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By Kshitij Sharma, August 30, 2014

Nakshatra Rohini
Symbol Cart
Planet Lord Moon
Gana Manushya
Direction East
First Letter of names
as per Jamna Nakshara
O (ओ), Va (वा), Ve (वे), Vo (वो)
Deity Brahma, Prajapati

Shri Krishna was born in Rohini Nakshatra, the constellation of Prajapati. See Notable Horoscopes by Dr. Raman, where he quotes the Bhagwata for the same and says “Krishna was born on the 8th lunar day of the dark half of Shravana, in the constellation of Rohini at midnight.” Krishna had the propensity for creativity (the nakshatra is owned by Brahma, the supreme creator). There is a talent for music  (Krishna’s flute), song and dance, and a magnetic personality. These are all the qualities associated with Rohini nakshatra.

Rohini nakshatra is wholly contained within Taurus, that is ruled by Venus. Moon is in moolatrikona and exaltation in Taurus/Kritika, but is in moolatrikona in Rohini. Moon is happily busy at work in this nakshatra – ensuring the the person’s mind has empathy and compassion to take care of the world. Rohini nakshatra persons are affectionate people.

Rohini is a sthira nakshatra, that is good for activities related to starting of business or anything that we aspire to have a strong foundation in life. If we associate this with a person, this means that the person is very grounded in life. There is a realistic sense of responsibility. It is knowledge that things can go wrong despite all of the effort. Still, despite all odds, the persistent or the tenacious side of the mind will not let go and keep trying.

On the negative side, this can bring in rigidity. The person with Rohini nakshatra influence can be someone who does not listen to other people and do not take their views in consideration. He/she can be dismissive of others. They can be quite stubborn and obstinate. In Hindi, the word is जिद्दी.

Compatibility & Incompatibility
Considering overall Nakshatra based compatibility, Rohini nakshatra females are most compatible with Mrigshira, Anuradha and Purva Bhadprada (1st three padas). They are not compatible with Ashlesha, 1st Pada of Kritika, Vishakha, Moola, Magha and Uttara Aashadh. Males with Rohini Nakshatra show similar characteristics, however this list is not exhaustive. For the overall horoscope match, you should use the horoscope matching application and punch in the right date/place/time of birth for both prospective bride and groom.

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