The health problems occur in the hip to knee area.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius rashi individuals exhibit the qualities of Sagittarius sign that indicate expansion, grace and magnanimity.

The person is Jupiterian in grace, which means he is a regarded and well respected in society. Everyone goes to him for advice and he provides unbiased counsel to them. He can be a great advisor or a minister. The person can also be a religious head or associated with an organization that works for betterment of the society. He would be very emotional and attached with his family. At the same time, the fiery sign can make him aggressive.

On a negative note, the person loves to argue a lot. While he is fair with everyone in his mind, he does not believe others to be very fair. He follows rules just for the sake of it and can be dogmatic.

On health front, Sagittarians are prone to getting fat deposited in the body – obesity, cholesterol and liver problems can exist. Hip problems can also bother a Sagittarian.

Mars in Sagittarius

Mars is in a friend’s house in Sagittarius. This provides for expansive qualities of Jupiter/Sagittarius associated with fiery nature of Mars.

This makes a person quite knowledgeable as well as hungry for more knowledge. The person can be in law enforcement but on the judicial side of it. This provides for leadership or policy maker position in government also. The person is quite good at planning for long term and then executing on it.

On the negative side, this combination shows a lot of action on the ground but not with immediate outcomes. This impatience can result in frustration. The person is quite proud and can have superiority complex.

On the health front, the person is prone towards accidents and injuries from hip to knee area.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Fiery sign of Jupiter along with earthy quality of Mercury make for a grounded and objective thought process. Jupiter is a neutral planet for Mercury and this makes it a good position for the planet of intellect.

The person is very wise and keeps learning new subjects. He has good communication skills – both oral and written. He is unbiased and just and helps make reasonable rules that he would follow as example for his fellow men. This is a sign of justice and law, which is further manifested in the thinking of the person. The person can be a policy maker and high official in government.

On the negative side, the person can be very obnoxious with a high superiority complex. He can be quite selfish too.

On the health front, the person can suffer from nerve disorders in the lower back region of the body.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

This a swakshetra sign for Jupiter. It is a moola trikona sign as well that extends from 0 to 10 degrees of Sagittarius. This sign position for Jupiter, along with a Kendra positions of houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 results in Hamsa Yoga, which is one of the pancha mahapurusha yogas. As per the results of Hamsa yoga, the person is lucky.Due to divine intervention, he would never get in trouble.

The person is a coach, teacher and a leader with a power to motivate others. He freely distributes higher knowledge to others. He has a religious bend of mind and not just for sake of it. He is truly and deeply religious. The person has a great sense of humour too.

There are not very many negative qualities associated with this combination, but this can make a person overly optimistic. He would be very lenient towards others. Materialistic tendencies can crop up.

On the health front, strong Jupiter can lead to obesity and fat formation in all parts of body.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is in enemy sign in Sagittarius and hence the position cannot be termed as great.

The positives of the combination are that the person is optimistic and sees good in everyone around. The person is romantic and would find love and excitement everywhere. The person would surround himself and family with luxuries and comforts.

On the negative side, the person cannot control his spending. The person is very flirtatious and may have loose morals. The person is quite condescending and disdainful. Love on display can be phony.

On the health side, hip & thigh muscles can be affected due to this combination.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Although Saturn and Jupiter belong to two different camps in Astrology, Saturn considered Jupiter to be neutral and hence Saturn is well placed in this sign. The favourable attributes weigh more heavily than the unfavourable ones.

The person has the right sense of responsibilities and focus due to this combination. He may be very unadventurous and unconventional in outlook. The person is predictable, reliable and does not venture out of the path set by others. Rules are followed very strictly. The person is therefore a very good enforcer of policy. He is not biased and has the right sense of justice.

On the negative side, the person can be too focused on one area and completely neglect other important areas in life. They can be quite rigid in their beliefs and not open to comments and suggestions from others. The person can be unlucky and face continuous obstacles. Progress happens only due to hard work.

On the health front, the person can have problems with hip area. Nerve endings in that part of body can become inflamed.

Rahu in Sagittarius

Rahu’s placement in Jupiter’s sign indicates unusual or extraordinary spiritual experiences. It also works on fate and luck in a bizarre fashion. The person can be a good lawyer/judge. Foreign trips can be many and there is a strong possibility of making a living in a foreign land. The person may be involved in finances/marketing within a spiritual setup.

On the negative side, the person may be disconnected from his father. He may not even know his father. Relationship with authorities and superiors at work may be strained. The financial dealings may be dubious in nature. This may not be a good position for spirituality if there are other factors involved as well and suspicious dealings can occur on his watch.

On the health front, the hip & thigh area and part of leg above the knees is affected. Inflammation of nerve endings can affect the person healthwise.

Ketu in Sagittarius

Ketu is in a good position in Sagittarius. Although it is a “tamasik” planet, it works well for the higher knowledge, religion and spirituality denoted by the sign of Sagittarius.

On the positive side, the person is fond of learning and seeks enlightenment from a guru. Such a person turns out to be a good student for the teacher.

On the negative side, the person may not be very lucky and have ups and down in career. The person may have strained relationship with his father or father may not be emotionally available.

This combination affects hip and lower back area. Nerves can be inflamed and bones could become weak. Fractures in hip and thigh area can occur due to accidents.

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