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Moon in Janma Kundali

By Kshitij Sharma
Published: May 1, 2014, Last Updated: July 19, 2014

In Vedic Astrology, Moon represents mind that is impressionable, receptive and perceptive.

General properties  and behaviour
A person’s personality, type and emotions are governed by Moon in a horoscope.  In a horoscope, the effect on Moon describes the type of personality that a person would have. Diseases of the mind, i.e, psychological disorders are usually diagnosed by looking at Moon’s position.

Properties of strong Moon
With a strong Moon in a janma kundali, a person would have a caring personality with an innate ability to care about others in a responsible way, in a way a mother would care about her children. Like the love between a mother and her child, it is a general selfless care. Well placed, exalted Moon in Taurus in a horoscope exhibits this trait.

Properties of a malefic Moon
Moon is usually not malefic, unless it very close to Sun around Amavasya. A malefic Moon becomes over controlling. With this trait being exhibited strongly, a mother would become too protective for her child, a religious leader would turn out to be dogmatic and a head of family would be too orthodox.

Properties of a weak Moon
A weak Moon in the horoscope denotes emotional disorders. During the childhood, it denotes that the person has a poor family background. As far as nature goes, it would be very fickle nature and denies ability to the person to make up their mind. It could  leads to depression and negativity.

Exaltation, Debilitation and Moolatrikona
Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, which is a negative sign of Mars. Mars and Moon form the pair that one is debilitated in sign of the other. Moon’s exaltation and moolatrikona both is Taurus with moolatrikona span being 4° to 20°. The highest exaltation point of Moon is 3° of Taurus. 

Moon with neechabhanga will add the mysterious nature of Scorpio to the emotional nature of moon and help go into further depth of emotions.

Astrological Remedial Measures
Moon is represented by white rice. To strengthen Moon or to reduce the affects of an adverse transit, donate rice.

Planetary Friendship
Moon is friends with Saturn, Sun, Venus and Mercury. Mars and Jupiter are considered neutral planets. Moon has no natural enemies.

Governing Relationship
As you must have guessed, Moon denotes mother in a birth chart.

Body Part
In a janma kundali, Moon denotes shoulder, blood, eyes and lungs. Most importantly, it governs mind. Afflictions of moon in the horoscope usually represent emotions disorders, psychological diseases and the person would need to get treated for depression.

Matter & Direction
Moon denotes winter season. It governs silver. Medicines, anything to do with white, milk based products, except ghee, national parks, clothing industry are all governed by Moon. It rules over west direction .

In a horoscope, Moon also denotes doctors, like Sun, but the specialization is different.  The factor is responsible for mainly psychiatrists, healers, nurses, psychologists, etc. It is also related to people who connect with other people –  politicians, managers, tutors, teachers and someone who takes care of people as a matter of profession – hotel/restaurant business.

Karaka & commonality with various houses
These are the attributes that Moon governs in a jamna kundali. I have also mentioned the houses in the horoscope that govern the same attribute such that it is logical and helps in chart interpretation.

  1. 1st house (Mind)
  2. 2nd house (eyes)
  3. 4th house (Mother, Caring nature about others, public/mass sentiment)
  4. 12th house (left eye)

Remedies if Moon is weak, afflicted or malefic:

  1. Wearing pearl as it is the main gemstone for Moon
  2. Wear pure white clothes
  3. Gift white rice, milk silver to needy


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