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Moon Sign Based Monthly Horoscope June 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, May 18, 2015

The monthly horoscope for June 2015 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution. These dates are indicated. The dates for caution on financial matter are also indicated. People with a particular janma rashi should avoid dealing in financial matters on these dates, e.g. investment of property, stock market, giving and taking loans should be avoided.

The planetary positions for the month of June 2015 are as follows.

Sun: Sun is in shatru-kshetra of Taurus till 15th of June of the month, when it moves to Gemini.
Mars is conjunct with Sun throughout the month and maintains 5 degress or less distance even when the planets change signs. Mercury is in the same house as Sun till 15th of June. Saturn and Rahu aspect Sun till 15th of June. Post 15th, Mars is the only planet associated with Sun

Mars: Mars is in shatru-kshetra of Taurus till 15th of the month, when it moves to Gemini. Mars is conjunct with Sun throughout the month and maintains 5 degress or less distance even when the planets change signs. Hence, Mars is combust throughout the month but the rage of mars increases when it is combust. Mercury is in the same house as Mars till 15th of June. Saturn and Rahu Mars till 15th of June. Post 15th, there is no other aspect on Mars, except conjunction with Sun

Mercury: Mercury is retrograde till 11th and becomes direct thereafter. Mercury continues to be in Taurus throughout the month. Rahu & Saturn aspect Mercury. Sun & Mars are in same house as Mercury till 15th of June.

Jupiter: Jupiter is in Cancer throughout the month. Jupiter gets aspect from Ketu and 1st house aspect of Venus.

Venus: Venus is in Cancer throughout the month. Venus gets aspect from Ketu and 1st house aspect of Jupiter.

Saturn: Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio throughout the month. Sun is opposite Saturn till 15th of June. Mercury & Saturn are opposite each other through the month. Jupiter aspects Saturn through 5th house drishti and Ketu aspects Saturn through 9th house drishti.

Rahu: Rahu remains in Virgo. Mars aspects Rahu through its 4th house drishti after 15th of June.

Ketu: Ketu remains in Pisces. Jupiter aspects Ketu through its 9th house drishti.


Moon Sign Aries – Horoscope for Mesha Rashi for June 2015

The first half of June will be a little tough for Aries born. The second half will be good and something to look forward to. Mars is located in 2nd house for first half of the month, which is the manglik house and will cause problems in family life. 3rd house transit of Sun and Mars would be beneficial, but at the same time the Rashi lord Mars’ combustion will add to anger and aggression. Venus’ location in Cancer along with Jupiter will be beneficial and will provide calming influence to balance the effect of Mars. Saturn’s effect of Ashtama Shani is a longer term effect and will keep the baseline for the period. You will continue to have the thought process that you are not getting necessary support from others and that you are pretty much on your own to face the problems.

During the first half of the month, do not get into petty issue with family members, especially those outside of your immediate family. At the same time, keep an eye on property ownership issues with them. A good way of spending time with the family is to either (a) surround yourself and your family with comforts or (b) take a spiritual break. Both of these methods will provide necessary distractions for you to no lose your cool with those around you. 1st half of the month will be tough for kids in the house. Be nice to them.

There is nothing significant about travel in this month. You will continue to do business with foreigners and people outside your nationality.

During the month, be careful about illness in the head/face area – eyes, mouth. At the same time, anxiety issues could crop up. Too much partying can cause stomach disorders. 2nd half of the month will bring good physical health.

In the first half of the month, be careful with bad loans and investment in areas that you do not understand very well. It is a good time for property related negotiations. Gains from agriculture are indicated. Heavy expenditure is indicated as well. During the second part of the month, you could get good favours from authorities and higher ups in your job. It will also be a good time for mental work and risk taking at your work as you have ample support. This tendency will continue through in July and hence you can take a longer term risk.

