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Chandra Mangal Yoga: Exchange Special Case

By Kshitij Sharma, October 1, 2015

Chandra-Mangala yoga, which is a yoga caused by combination of Moon and Mars, is a special yoga for financial prudence. The persons having mutual yoga between Mars and Moon, in exact opposition or close conjunction, are worldly wise as far as money is concerned. This is a euphemism for highly materialistic nature. Such persons can be manipulative if the chart has further malefic aspects. In this article, I am touching upon a special case of Chandra-Mangala yoga where Moon and Mars exchange houses.

Mars and Moon have a special relation in Vedic Astrology. They both get debilitated in each others rashi. Moon is debilitated in Scorpio (owned by Mars) at 3° and Mars is debilitated in Cancer (owned by Moon) at 28°. Both are watery signs and are located at trine (1-5-9) from each other. This makes the combination of both being debilitated in the horoscope very interesting.

It can be argued that this particular combination is not bad always, especially if it forms in some particular houses. In fact, the combination is adverse only when the houses involved are 2-6 and 8-12.

Houses 2 & 6: This combination is considered for Gemini Lagna.Position of Mars in 2nd house in Cancer makes it debilitated. If Moon is located simultaneously in 6th house, it will be debilitated in the sign of Scorpio. The other problem with this combination is the involvement of trik-houses & 2nd house of wealth.

The other sign owned by Mars is Aries and in this case, it falls in 11th house. Location of 11th Lord in debilitation in 2nd house is also a problem that will help in earning money initially, but it will be followed by frittering away of the riches. Hence, the astrological indication is debt, loss of money and bankruptcy. However, a financially astute mind may also engineer the bankruptcy to get out of the mess.

In a mundane astrology chart, this can also indicate mishaps and calamities. One of the example charts from indicates a volcano eruption on 4th September 2000 at 3.40 AM in Mexico City when both Mars (Cancer 28°09’) and Moon (Scorpio 3°19’ were at the worst debilitation simultaneously, while one was located in 2nd and other in 6th house. Saturn’s or Rahu’s aspect in such charts will also exacerbate the situation.

Houses 8 & 12: This occurs for Sagittarius Lagna where Moon is 8th Lord and Mars is 12th Lord. This is not as bad a combination as the 2-6 one as there are two dusthana houses involved. This can be viewed as one of the Vipareeta Raja Yoga.

House 3 & 11: There is no Viparita Raj Yoga for trik houses. I have not seen any chart till now with such combination for Virgo Lagna with Mars debilitated in 11th house and Moon debilitated in 3rd. However, this combination will bring in unusual preoccupation with earning money and no satisfaction in the process.

In all other cases, when one of the kendra/trikona houses are involved, this can be viewed as Neecha-bhanga raja yoga. NBRY, in general and specifically in this case, does not bestow saintly qualities on any individual. In this case, with crookedness in mind, it makes the person resourceful and financially astute and successful. In case of Aries Lagna, when houses 4 and 8 are involved, the person will have unusual thought process and difficult to predict/comprehend. As far as relationship is concerned, this will indeed cause Manglik dosha.

The results will be most visible in dasha/antardasha of the planets involved. The strength of the results will be felt the most when both Moon and Mars are close the degree of the debilitation. The results will not be as acute when the planets are far away from the debilitation degrees. E.g. if Moon is in 28° Scorpio and Mars is in 5° Cancer, then much effects will not be felt.


  • Comment by SABYASACHI DAS on October 22, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    Guruji, myself being a ‘jataka’ of Mithun Lagna where Mars is debiliated in Cancer and Moon is in opposition at Makara rashi.
    I have not found any positive sign of Chandra- Mangala Yoga till now. Currently, my Jupiter Mahadasha is going to end on August,2016.
    Time-6.50 a.m.
    Can you kindly highlight something on it?

  • Comment by Jayant mishra on December 19, 2016 at 1:43 pm

    Dear guruji my birth date is 4th oct 1981 at 5.45am in bhubaneswar. As you said u hv not seen any horoscope of virgo lagna with moon-scorpio and mar-capricorn i have. My profession is not in stable. I m not getting success in any field. What i wl do. My mail id

  • Comment by Ajay on August 7, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    My daughters lagna is vrischik with Chandra in it and mangal in kark with shani and budhin it, and shukra in vrushab in seventh house, is there a NBRY of Chandra and mangal

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