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Position of Mars in a Horoscope

By Kshitij Sharma, October 11, 2015

Mars is considered a malefic, kroora planet in Vedic Astrology. The effect of Mars in a horoscope results in aggressive tendencies brought to fore and to whatever is the area of life affected by Mars – through aspect/drishti or location. As noted in the article on Mars as a planet, Mars is the senapati of the army and goes about doing his work with ruthless efficiency. Mars is not a planner, but a doer and hence indicates engineering precision rather than advisory role. Mars is also fast and hence automobiles, bullets are indicated by Mars in Vedic Astrology.

The position of Mars causes lot of debate in the horoscope. An adverse position is Manglik Dosha, which (in layman terms) is said to wreak marriages and is considered by many to be a dreaded combination where it may not be a cause of concern.

Location of Mars is also an important consideration in the Muhurta also. This is one of the important criteria in choosing the auspicious time. One of my friends forwarded this newspaper grab for the time of laying of foundation stone for the new capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh – Amravati. The astrologers, and rightly so, are concerned about the planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter, which are conjunct in Leo and their location in 8th house. In any Muhurta, the dusthana houses, especially the 6th and 8th must remain empty. This is simply because if any planets are located in the dusthana houses in a horoscope, the houses which these planets are the lord of, suffers. In this particular case, very important houses 3rd (courage, enterprise, public sentiment), 4th (masses & democracy), 5th (intellectual capital, youth and children), 10th (karma, ruler) and 11th (ambition & aspirations, forward progress, forward looking policies) will suffer. Apart from that, the position of Mars itself in 8th house is considered a strict no-no. All of these are the problems in the selected time that the astrologers are scoffing at.

This got me thinking about some of the worst positions of Mars in a horoscope. In my opinion, the manglik dosha positions are not the worst of the positions. These have their own problems. However, in my very humble opinion, the 10th house position of Mars is one of the worst. From the position of 10th house, Mars affects 1st house (through its 4th drishti), 4th house (through its 7th house dristi) and 5th house (through its destructive 8th house dristi). This is apart from Mars affecting the 10th house by being located there. In short, it affects three out of four kendras and one important trine.

Through its controlling 4th house drishti, Mars affects the Lagna in this case. Therefore, this imparts qualities of deliberate aggression on the person. The person is aggressive and is under control at the same time. The person has a mind either of a cool criminal or that of a calm and composed general in the battlefield.

Emotions are pretty much burnt away because of 7th house affect on the 4th house. Any chance of romance is gone because of the 8th house drishti on 5th house. These combinations make the person move quite firmly away from relationships. Please note that unless 7th house and other significations are afflicted, this  combination does nothing to deny marriage. It is just that married life would not be very smooth and the spouses would see each others as competitors at times.

In the context of Mundane astrology, this is essentially what is happening in India right now. In the article on the outlook of 2015 in India, I had noted the following:

2015 horoscope is chart dominated by Mars. Aggression will be maintained. It affects the following parameters from this position in the 10th house – Ascendant, with Jupiter in it, and Saturn (which is the rashi lord) . Mars & Rahu conjoin in Virgo in Nov/Dec timeframe. This will be a time of strife in India. Rahu generally behaves like Saturn. This means that Mars/Rahu will also indicate attacks, strife with an element on “unknown” – terrorist attacks & riots will go up in this period.

I had also noted that when Mars and Jupiter come together in October, there would be  “expansion of aggression and hence will show either troop buildup on the borders or enhanced military spending. ”

My predictions have been on the spot here. Also, Mars’ drishti on 4th house has brought aggression in democracy. Mars’ drishti on 5th house is responsible for the artists clamouring against the government. FTII is up in flames and so are some of the writers going against the government and returning their awards.

I am by no means trying to blame the government of the day alone. This is the case of the opposition also. There is no “romance” left in the politics and hence no chances of reconciliation exist between opposition and the government.


  • Comment by Rozeena on October 11, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Hi I have Mars Rahu & Saturn in 8 th house in Pisces & Leo asc Jupiter is in Leo what is this position will do please .

  • Comment by vidya on November 12, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    I have rahu and mars exalted in my first house Capricorn ascendent!
    How is it affecting, is it adverse or in favour?
    Any info is deeply appreciated!
    actually am feeling in crossroads!
    Thank you,

  • Comment by Jai on April 3, 2021 at 2:42 am

    Lmao you just sound bitter, Mars in 10th is exceptional. You’re too much of a softie and a feeler type of you think “cool and calculated aggression” is bad and that we suck at romance. -happily married CEO with Mars in Leo in 10th.

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