Chandrashtama Days: 1-June, 2-June, 3-June, 29-June, 30-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 10-June, 11-June, 14-June, 15-June, 16-June


Moon Sign Taurus – Horoscope for Vrishabha Rashi for June 2015

Vrishabha Rashi persons should be careful during this month. They should share their horoscope of this month June 2015 with one of their close family members who can support them through the month to sail through.

Taurus borns will have two fiery planets – Sun and Mars sitting in their rashi sign in the beginning of the month. During the second half, both move to 2nd house, which is the house of close family. Further, this would be a manglik location for Mars. Overall, Jupiter continues with an adverse transit. Venus’ favourable transit has vedha of Sun, Mars & Mercury throughout, to negate the positive effect. Saturn continues with 7th house transit, indicating lack of desire in marriage as an overall umbrella effect.

During the first half, there is too much focus on self and own needs of theperson. This period can cause misunderstanding with friends and close family. Diplomacy is required. It is important not to get into unnecessary arguments with others. Do not get caught up in emotions. You are in a mood to party and arrange for get togethers with friends and family, but there will be obstacles in form of too much work pressure.

On travel front, there will be short travels. During the first half, they will not bring in desired results, but just cause separation with family. Second half of the month will be better for the same.

During the first half of the month, you need to be careful with infections and accidents. This will add to stress, blood pressure and maybe heart problems, if you are otherwise prone to it. You are being oversensitive, which you should proactively avoid.

At work, loss of wealth is indicated. Your actions may cause misunderstanding with your boss, especially if you cannot take a stand on an issue. This may also be used against you by your competitors and adversaries at work. Hard work will pay off, even though you view the above as obstacles. You will see good effect of hard work within the same month. This is not a very good month for students as they will not be able to concentrate on their studies. Hopefully, by now, all the competitive exams are over and this will no longer be an issue. Maybe this is the time students really take a break from their grueling schedules.

Chandrashtama Days: 4-June, 5-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 12-June, 13-June, 17-June, 18-June


Moon Sign Gemini – Horoscope for Mithun Rashi for June 2015

For Gemini borns, the overall transits continue to be good with Jupiter and Saturn both going through favourable transits. However, during the current month, the favourable results of the transit are slowing down a little because of two main reasons – firstly, Jupiter has a vedha of during the month of June. Also, Saturn’s retrogression is causing the good results to slow down during the period. Mars is going through 12th house transit (which is a manglik house for Gemini rashi) and then it moves to 1st house transit, which affects the self and mind in an aggressive manner. However, overall, still a good period to look forward to. You will have the necessary will power and firepower in your horoscope to push through the period.

Throughout the month, you will have tendency to focus on your own needs and will neglect others. This tendency can cause problems and disputes with both close friends as well as family, unless they know you very well. Hence, it is better to be diplomatic and avoid disagreements. Do not keep secrets from your close ones as you can get caught. Such acts can also cause rift with spouse. If you work hard towards this (being aware that Mars can cause this and believe me when I say that it will not be easy) and tone down your aggression, you can have much happiness in domestic life.

Travel can take you to foreign location and away from home during this period. Such travel may not be profitable and rewarding for you. A balance is required.

At the health front, weakness due to fatigue and weariness is indicated. You are being predisposed to chest infection and heart problems. Be aware of other seasonal infections too lest it congest your chest/lungs.

This is a period of general expansion of material wealth and status. Saturn’s transit will show you how hard work can indeed hard work can pay off. However, this month may show a dip in the rate of expansion. Expenditure is shows to rise. New undertakings may not find favour with superiors and government. You may feel that you aren’t getting right rewards and recognition for your work. However, keep using your good imagination at the place of work. This is also a good period for students. Mathematics students will benefit from the transits this month.

