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By Kshitij Sharma, August 28, 2014

Nakshatra Bharani
Symbol Yoni
Planet Lord Venus
Gana Manushya
Direction West
First Letter of names
as per Jamna Nakshara
ली (Lee), लु (Lu), ले (Le), लो (Lo)
Deity Yama

The ruling planet of the Bharani nakshatra is Venus. Bharani is a krura/fierce nakshatra and is unsuitable for any new activities. A person born in this nakshatra will have the necessary restraint to hold back and understand the big picture – when we do not start any new activities, it is a good place to stop and take a status check on the ones that are in progress. This is a “judgemental” and “moralistic” nakshatra and hence provides a deep insight into activities that are going on. Such people have the necessary power to be the fiercest and most honest critics. When Kabeer said “निंदक नियरे राखिये, आँगन कुटी छबाये…” he definitely meant it for someone born in Bharani nakshatra.

Sun is exalted in Aries and hence in this nakshatra also. This nakshatra shares the quality of leadership and authority with the previous nakshatra – Aswhini. Bharani is of “artha” type and hence Moon placed here would mean that the person has money on his/her mind. The nakshatra is owned by Venus. Hence, Venus would be well placed in this nakshatra. The qualities of Venus are refinement, culture, music, dance, charisma – and they are enhanced by placement of Venus or Moon in this nakshatra.

At the same time, Saturn is in its deep debilitation in Bharani. Saturn is a planet of discipline, hard work and karma and the debilitation would mean struggles and acts not being taken to fruition. A debilitated Saturn along with the fierce nature of Bharani makes a person apathetic and ruthless. There would be too much restraint or too little (debilitation of Saturn also results in perversion), depending on other influences, but one thing is for sure that it would be at extremes.

Since the ruler of the sign is Mars, agricultural activities can be started in Bharani nakshatra. This includes digging of borwells, crop cutting etc.

The deity for Bharani is Yama, the god of death. He is the final status checker and provides judgement. He this imprints such qualities on the nakshatra.

Compatibility & Incompatibility
Considering overall Nakshatra based compatibility, Bharini nakshatra females are most compatible with Ashwini, Punarvasu and Swati, while Bharini nakshatra males will have a deep understanding with them. They will not be compatible with Mrigshira, Dhanisha, Chitra and Uttara Bhadprada. Males with Bharini Nakshatra will never be able to get along with Chitra, Dhanishtha born females. For the overall horoscope match, you should use the horoscope matching application and punch in the right date/place/time of birth for both prospective bride and groom.

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