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Jupiter – Guru in Astrology

By Kshitij Sharma
Published: May 25, 2014, Last Updated: July 19, 2014

Jupiter is Guru – meaning “the teacher”, also known as Brihaspati, is the divine teacher of the  Gods in Indian mythology. It is the most beneficial planet in Vedic astrology. Even when it is lord of dusthanas, for example for Libra or Cancer lagna, it does not lose its benefic nature. Interestingly, in classical astronomy, it has its parallel. As a largest planet in the solar system, its benign nature is in play where it protects Earth from comets and other small planetary bodies from the Kuiper belt. See this article from NY Times for reference.

General properties  and behaviour
Jupiter in a matured and intelligent planet. It represents higher wisdom and intellect. Good judgement, which is basis of wisdom, comes from Guru. It also represents knowledge and spirituality. LawJupiter represents intuition and hence, in a Vedic birth chart, Jupiter represents astrology and other mantrik aspects. Jupiter upholds dharma and hence is a very important planet for law. It is a strong planet in janma kundalis of lawyers, judges and similar occupations, frequently associated with 1st and 2nd house in their horoscopes. A teacher is worshipped as below in Hinduism.

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
गुरुः साक्षात्परब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ।।

Jupiter is expansive planet. Its effect on a house should be seen as expanding the inherent significance of the house. E.g. associated with lagna, the person will be large hearted, with good immune system and good overall health. Related to 5th house in a kundali, it will ensure that intelligence is expanded and this combination gives more children. It also brings in spirituality in picture. Associated with 5th house in a horoscope, the knowledge, intelligence is targeted towards spiritual elements.

Properties of strong Jupiter
When Jupiter is strong in a horoscope, it provides for an intellectual mind. It is a planet that provides for health and wealth both. A strong Jupiter indicates a treasure (निधि) and association with Lord Kubera.  In a kundali, a strong Jupiter is creative and expansive. Associated with second house, a strong and beneficial Jupiter will provide for a good family and good wealth to the individual.

Properties of a malefic Jupiter
Jupiter is rarely malefic, even when it is lord of dusthanas in a horoscope. For example, for Libra ascendants, Jupiter gets ownership of 3rd and 6th house in a horoscope. This makes Jupiter lose its beneficence a bit, but does not make it a malefic planet. Being malefic means that Jupiter takes the person towards materialistic world, but that’s about it. When associated with other malefic planets, Jupiter becomes weak, but does not change its basic beneficial nature as indicated by Vedic astrology.

Properties of a weak Jupiter
A weak or afflicted Jupiter in a kundli results in depression and pessimism, narrow-mindedness and lack of creativity. It also results in spectrum of health problems as the basic vigour and vitality is missing. It signifies lack of children.

Governing Relationship
In a birth chart, Jupiter represents husband for a lady. It represents children, elder brother and paternal grandfather.

Exaltation, Debilitation and Moolatrikona
Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, which is a sign of emotions, care and nurture. Jupiter is the coach, who cares about people and wants everyone to come along with him. We don’t follow Jupiter. We learn from Jupiter and walk with him. Hence, Jupiter being exalted in Cancer makes a lot of sense. The highest exaltation point of Jupiter is 5° of Cancer. So, on the other side, the debilitation sign is Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn. It is a non-charismatic sign and often denotes someone who learn by his/her own, works hard, but refuses to learn from others. How would a coach tolerate this? However, logic says that the real debilitation sign should have been Aquarius with its unconventional and deviant mindset that at least a coach cannot tolerate. But seems our great teachers had other thoughts.

Jupiter in Capricorn with neechabhanga will give a personality that can bend rules and have focused goals along with the natural capability of influencing others. This amounts to great political power. Jupiter’s moolatrikona is Sagittarius 0° to 10°. 

Astrological Remedial Measures
Jupiter is represented by Chick Peas (chana dal). To strengthen Jupiter or to reduce the affect of Jupiter in an adverse transit, donate chana dal.

Planetary Friendship
Jupiter is friends with Moon, Mars and Sun. Saturn is considered a neutral planet, even though Jupiter is debilitated in Saturn’s sign. Mercury and Venus are natural enemies. Jupiter cannot tolerate Mercury’s fickle minded behavior.

Body Part
In a janma kundali, Jupiter represents health and vitality.

Matter & Direction
In Vedic astrology, Jupiter governs gold. Jupiter denotes everything expansive. It denotes economists, policy makers. Hence in the stock market, it would denote banking and financial sector. It also denotes consulting companies. It naturally is responsible for the education sector. Salt, dals/pulses, confectionary items are also ruled by Jupiter. It rules over North-east direction.

In a kundali, Jupiter affects all professions where teaching, law is important. Jupiter indicates authority in law. Jupiter is itself a teacher of Devas and hence indicates career in teaching and imparting knowledge.

Karaka & commonality with various houses
These are the attributes that Jupiter governs in a jamna kundali:

  1. 1st house (General health, strength of the immune system)
  2. 2nd house (Wealth – निधि)
  3. 5th house (Knowledge, wisdom, children)
  4. 9th house (Recognition from higher ups and government of the day, spirituality)
  5. 11th house (gains, elder brother)


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