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Financial Astrology

Stock Market Predictions February 2016

By Kshitij Sharma, February 2, 2016

January Month Market Recap

During the month, there is no uptrend in oil prices. Even if there is an uptrend in first part of the month, it will be neutralized by the 2nd week. Commodity prices of all metals are showing a downtrend as well. Coal stocks will take a hit.

This was indeed the case. In fact, the downtrend in oil was just as predicted by this model. The metal prices were also down.

Stock prices for Sensex stocks and NIFTY 100 will show an uptrend as well.

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Stock Market Predictions January 2016

By Kshitij Sharma, January 4, 2016

Subscription Model

A very happy new year 2016 to all of you. I am back in 2016 with the predictions on financial astrology. I have spent last few months doing my research on movement of planets on Indian stock market. This has led to development of statistical models in conjunction with astrological indicators. These models are still being refined, but at this point, I am in a position to share some of the results and findings with the readers of this blog.

In this regards, there will be some changes to the blog. The overall market movement along with major indices will be shared on the blog. For the rest, I will come up with a subscription service. This subscription service will include top 5 stocks that will give positive results during next 2-4 weeks purely based on astrological indicators.

Additionally, the subscribers will be able to request reading on 5 additional shares. If these exist in my portfolio, then I will share the results immediately. If not, then I will initiate the analysis and share the results as soon as possible. This subscription will be free for first three months. Starting April 01 2016, a nominal monthly fee will be charged. Continue reading

Stock Market Predictions September 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, August 30, 2015

As I sat down to make predictions about Indian stock market for the month of September, I looked at my July and August predictions. I had used the word “good to average” for July predictions. For August, I did not predict the sudden drop in the market, which is indeed a failure. At this time, I am not ashamed to say that my reasonable skill as an astrologer is not translating to predictions in financial astrology. I think I need more time to research. My modelling tools at this time are limited. Although I have specific ideas on how to take forward and am working on it, I do not think they are ready to be exposed to the world as a blog.

I also need to increase the stocks in my kitty of analysis. I have limited number of shares, which many of you may not be interested in and many of the stocks that are higher volume in Nifty and Sensex are not being tracked by me.

Lastly, I have learnt that Indian stock market is intricately connected to other American, Asian and European stock markets. Unless I start modeling these indices, the overall picture will never be clear.

Therefore, I am taking a break from this for a month or two. However, this is just temporary and I will be back pretty soon with much more accurate predictions about the market…

Stock Market Predictions August 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, August 2, 2015

July 2015 Recap

July 2015 has again been average to good for the predictions on this site. Hindalco was indeed downward from 1st July onwards.

Considering the beginning of the month, Banking has been flat to downwards. You should continue watching this till 2nd week of August. SBI did not follow the prediction, 20 day EMA has been up since the beginning of the month.

HDFC doing better than LIC is wrong when LIC went up close to 10% (From 450 to 500, almost 11%), but HDFC did not do as well as expected (1285 to 1340). Maruti had few good days and has not been disappointing the market. This is what Moneycontrol says: July auto sales: Maruti up 20%, Leyland zooms 40%; M&M weak.

Asian paints, went up considerably on 6,7 July and ended up gaining more than 10% during the month. As on July 31st, FMCG 1 Week gains are 3.10%, while 1 Month gains are 4.40%.

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Stock Market Astrology July 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, June 27, 2015

I have decided to wait till the end of the month to post the financial astrology predictions. This is because the recap and looking back on the past month is easier. Not only does it tell the readers what the value of the blog is, it also tells me if the predictions have gone awry or they are up to the mark.

June 2015 Recap

The market was in the fall mode through the 1st two weeks of June, as predicted. Nifty was supposed to be up on 9th and 22nd June. It was marginally down on 9th, but did go up almost a 100 points on 10th. On 22nd June, the market went up 130 points. These predictions did go right. The up/chaotic trend reversed after 12th of June when some sanity came to the market, otherwise continuing from past month, there were pretty big ups and downs visible in the market.  We cannot be sure about how the auto sales have been in June right away, but anyway, keep an eye on the stocks for next couple of months.

