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8th House Significations

By Kshitij Sharma, December 3, 2022

Longevity, mode of death, hidden aspects of life and defeat are looked at from the 8th house. The 8th house also deals with intrigues and scandals (due to the hidden element), hidden enemies, difficulties, obstructions and impediments and unhappiness from sins of the past life. The 8th house is also closely associated with marriage and family. It is the house of the in-laws. Given the “marak” nature associated with the 2nd house, the 8th house is marak for spouse in general.

Longevity: The nature and strength of the 8th lord in the horoscope is indicative of longevity along with the ascendant lord. Interestingly, the strength of the 10th lord is also seen for longevity. Saravarth Chintamani, Chapter 7, Shloka 5 says that location of the 10th, 1st and 8th houses in Kendra confers long life. If any of these planets are located in their signs of strength, along with Saturn, the person enjoys a long life.

The strength of the 8th house and its lord are indicative of longevity and not of death. We should not confuse the cause of death with the 8th house. The 7th house lord and the 2nd house lords are maraka. The strength of the 8th lord is indicative of longevity. Conversely, the weakness of the 8th lord, for example in the 12th or the 6th house, and more so under the influence of malefics indicates a short life. The 8th house indicates the mode of death, but not necessarily the cause of death.

Results of the 8th lord: Although the 8th lordship is considered neutral, the location of the 8th lord in any house is considered bad for the significations of that house. Again, although neutral, the 8th lord is the lord of obstructions and impediments. Pretty much all the literature available on the location of the 8th lord in any of the houses doesn’t talk about the 8th house, but the damage done to the particular house. It is not always clear to the students of Vedic Astrology that if a malefic lord is placed in a good position, its favourable significations for that house increase, but at the expense of the occupied house. For example, if the 8th lord is in the ascendant, the books talk about how it is detrimental to the ascendant. However, from the point of view of the 8th house, the lord is well-placed. I have therefore tried to summarise the location from both points of view.

1st House

Results for the 1st house: Health will suffer. The displeasure of high officials at the place of work and in the government and that from the learned people in society. The person is looked down upon and there are rumours about the person.

Results for the 8th house: Strong 8th lord in the ascendant gives a long life.

2nd House

Results for the 2nd House: Problems of eyes and mouth are indicated in such a horoscope. Wealth (bank accounts, fixed deposits) will be limited.

Results for the 8th House: Since for all planets, the 7th house drishti is poorna drishti, this location indicates that the 8th house will be fortified. This combination indicates hidden wealth, e.g., from insurance, inheritance, etc., and also indicates long life.

3rd House

Results for the 3rd House: Fights with brothers and disagreement father are the main results of this placement. Written and spoken communication is also negatively affected.

Results for the 8th House: Since the lord is 8th from the 8th house, this is positive for long life.

4th House

Results for the 4th House: This is a negative placement for the mother. Disagreement with one’s mother or even separation is indicated. This is a classic case of foreign travel and settlement. There could be disagreement with kins over property and real estate.

Results for the 8th House: Since the lord is in 9th from the 8th house and in a kendra, this is positive for the 8th house. Gain of land from inheritance is indicated. But it will not be a smooth affair because of what is indicated above.

5th House

Results for the 5th House: This placement does not indicate sharp intellect. A person with this placement should not invest money in the stock market. Higher education can be curtailed.

Results for the 8th House: Wealth is indicated through insurance and inheritance. Even though higher education is negatively impacted, someone with this placement can accomplish much in researching in off-track topics.

6th House: This is one of Vipareet Raja Yoga.

Results for the 6th House: This placement indicates victory over enemies.

Results for the 8th House: Wealth is indicated through enemies and victory over them. This combination can occur in the horoscope of spies. This is not a good placement for longevity, which can be curtailed due to small diseases, but misdiagnosis and wrong administration of drugs.

7th House

Results for the 7th house: This placement is negative for marriage and is an indication of separation from the 1st spouse. The 2nd marriage might be more stable.

Results for the 8th house: This is not a good indication for the 8th house also. Any planet that is located 12th from its own house suffers. Hence, longevity, research abilities, happiness from in-laws, and other significations of the 8th house are harmed.

8th House

As expected, this is a good placement because of a lord in its own house. The significations of the 8th house are strengthened in this scenario.

9th House

Results for the 9th house: This placement is negative for dharma and principles. The placement is not conducive to a relationship with one’s father and gurus. It impacts the father’s health negatively.

Results for the 8th house: Wealth is obtained in this case. However, it is unearned wealth, i.e., through the ancestral property, insurance, etc.. Gurus and mentors also help in wealth acquisition. However, some astrologers associate negativity with such wealth acquisition. I have read that the tendency of theft increases due to such placement.

10th House

Results for the 10th house: Progress in one’s career is hindered and there are obstacles. A person may be underpaid in their profession. Less qualified persons can be promoted above them. A benefic aspect can mitigate a lot of these predictions.

Results for the 8th house: Progress in career is indicated in professions like a spy, investigator, etc. Such a person is a successful risk-taker and can use hidden methods to advance their career. The Kendra placement of the 8th lord is good for longevity etc.

11th House

Results for the 11th house: Progress in money making is hindered and there are obstacles in keeping money. Friends and elder siblings are not helpful and can occasionally be cruel too. The social circle does not help and the person is left alone.

Results for the 8th house: Happiness in adult life is indicated rather than early in childhood. Money from health, vitality, wills, and lotteries are indicated more than the job. Money through research and investigations is also indicated. The 11th house indicated diseases (6th-from-6th) and this placement is not good for longevity. However, the placement of the 8th lord in the 4th from his own house does mitigate this effect.

12th House: This is one of Vipareet Raja Yoga

Results for the 12th house: Unwanted expenditure is indicated and energy and wealth are both dissipated. Time is spent in secluded places and even detention. There are problems with the feet.

Results for the 8th house: Spirituality is indicated. Although the health is poor and time is spent in healing places, the longevity is good because the 12th house is 5th from the 8th and such placement is considered good.

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