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Monthly Thoughts – April 2020

By Kshitij Sharma, March 21, 2020

The monthly horoscope for April 2020 is not being presented this month. The country and the world grappling with fears of COVID-19 and things around us are shut down. A lot of us are working from home and maintaining social distancing to weed out the virus as soon as possible. Others are, well being top category morons, and are moving around like nobody’s business. The need for the hour is for everyone to look inwards and work with the government in tackling the crisis. I decided that it is better to reflect than give you advice on real estate, job problems which you aren’t anyway going to use.

A lot of people ask me if I had predicted the virus and the economic aftermath associated with it. I had not predicted the virus. I had, however, clearly predicted the problems with the economy as early as 2016.

It had been a talking point with anyone and everyone who took up a phone consultation with me. I had made this point ad nauseam whenever someone asked me about career prospects, promotion chances in 2019/2020. I had been saying that resources will get sucked out of the economy and that is exactly what is happening with China coming to a grounding halt. I got ridiculed each time SENSEX and NIFTY reached new highs but I always maintained that the stock market doesn’t show the true picture of the economy.

Planets rule commodities and their malefic or benefic effects create an impact on input and output of industrial, agricultural and services economy. These basics are understood by anyone who has read Vyapar Ratna by Pt Hardev Sharma Trivedi and Shri Gopesh Kumar Ojha. Capitalism doesn’t directly fit in this criteria because it rewards monopolies who can constrict supply and manipulate demand.

So, when will the situation get really better? Last month itself when one such gentleman asked me if the worst is over, I responded with one statement पिक्चर अभी बाकी है मेरे दोस्त! Problems with COVID-19 will start to get better around April 15th when an exalted Sun will start to get aspected by an exalted Mars from Capricorn. This will mean that the government of the day will be able to act with military precision. However, that is still 2-3 weeks away. Jupiter getting neechabhanga in Makar will help. However, the retrogression of planets makes existing problems worse for people in transit. Saturn and Jupiter will have to start forward motion for things to start getting better. That will happen in September. However, झुलसी हुई धरती पर अंकुर केवल जनवरी २०२१ में ही फूटने शुरू होंगे.

The planetary positions for April 2020 are as follows:


  • Sun is in Pisces at the beginning of the month and then moves to exaltation sign of Aries on 14th April.
  • During Pisces transit, Saturn will have 3rd house drishti on Sun.
  • Sun will be aspected by Mars from its exaltation sign during Aries transit.
  • Ketu will also have an aspect during the transit in the 2nd half.


  • Mars is in its exaltation sign of Capricorn.
  • Jupiter and Mars are close in Capricorn.
  • Saturn will be conjunct Mars during Capricorn transit.


  • Mercury will be Aquarius during the 1st 6 days.
  • Mercury will be in its debilitation sign from 7th April to 24th of April and then it move to Aries on 24th.
  • Saturn will have its 3rd house drishti on Mercury during Pisces transit.
  • There will be impact of Sun and Mars on Mercury during Aries transit.


  • Jupiter is moving through the debilitation sign of Capricorn.
  • Jupiter will be affected by Mars and Saturn and hence getting a neechabhanga.


  • Venus is in Taurus throughout the month.
  • Jupiter will have a 5th house drishti on Venus.


  • Saturn is transiting through swakshetra of Capricorn.
  • Jupiter & Mars are conjunct Saturn.


  • Rahu/Ketu continue their transit through the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.


  • Comment by kiran on March 22, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    What are the predictions for each moon sign for April 2020?

  • Comment by Ramesh on April 1, 2020 at 12:20 am

    Did you use the principle of ‘ Desh Kaal Paristhti’ while predicting promotions/job changes i.e. the bad state of the economy would make it unlikely that the person will get a raise/find a better job?

  • Comment by Janak on April 30, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    Will u give prediction for may month

  • Comment by GS on May 14, 2020 at 10:53 pm

    One doesnt need astrology to see crony capitalism besieging the economy. But nobody believed you because what you were seeing was erosion of wealth, the Asth-Lakshmi while people were only seeing currency growing.
    Things had not exactly reached a tipping point, but Providence has a way of doing things. Many astrologers, predicted improvement in April but are proved wrong. Things will rewind down till June end when six planets will be together in retrograde. Then it will never return back but move in a new direction. It is a course correction where people will be forced to change their habits, values and perceptions. And as correctly predicted, it will be felt only by 2021.
    As an ardent reader my advice is to please keep posting at least the planetary analysis sans the predictions.

  • Comment by Fari on June 11, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Plz give monthly horoscope.missing it tremendously.

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