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By Kshitij Sharma
Published: January 31, 2015, Last Updated: February 12, 2015

Virgo is an even, hence female sign. It is of earth nature and dual/common mobility. It is long ascension and is strong during the day time. Its direction is south. Its prakriti/temperament is vaat/airy.

Virgo is the sign of Mercury, which is the fastest planet in the solar system and in Vedic astrology, barring Moon. It represents the abdomens and stomach area of the kaal purusha.

Consider the term Mercurial – it means volatile, impulsive and quickness in changing mind. There is a sense of restlessness & excitement in the persons who are under the influence of Virgo. Virgo persons are more practical than their Gemini kins. They are also very quick in mental calculations and have a money-making and profit-making instinct.

Virgo persons are sensible and practical and they prefer wisdom to wealth. There is a desire to save money and keep a portion of it safe for use during a rainy day. Virgo borns are logical in their approach and very meticulous in their work. They are likely to be accountants or someone handling money and yet be a little distant from it.

They are compulsive cleaners and prefer a home where everything is right in its place. They expect this from the other people in their home environment.

Virgo persons can suffer from nervousness as they are very sensitive. The discipline in approach may become compulsive and this may make Virgo borns overworked, without the associated rewards.

  • Lucky Gemstones: Emerald (Panna)
  • Lucky colour: Green. Avoid red colour.
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday will show long term success. Fridays will be good overall.

Sun in Virgo

Sun is in neutral sign in Virgo that is ruled by Mercury.

This placement of Sun indicates teaching and analytical abilities. In today’s world of big query and big data, this quality makes a person successful in the IT in today’s world as there is quite a demand for data analytics. The person is good at organization of large projects.

On the negative side, the person gets too deep into the data and takes too much responsibility that he can manage. The person is not very good at marketing himself.

Moon in Virgo

For people with Kanya janma rashi portray qualities of Mercury related to their emotions and mind. They are excellent at analytics and mathematics. They can make good astrologers. They would make good healers also due to scientific bend of mind. They are good communicators and have their unique way of putting their point across. Kanya rashi bestows a good sense of humour and makes the person jovial while having company.

On the negative side, this combination creates nervousness and depression. The person lives in his mind and thinks too much. He may not get down to execution. It is difficult to please this person as the standards for himself and others are set too high.

On the health front, the person is susceptible to stomach disorders and needs to maintain good diet.

Mars in Virgo

Mars is in enemy territory in Virgo. This is not such a good position for this fiery planet.

Mars in Virgo makes one sharp and intelligent. The person has razor sharp focus and does not waste time. The person is physically strong and can protect himself and others too. Artistic abilities of Mercury and mechanical abilities of Mars indicate talent in engineering design.

On the negative side, this combination indicates mind of a warrior. Enemies may be overactive. The person may find it difficult to step back from any situation. This combination can cause problems with relationships.

On the health side, this can cause problems in digestive system. Muscles can become weak through too much exercise.

Mercury in Virgo

Virgo is Mercury’s swakshetra. It is exaltation sign for Mercury as well as its Moolatrikona sign. Mercury’s highest exaltation is 15 degrees of Virgo. 16 to 20 degrees is the position of Moola trikona. Post that, Virgo is swakshetra for Mercury. Since Mercury is exalted, its simultaneous location in a kendra (lst, 4th, 7th, or lOth houses) bestows panch mahapurusha yoga named as Bhadra Yoga. This makes a person very learned and well educated.

The person is very intelligent and good communicator. The person is good with analytics and mathematics. The person follows scientific approach. The person is graced with good intuition. This combination can make a person good astrologer.

On the negative side, this person sets up very high expectations for himself and others that usually aren’t met. Such folks are critical of others and are used to looking at the negative side of the story more than positive.

Health problems indicate problems in stomach and intestine area, e.g. constipation, typhoid, hernia, etc.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter is in enemy territory while in Virgo as it considers Mercury as natural shatru.

This combination makes a person compassionate towards others. The person is disciplined and meticulous in all areas. He has the big picture in any situation – the entire perspective on a situation or issue. The person is very interested in learning new things and constantly refreshing his knowledge. He can be a successful mantri, advisor and a teacher.

On the negative side, this person makes one over optimistic. The person has difficulty being grounded and may seem disinterested in many activities. The person may miss many opportunities by being lazy and lethargic and lack a backup plan. This combination may give legal problems as well.

On health front, this position of Jupiter causes obesity and related disorders.

Venus in Virgo

Venus is debilitated in Virgo, even when Mercury and Venus are natural friends in Vedic Astrology. The worst debilitation occurs at 27 degrees in this sign.

On the positive side, this person is more spiritual than worldly. The person is capable of being a master in art and religion because of surrendering to almighty.

On the negative side, this placement means unusual love interests or bad luck in love affairs. The person has low self-confidence.

On the health front, this combination makes the person susceptible to diabetes, reproductive system problems etc.

Saturn in Virgo

Saturn is in a friendly sign in Mercury and hence the good qualities of Saturn, viz., discipline, focus, fixation, profound thinking is exemplified in this sign.

The person with Saturn in Virgo is very motivated and disciplined. This usually compels a person to be fixated on one area. The person works well in service industry where the job involves serving people. Given a set of instructions, the person would follow it to the dot. He would make a great administrator of people, although he would never be friendly with them.

On the negative side, this person has difficulty making adjustments in small things also, like daily schedule. The person can be a workaholic with little time for anything else and have a serious issue with work/life balance.

A medical condition of nervousness – obsessive compulsive disorder may occur with this combination.

Rahu in Virgo

Rahu in Virgo denotes unusual thought process – it is a combination that can be found in the horoscope of inventors and out of the box thinkers. The person is very creative and is a rebel. The persons can also be a good lawyer and be very sharp in legal practice.

On the negative side, this combination usually signifies misfits in a society. It denotes erratic and unpredictable behavior. Person works alone better. The person can be confused about priorities in life. He could get into legal problems with others.

On the health problem, this indicates problems with digestive system, skin allergies.

Ketu in Virgo

Ketu in Virgo denotes creativity, great thought process and innovation. This also denotes an intuitive analytical mind that has ability to draw accurate inferences from huge sets of data. This also manifests as intuition and ability at prediction. This can make the person a good astrologer.

On the negative side, such a person can go deep into just analysis. There is too much confusion that does not allow reaching a conclusion.

On the health side, problems are indicated in form of respiratory disorders and skin allergies

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