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Basic Lessons: Real Estate or Stock Market

By Kshitij Sharma, March 8, 2020

From the time of being hunter-gatherer to developing agricultural practices, humankind has been a hoarder. This arose from compassion for weaker members of the family and children who were never able to collect food for themselves. A sense of possession for the family was created. This continued through history where wars were fought over land, water and other natural resources. We in recent times have created laws and put boundaries around ownership around land as well as other materialistic possessions. However, in some of the older tribes of India and the world, providing for the village remains a collective responsibility.

When we earn money, we necessarily look for ways to save it and grow it by investing it in real estate, the stock market or debt instruments. In India, 50 years back, the instrument of choice was gold. Then about 20 years back, the choice shifted to real estate. Investors dumped excess money in savings in parcels of land, apartments and plots. Around the same time, stock markets, mutual funds were also becoming mainstream savings options.

We hear stories about people becoming millionaires in land deals or when a stock tripled in a few years. This creates a feeling of amazement along with jealousy. Others then try to copy the success of individuals mentioned in the story by going after similar areas of investment but fail to do so. Either the stock market tanks after hard-earned money is invested, or the real estate market stagnates and then the investment is stuck.

There are clues in one’s horoscope on what kind of investment would suit an individual. Since this is a recent phenomenon, you would not find a lot of references directly in classic literature, but there are enough and more clues on how to infer the method of saving and growing wealth as per one’s horoscope. The combinations of houses and planets can help us make informed decisions. This is not a post on dhana yoga or “how to get rich soon without working hard” or “how to win a lottery”, but a post on where your savings should be parked.

The building blocks of my arguments are as follows. These are verified with the charts that I see, but due to my commitment to confidentiality with the clients, I cannot publish the chart details. In each of these horoscopes, the extent of the results depends on the overall strength of the horoscope. If the ascendant is weak, results are lowered. If the planets involved are in sandhi, are in infant or old age, then the results are also lowered.


  1. Jupiter indicates overall prosperity
  2. Saturn & the sign of Capricorn represents land.
  3. Mercury, Virgo and Gemini represents quick thinking, mathematical abilities and calculations.
  4. Saturn’s effect on Mercury dulls the mathematical mind. Effect of Mars on Mercury sharpens the mind.
  5. Effect of Ketu on any attribute in the horoscope causes disenchantment with that trait.
  6. Saturn is slow moving planet. It represents lack of resources (an opposite of prosperity) and hence is an indicator of broader economic situation, but does not represent stock market.
  7. Mars indicates apartments.


  1. The 2nd house indicates savings
  2. The 11th house indicates income.
  3. The 4th house indicates landed property.
  4. The 5th house represents stock market and speculation.
  5. The 9th house indicates father and gains from father.
  6. The 6th house indicates debt and litigation.
  7. The 8th house indicates hidden treasures and gains from inheritance. It represents obstacles otherwise.
  8. The 12th house indicates expenses and foreign element.
  9. The signification of any planet suffers when the planet is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th house. Accordingly, both the natural karaktwa as well as the signification of the house represented by this planet suffers, except when the planet is in its mulatrikona or exaltation sign. A placement in a friendly house is not helpful.

The following rules emerge.

Overall Prosperity:

  1. 2nd and 11th houses should be strong and have a combination which is free of malefic influence to indicate dhana yoga in the chart.
  2. 2nd house needs to be strong to control expenses and also for saved money to grow over a while. There should not be any close malefic influence on the lord and the 2nd house. There should not be any malefic planet placed in the house to blemish the effects.
  3. Jupiter must be a functional benefic in the chart and also should be strong, otherwise overall prosperity cannot be obtained.

Rules for success in stock market:

  1. A combination of lords of 2nd, 11th and 5th is required to make money through the stock market and keep it.
  2. A placement of the 11th house lord in the 5th house is indicative of professional gains through speculation. Such a person can be a good broker and can earn his living from the stock market. If the lord of the 11th house is not involved, the person can invest his/her savings in the stock market.
  3. Mercury should be well placed in the chart and connected with these houses.
  4. Jupiter should be well placed in the horoscope. Jupiter is the primary significator of the 11th house.
  5. It would help if Saturn is a yoga-karaka in the chart. When this happens, sustained results are to be predicted. Saturn is the secondary significator of the 11th house.

Rules for failure in stock market

  1. Mercury should not be under the ill effect of Ketu or Saturn.
  2. A malefic Saturn having drishti on 5th is detrimental for gains from the stock market. Debt sector is good for such a person to gain money from.
  3. The effect of 6th Lord affecting 2nd house, or 2nd lord is located in 6th house indicates losses.
  4. A badly placed Mercury, connected with Lagna and/or 5th house can indicate a compulsive gambler and a cheat.

Rules for success in real estate:

  1. Lords of 2nd, 11th and 4th should be connected.
  2. A placement or an impact of the 11th house lord in the 4th house is indicative of professional gains through land deals or real estate.
  3. A benefic Saturn with Shasha yoga is very beneficial for landed property. This yoga represents a leader of his/her clan with good land holdings.
  4. In our country, real estate is mostly associated with entrepreneurial activities. In such a case, a connection between the 3rd house and 4th house also indicates that business efforts are directed towards real estate.

Rules for failure in real estate:

  1. 12th lord should not be part of this mix, because 12th house indicates foreign nature and will keep the person away from his place of birth. Alternatively, if 12th lord is benefic, it can also indicate landed property in a foreign land. The 8th lord also behaves in the same way.
  2. Ketu should not be involved with the 4th house, otherwise, it can burn away the significations.
  3. Connection between the 2nd or the 11th with the 6th and the 4th lord indicates a problem with loans. If the 11th lord is weak, then the capacity to pay back the loan is lowered.
  4. While the 11th and the 4th need to be connected to get success from rental income and land deals, the location of the 11th lord in the 4th or vice versa, or exchange should not be considered as good as the houses are located 6/8 from each other.

Special Consideration for the 6th Lord in the field of real estate

The 6th house is a house of litigation. When the 6th house and its lord is involved with the 4th, 10th & 11th house, it can create problems with litigation. At the same time, a well placed 6th house lord can provide excellent temperament towards providing “service” to others. This temperament can lead to a person being a deal maker or a broker, which is very much required in this field.

    Paternal Property

    1. The 8th house indicates property gains from inheritance. A well placed 8th lord can provide such gains.
    2. If lords of the 2nd, 11th and 9th are connected, then fortune through paternal property should be predicted. Lord of the 2nd house has special significance as the house of family.
    3. A connection between the 6th, 8th and 4th or 9th house can indicate litigation in paternal property.

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