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Stock Market Predictions: May 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, April 22, 2015

The month of March and April 2015 have now caused much upheaval in the market. The predictions from March and April both have not caused much cheer in the market as my posts have been indicating. However, the cheer should now be taken into account as far as the Hindu New Year is concerned. Post March 20th, the new year kicked in and the predictions are required to be seen in the context of this new year rather than what happened last year and start of new government. It is easy to forget as all the newspaper articles will keep reminding you that this is a failure of governments all over the world. The expectations need to be reset. Clearly, one of the comments in the blog with an expectations that “Indian Market will rise 50% in 2015 which means nifty will touch at least 11000 in CY 2015” is far fetched.

Due to continuous travels this month, I have not had time to go into details of the past month’s predictions. I will do that ASAP in another post. The conflict in middle east was correctly predicted. however, the extent of this on the world economy was underestimated. This shifted the entire uptrend. However, through the entire month, investors were spooked by ongoing violence in Yemen and other parts. This month too, there are indications of war. There will be violence against the masses. Expect terrorist violence against masses to increase, including chances of war to be worsened. Aggression between classes and masses will exist, with none of the parties willing to bow down. These will be very interesting times in Indian polity. As indicated, aggression will rule the psyche of the country in this year, as per the Mesha Sankranti chart.

Economy will seem to be doing well for the time being, but overall economy will not be doing very well through 2015. Temper your expectations, and invest considering this as a downturn on a monthly basis as far as good stocks are concerned. Around 1st week of May, markets slow down a little. After May 19th there will be some more chaos in the market and it will not be a good time for long term fresh investments. International Diplomacy and common sense will take a hit. Inflation will remain high: wheat, sugar and essential commodities prices will be up. If they are not going up (even despite the untimely rains in past couple of months), expect a rigging in the market.

Coming to sector wise predictions, the main areas to look for are metal, forging, e.g. Bharat forge, cement, Infrastructure stocks, e.g. ABAN offshore, ABB, steel industry stocks . Textile seems to be down, but textile industries associated with large manufacturing units will do well, e.g. Century Textiles. Tyre producers, Fertilizers should do well as well. Premium real estate stock should show an uptrend in coming month. This is being predicted despite talks of a bill and regulator being appointed to oversee the builders’ malpractices.

Auto sector will be neutral, with a rare uptrend in Maruti. Pharma stocks are mostly neutral, but marginal losses can be expected in this sector. Little downtrend is expected in Cadila, Cipla, Suven etc..

IT sentiment will be up. Bank stocks should show an uptrend, e.g. HDFC, HDFC Bank. ICICI Bank is not expected to do that well in this month though.

I have been asked this question before multiple times on this forum. I would like to answer it here. Despite doing much reading, I am unable to see any uptrend in Reliance Industries’ stock. Technical analysis for past one year shows a consistent downward pattern disallowing any long term positions in this stock. As far as financial astrology is concerned, I do not see any uptrends to reach 1000 levels.

Disclaimer: The stock market and commodities predictions made on this page and website are for informational purposes only. These may never be treated as recommendations to anyone to purchase any specific shares or futures/options. These predictions are based purely on Vedic Astrology principles and their accuracy is not guaranteed. These predictions may prove to be completely unrelated to what is happening in the stock and commodities market. These may be followed by the reader of this column/website solely at his/her own risk. This website, astrologers and the author(s) of this column refuse all liability and responsibility for losses made by the persons after going through this column. They may or may not have any positions in the shares and sectors indicated in this blog and it in no way influences the overall points mentioned here.


  • Comment by ashok on April 22, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Dear sir.
    Do u see sun pharma crossing Rs. 1200 IN May 2015.
    Ashok verma

  • Comment by Kshitij Sharma on April 22, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    The probability of Sun Pharma moving up 20% from the level of today is pretty low. That said, a status check should be done in May 1st week.

  • Comment by biswa on April 25, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    Sir, are you saying the Down trend in the market has just began and it continue through May? If yes, then when to reenter.

  • Comment by sanjay on April 28, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    what are your reasons for a fall? Is it combust mars with shani in mars sign??/
    thank you in advance…

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