Chandrashtama Days: 6-June, 7-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 14-June, 15-June, 16-June, 19-June, 20-June


Moon Sign Cancer – Horoscope for Karka Rashi for June 2015

The first half of the June 2015 will be good for Karka rashi borns. The second half will be not that great. During the first half, Saturn is sitting in Vedha house for Mars and Sun, but Saturn doesn’t cause Vedha to Sun thus Mars is the only planet that is affected. Jupiter is going through a 1st house transit for you, but that ends in a couple of months. This last 8-10 months have been major upheaval for you, but the next transit will be great. Saturn’s 5th house transit is stifling for children and creativity as such. Mars moves into your manglik house during the second half of the month, and although it is combust, the phenomenon of combustion increases the intensity rather than decreasing it.

As far as your family is concerned, work with your elder brother and this will show gains. Old misunderstandings can be cleared if you work proactively. The first half of the month indicates auspicious time in the family. This is also a good time to spend with your mate/spouse and indicates romantic and at ease times. Avoid getting into competition in any space with your loved ones.

During this period, second half of the month indicates travels and a likely separation from family for a small duration. This may manifest as wandering around without your family being with you.

The first half indicates freedom from sickness. Good health is indicated. During the second half, you may have trouble sleeping. Hence, general immunity can go down and you will be bothered by infection in ENT/chest area and eyes.

During the first half, you will have gain in wealth. Continuing from previous month, this is a good period for getting loans, working on new ventures and partnerships. This is not such a good time with the team though – you are inclined to be a leader, but there will be some opposition. Continuing from May, delays in purchase of property and land are indicated. Students will need to put more than required focus and discipline. Things will go tough during the 2nd half. Thus, if you need something done during the month, much of the effort will need to be put and completed during the first half itself.

Chandrashtama Days: 8-June, 9-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 17-june, 18-June, 21-June, 22-June, 23-June


Moon Sign Leo – Horoscope for Simha Rashi for June 2015

This is a good month for Simha rashi borns. It will become better as the month progresses. Almost all of the inner planet transits are becoming favourable and this should provide much needed relief. Jupiter’s transit is making you learn. Saturn’s ardha-ashtama transit is making you toil emotionally and indicates change. Domestic life and chores are becoming mind-numbing. The retrogression of Saturn is adding more fuel of confusion to this fire. The month of June 2015 can and should be used to bring your house in order.

During the first half of the month, gains and comforts are indicated through co-workers and friends. You can also meet new friends from opposite sex if you are dating and looking out. You should be careful and not make rash comments in order to drive people away. You should also not make false promises. If these things are taken care of, this is a good time with family.

There is not many indications of travel through the month, unless the same is indicated in your horoscope and dictated through the dasha/antardasha periods.

Mental anguish indicated due to transits of Saturn and Jupiter can aggravate health problems during the month. Otherwise, immunity from diseases will be maintained and the overall physical health will be good.

The period indicates that there will be avenues of growth at work. You will come in contact with higher officials and also benefit from them. Gain in wealth is indicated through various quarters. At the same time, you can become overly aggressive in self-promotion. This ambitious attitude can lead you to trouble. This is indeed a good period to talk about your promotion with superiors, but tact needs to be maintained. Managing up and managing down is important. This is also a good time to invest money in various instruments, including real estate, stock markets. Real estate transactions should be checked and double checked for being litigation free.

Chandrashtama Days: 10-June, 11-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 19-June, 20 June, 24-June, 25-June


Moon Sign Virgo – Horoscope for Kanya Rashi for June 2015

This is a good month for Virgo borns. There is no Vedha to transits of outer planets, both of which are fabourable to Kanya rashi individuals. To add to it, Sun transits through a good house during the second house of the month. The transits of the month are definitely a notch up from the previous month. The retrogression of Saturn may cause delays in profitable ventures, but will not deny them.

During the first half of the month, you should take care of your father’s health. There are problems indicated. Disagreements with friends and relatives could also arise. You may find that you are able to push yourself harder and put in more effort, but you should not try to push others around and tone down the aggression. These precautions must be taken during the first half of the month. Communication is the key and proactive communication should solve most of your problems throughout the month. Mother should do well in the second half.

