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Mars in Vedic Astrology

By Kshitij Sharma
Published: May 5, 2014, Last Updated: July 19, 2014

The red coloured Mars represents war throughout the ancient civilizations. In Vedic Astrology too Mars is the senapati. It is one of the planets that symbolizes cut-throat approach completely devoid of emotions.

On the question of horoscope compatibility, it is often wondered if we overemphasize effect of Mars on kundali matching before marriage. Other malefic planets – Saturn, Rahu/Ketu can also have a bad influence on any aspect in the kundali, but there is a good reason why Mars is a special case for this case alone. This is because of the cut-throat approach without emotions and aggression  does not work with any relationships and specially with spouses where emotions are of utmost importance and in fact the foundation of the relationship. Aggression does not work with any family member. Mars’ influence on 4th house in a kundali also has similar problem with the emotional connect with other people. Mars’ influence on 2nd house can be an irritant with the family members. This is why Mars is singled out by many astrologers.

General properties  and behaviour
Mars indicates energy, courage, vitality and fire. There is a aggression and impatience built in. There is impatience about making decisions and once decisions is made, there is extreme eagerness to execute. Mars is logical and lacks emotions. Good communicator but can be insensitive in the communication.

Properties of strong Mars
When Mars is strong in a kundali, the trait it affects has property of wilful, confidence and courage in any endeavour. Strong Mars represents physical strength.

Properties of a malefic Mars
In a horoscope, a malefic Mars exhibits violent streak. It associated with criminals and can predict injuries. This trait is seen in criminals where Mars affects the mind, 1st house or Moon and/or 4th house.

Properties of a weak or afflicted Mars
If a strong Mars is driven, weak Mars in a kundali represents lack of motivation and drive. It predicts laziness and cowardice. The person getting affected can be predicted to be weak hearted and prone to diseases due to a weak immune system. This is exacerbated if 6th house in horoscope is also afflicted.

Governing Relationship
In Vedic Astrology, Mars represents brothers and sisters, especially the younger ones. Any predictions related to them should be looked at from the affect on Mars.

Exaltation, Debilitation and Moolatrikona
Mars is debilated in Cancer, which is a sign of emotions and exact opposite of what Mars represents. The highest exaltation point of Jupiter is 5° of Cancer. So, on the other side, the exaltation sign is Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. Fiery nature needs steely and cold determination.

Mars in Cancer with neechabhanga will temper the fiery nature and personality with mastery over emotions and with sympathy over others. This amounts to a great leader. Mars’s moolatrikona is Aries 0° to 12°. 

Astrological Remedial Measures
Mars is represented by red gram (toor dal). To strengthen Mars or to reduce the affect of Mars in an adverse transit, donate toor dal.

Planetary Friendship
Mars is friends with Moon, Jupiter and Sun. Venus, Saturn & Mercury are considered neutral planets. Mars has no natural enemies.

Body Part
In a janma kundali, Mars denotes blood and muscles.

Matter & Direction
In Vedic astrology, Mars governs gold. Defense sector, automobiles are governed by Mars. Real estate also comes under Mars’ purview. It rules over south direction.

In a kundali, Mars affects all professions where aggression is in play. These include military, defence forces and police. Mars is also related to machines and technology. It is the planet that should be looked at for construction and real estate.

Karaka & commonality with various houses
These are the attributes that Mars governs in a jamna kundali:

  1. 2nd house (Education)
  2. 3rd house (Younger brothers)
  3. 4th house (real estate, land, house)
  4. 5th house (logic)
  5. 6th house (diseases, injuries and wounds)

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