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Kritika, Krittika

By Kshitij Sharma, August 29, 2014

Nakshatra Krittika
Symbol Knife
Planet Lord Sun
Gana Rakshasa
Direction North
First Letter of names
as per Jamna Nakshara
Aa (आ) Ee (ई) U(उ) Ay (ऐ)
Deity Agni

I am not sure why the English spelling of this nakshatra is usually Krittka when in Sanskrit, it is clearly written as कृतिका. This nakshatra is denoted by Fire, ruled by Agni dev and is represented by Sun. This is clearly the fire element. There is willpower and corresponding creativity that is associated with this nakshatra.

Agni is associated with both creation and final demise. Agni was used in Ramayana to prove Sita’s innocence and to prove that She was pure. This purity is associated with the people born under the influence of Kritika nakshatra. Kritika nakshatra persons have an additional attribute to look for – they could either be born under Mesha rashi or Vrishabha rashi, since this nakshatra spans from Aries to Taurus. With Mesha influence, aggression is seen. With Taurus influence, Venusian properties kick in and there is an inclination towards culture and refinement. If there is a little bit of obsession thrown in – this shows someone who is both aggressive as well as compulsive towards refinement, in short – all the ingredients for royalty.

Kritika nakshatra is not good for making new plans and for travel. This is a good nakshatra for yagna as there is Agni’s influence. The rule against new plans and travel comes from the fact that this is a nakshatra that influences hot headedness and less diligence. The persons born are aggressive, as mentioned before, and can get angry very quickly. If there are positive/benefic influences on Moon in this nakshatra, then the emotions are pure and the intentions are honest. The judgement is usually good and is based on logic. On the flip side, too much aggression can be a problem, if there are malefic influence on Moon located in this nakshatra or if malefics are situated here. Saturn would be more comfortable in the Taurus side of the nakshatra as debilitation exists when Saturn is in Mesha side of the nakshatra. Similarly, while Moon in Kritika is good overall, it is exalted in Taurus and Krittika. This exaltation of the Moon is good because it tempers the aggression and results in compassion by Moon’s exaltation.

Compatibility & Incompatibility
Considering overall Nakshatra based compatibility, Kritika nakshatra females are most compatible with Ashwini, Bharini, Kritika (match the pada here). They will not be compatible with Purva Phalguni, Revati, Rohini. Males with Krittika Nakshatra will not be able to get along with Uttara Ashadha, Revati, Shravana born females. For the overall horoscope match, you should use the horoscope matching application and punch in the right date/place/time of birth for both prospective bride and groom.

One comment

  • Comment by Shashidhar Gopalkrishna Adiga on April 27, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    Please let me know my career prospects and my daughter Shreya’s career and marriage prospects as per following details:

    Shashidhar Gopalkrishna Adiga, Kritikka Nakshatra, Mesha Rashi, Jamadagni Gothra, Place of Birth – Bhadravati, South Karnakata, Time: 17.53 PM

    Shreya Shashidhar Adiga, Hasta Nakshatra, Kanya Rashi, Jamadagni Gothra, Place of Birth: Mulund, Mumbai

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