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Stock Market Astrology June 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, May 23, 2015

Stock markets in India are essentially flat compared to where they were at the beginning of May. It is a very tentative recovery in the market with couple of pretty huge drops in the market in the first week of May. It does not look like a recovery though, since the overall sentiment of the market is now tracking Modi government’s sentiments. This is likely to be chaotic till mid of June after which the marketing and communication machinery of the government will be overactive in reaching out to the people.

May 2015 Recap (as of May 23, 2015)

Bharat Forge did not do well, it showing a sawtooth pattern, rather than the uptrend that was predicted. ABB did well, as predicted and there is more uptrend. ABAN was flat. Century Textiles was pretty interesting case. It went 8% the day May blog was posted, but subsequently went down. Auto sector was indeed flat, but Maruti did manage to get investor attention after the 1st week. It gave 6% returns subsequently. Sentiment in IT was indeed up. While the three month returns has been negative, the last one month and one week returns have been pretty good. Pharma was up, but Cadila was down compared to beginning of the month. Banks were predicted to be good. This prediction went wrong for PSU banks and overall flat for bank nifty which means that there was uptrend for non PSU banks. ICICI lost out of this rally, as predicted and went down by 6%. HDFC, HDFC Bank both went down a little, but then post 1st week of May, gave good returns during the month themselves. Thus, overall predictions were pretty good, if not extremely accurate.

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Stock Market Predictions: May 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, April 22, 2015

The month of March and April 2015 have now caused much upheaval in the market. The predictions from March and April both have not caused much cheer in the market as my posts have been indicating. However, the cheer should now be taken into account as far as the Hindu New Year is concerned. Post March 20th, the new year kicked in and the predictions are required to be seen in the context of this new year rather than what happened last year and start of new government. It is easy to forget as all the newspaper articles will keep reminding you that this is a failure of governments all over the world. The expectations need to be reset. Clearly, one of the comments in the blog with an expectations that “Indian Market will rise 50% in 2015 which means nifty will touch at least 11000 in CY 2015” is far fetched.

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Stock Market Predictions April 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, March 22, 2015

The predictions of the month of March were again reasonable about general impetus to the market after budget: However, the markets had already run up prior to the budget and while the budget was great according to the industry (this prediction came true), the overall market sentiment did not keep up with the budget speech (prediction did not come true). Price rice and inflation worries: Inflation is down drastically and it is a cause for worry. Price rice is another worry as there were unseasonal rains, which have destroyed crops in many parts of India, including the states of Maharashatra, Punjab and Haryana.

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Stock Market Predictions March 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, February 22, 2015

Recap: Month of January was indeed a month of ups and downs. The momentum continued till 1st week of Feb. As predicted, trend changed both in first week of Feb and also around Feb 18th, exactly as noted in my February blog. Markets made a hammer/hanging man candlestick on 18th followed by a downtrend on 19th Feb. S&P BSE Auto Index has been showing uptrend and at the time of writing this blog, the 1 week, 1 month and 3 month gains were 1.3%, 0.9% and 5.4% respectively.  Pharma index is gone up by 4% in last one month and healthcare by 4.5%h. Someone may say that I am picking examples in a market that is going secularly up, therefore – on the other hand, prediction was good for PSU sector also. While the 1 week gains at the time of writing the article were 0.7%, the 1 month and 3 month gains have been -2.6% and -1.4% respectively

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Gold Prices and Accumulation

By Kshitij Sharma, February 9, 2015

Gold prices will move in a band or a zone in next few months and years. While there will be local minimum and maximums, overall gold prices will not show major upswing. However, gold always is a time tested investment.  The problem with gold is that everyone believes in buying and accumulating it in physical form but not in a dematerialized form.

Going purely by astrological principles, gold can be accumulated now with a long term target. Starting a systematic investment plan (SPI) in gold fund as gold exchange traded fund (ETF) can be considered. Looking at the planetary positions, there will be few months in 2015 itself when there will be softness in gold price. Therefore, now is as good time as any to start accumulating gold through a SIP route.

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