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Stock Market Astrology July 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, June 27, 2015

I have decided to wait till the end of the month to post the financial astrology predictions. This is because the recap and looking back on the past month is easier. Not only does it tell the readers what the value of the blog is, it also tells me if the predictions have gone awry or they are up to the mark.

June 2015 Recap

The market was in the fall mode through the 1st two weeks of June, as predicted. Nifty was supposed to be up on 9th and 22nd June. It was marginally down on 9th, but did go up almost a 100 points on 10th. On 22nd June, the market went up 130 points. These predictions did go right. The up/chaotic trend reversed after 12th of June when some sanity came to the market, otherwise continuing from past month, there were pretty big ups and downs visible in the market.  We cannot be sure about how the auto sales have been in June right away, but anyway, keep an eye on the stocks for next couple of months.

FMCG was up, more ups than downs, as predicted. Colgate Palmolive is up till 27th of June from its May end levels. It is also following the market, hence it did not go up that much, as predicted. Britannia is up and so are the stocks mentioned in the previous post. Arvind was flat till the market was moving down and then it went up by almost 20%. Lovable was a miss. It did not go up, but steadily went down as evident from its 20 day EMA. Cipla was flat, but in the given market, it is pretty much like going up. CNX PSU Bank has been 6.3% down in last one month. On the other hand Bank NIFTY is up 0.2%, which means non PSU banks have been doing good as a whole during the month.

All it all, not a bad month of prediction.

July 2015 Predictions

Coming to July, there are definitely bearish trends in the market being set. The main mover and shaker of the market, which is our PM Mr. Narendra Modi, is busy fighting battles with the opposition parties in the parliament and skirmishes turning into battle in his own party. He has indeed announced AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) for 500 cities in India, but it will take its own time to come up and affect both infrastructure as well as growth.

Gold/bullion will be weak. However, based on astrology, it will continue to be weak for some time. Considering long term view, it is still advisable to keep buying small quantities of gold or gold ETFs. Silver will be down as well. This is still not a good time for metal and metal stocks. E.g. Hindalco, going through up and down will finally end up in downward territory.

Sector-wise, there will be decline in banking stocks. However, keep a watch on Non-PSU banks. There are indications of this going up when the market opens on 6th July and further on  13-15th July. From then on to a month, expect good returns on banks. SBI can be flat, but ICICI will show good returns. This logic hold good for finance companies as well. HDFC will do better than LIC finance.

Paint and other areas of luxury and shine will be up. Asian paints will be good. FMCG will also inch upwards from 2nd week of the month. Keep an eye on upward movement from 6th July when the market goes up.

Pharma sector does not show good favour during this period. There is not enough good aspect on this sector. No trend emerges looking at the star signs and definitely no indications to put a bet on.

Consider taking a position in oil stocks – Hindustan Petroleum, for example. BPCL does not look very good as one outlier in this category.

Automobiles, e.g. Tata Motors and TVS motors will be flat. Given that some of the sector is governed by back bookings, this will be good time to consider these for long term buying. If you believe that these are fundamentally strong stocks, the current valuations do not look to be a bad deal.


Disclaimer: The stock market and commodities predictions made on this page and website are for informational purposes only. These may never be treated as recommendations to anyone to purchase any specific shares or futures/options. These predictions are based purely on Vedic Astrology principles and their accuracy is not guaranteed. These predictions may prove to be completely unrelated to what is happening in the stock and commodities market. These may be followed by the reader of this column/website solely at his/her own risk. This website, astrologers and the author(s) of this column refuse all liability and responsibility for losses made by the persons after going through this column. They may or may not have any positions in the shares and sectors indicated in this blog and it in no way influences the overall points mentioned here.


  • Comment by ashok on June 27, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    Will reliance cross 1100 in july and and what about idfc?

  • Comment by ashok on July 2, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    I think u right about HPCL becuse Nomura has given a buy call becuase earning of this quater can show 100 to 200% jump so as the stock. Conggratulation….

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