Travel is indicated during the first half of the month, continuing from May. This will take you on a long distance religious travel or that related to learning something new, which will be tiring. This will also be good for networking with people in foreign countries.

Health problems are indicated through the month, but more during the 1st half of the month. Eye and ear disorders, accidents and muscular injuries are indicated. You may feel tired and devoid of energy.

During the first half, work hard with superiors. During the second half, you will get ample favours from the government of the day as benefit from the efforts put during the 1st half. Whatever disagreements that you may have with the father figures and authorities, sort them out as soon as possible. Cash flow will continue to be good, but at the same time expenditure on items of luxury will also be very high. 2nd half of the month continuing to July will bring in new opportunities.

Do not allow for unethical behavior by anyone around you. Otherwise you too will get in trouble along with them and these problems could suck you in.

Chandrashtama Days: 12-June, 13-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 21-June, 22-June, 23-June, 24-June, 25-June


Moon Sign Libra – Horoscope for Tula Rashi for June 2015

This is an adverse month for Libra borns. The major transits are unfavourable. Saturn is in Vedha of Mercury and negates the favourable transit relating to family. Saturn’s sadhe sati is on, which is in its last leg as Saturn is currently transiting through the 2nd house in your rashi chart. This calls for advancement in spiritual life. The retrogression of Saturn adds to the anguish and you will need to control your speech.

During the first half of the month, married life will come in focus. Mars is in the manglik house and hence spouse’s health can become bad. Communication and speech will become harsh. This transit can cause problems and difference of opinions with in-laws too. You can be dominating with your children and can cause disagreements with them.

During the 2nd half of the month, you can have disagreement with father as well as with your younger siblings and relatives. Mars moves out of your manglik house and will provide some respite to the domestic environment.

Short journeys could be troublesome during the first half, but will be beneficial during the second half. If you are planning any travel, it is better to travel after 15th June, when you will be able to achieve your travel objectives.

During the first half of the month, you will be anxious and fearful. Illness to family and especially to spouse is indicated. Urinary disorders are also indicated to Libra borns. 2nd half of the month can indicate accidents.

During the month, finance will be in focus and will be a cause of anxiety. It will be difficult to save money due to expenses. It is not a good time to seek loan, especially from public sector banks. Promotions, hikes at place of work or increase in profits if you are in business will be harder to come by or may not be to your expectations.

You may find some inheritance coming your way, but at the same time it can get you into litigation. Joint property dealing can also get you into a bit of suffering.

Chandrashtama Days: 14-June, 15-June, 16-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 12-June, 13-June, 17-June, 18-June


Moon Sign Scorpio – Horoscope for Vrishchik Rashi for June 2015

This is an average month for Vrishchik rashi borns. Mars’ 7th house transit through the manglik house is not good for family and relationship with spouse/mate. Someone who is inclined to cheating on their partners in their main horoscope & navamsha horoscope usually start their affairs during such transits. Of course nothing can be said by just considering the rashi chart and for that the exact date/time/place of birth is required. Mars then moves to 8th house in the second half of the month, which is again a manglik house. Jupiter’s transit is good and indicates good relationship with father, grandfather, children etc. Sadhe sati is on for you as Saturn transits through your janma rashi. This causes confusion and drains the person of energy. Saturn’s retrogression is adding to this confusion.

During the first half of the month, domestic life is in focus as there can be arguments with spouse/mate. Problems are also indicated with relatives and neighbours. This can indeed continue to the 2nd part of the month, but will become better. To distract yourself, you can immerse yourself into some new studies and new research.

Travel to foreign location is indicated and also can cause temporary separation from family on this account. Accidents during such travel is also indicated if taken during the first half of the month.

Health wise, this is again an average month. Diseases of abdomen and that region of the body are indicated. Be careful with eye infection. Sadhe sati reduces immunity a bit and hence you are more prone to diseases.

Those in their own line of business will find the month more difficult to manage than those in service. This indicates failure in enterprise. Those in job can find it difficult for their new initiatives to take off. You will need to work with peers and partners at work. Your communication at work will be very important through the month. You must keep the tendency to make rash comments in check.

This is overall a good period for students and they will benefit from hard work and pursuit of excellence. During the 2nd part of the month, you can push yourself much harder than others and can do well compared to the rest of the competition.

Chandrashtama Days: 17-June, 18-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 26-June, 27-June, 28-June, 29-June, 30-June


Moon Sign Sagittarius – Horoscope for Dhanu Rashi for June 2015

Sadhe sati started for Dhanu rashi borns a little while back. They were becoming used to the fact that they are withdrawn from the family and lack of support from others. However, the retrogression of Saturn has added another angle to this. While they may be thinking that this bad period is not ebbing, but please remember this important point – Saturn is a task master. Each transit makes the person learn something new. As long as the person remembers the transit will become easier. Remember that iron (the metal representative of Saturn) is malleable and can be beaten into any shape through heating and beating. Saturn does the same to a person. During the 2nd half of the month, Mars moves into the 7th manglik house, which is not a good transit position.

This is a better month compared to the previous few. Benefits from worker class and subordinates at place of work is indicated. At the same time, this also indicates furthering of family with marriage or conception. Romantic time with one’s mate is also indicated. Love affairs starting now will have a long lasting effect. Use this good time to create a good understanding between the couple and mitigate the effect of Mars’ manglik house transit.

There are no major indications about travel during the first half of June 2015. 2nd half of the month indicates many travel opportunities, but they may cause trouble also.

Healthwise, the first part of the month is better than the second. General freedom from sickness is indicated. You will be recovered from existing diseases. During the 2nd part, stomach disorders, eye infections can bother you.

During the first part of the month, gains from government and superiors is indicated. Those in business may get a government contract awarded to them. However, remember to close these deals by 1st half of the month itself, otherwise there can be problems. Again, court cases in 1st half of the month will be decided in your favour, but the same in 2nd part of the month can bring trouble.

This is not a very lucky period with respect to immovable property in general, but this month could bring in increase in the same. Be careful with litigation trouble with such transactions.

Chandrashtama Days: 19-June, 20-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 1-June, 2-June, 3-June, 6-June, 7-June, 29-June, 30-June


Moon Sign Capricorn – Horoscope for Makar Rashi for June 2015

This would be an average month for Makar rashi borns. The second half of the month will be better than the first one. The two outer planets have favourable transits for Makar rashi. However, during this month, Saturn has vedha of Mercury and that will reduce the overall good effects of the Saturn transit. Added to this fact is Saturn’s retrogression and the Capricorn rashi borns will indeed feel the difference. Both Sun and Mars move to a favourable 6th house transit during 2nd half of the month.

During the first half, children and relationship with children will come in focus. You will need to spend time with your children. This is also a time when you are less creative than usual. While it shows romantic time with the mate, it also shows that small matters can turn into big arguments. You will see less favours from siblings than usual. Cooperation from family members will reduce. During the second half, relationship with children will improve and so will overall atmosphere in the family.

Though nothing major on travel front is indicated during this month, you will keep getting chances of going abroad that will be fruitful.

The first half of the month indicates illness to self and to children. Stomach diseases, acidity, heart problems can come to fore. You could be anxious and lose focus due to illness in the family.

The flow of money in the first half will be good, but speculations and gamble will not work about. Debts, loans can be a problem. Be aware of competition and the harm it can cause. However, in the second part of the month, you will have good support from within and outside to take care of your enemies – both at place of work and if you are in business. Overall, this is a good month for getting support from doctors, lawyers and other government machinery.

Chandrashtama Days: 21-June, 22-June, 23-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 4-June, 5-June, 8-June, 9-June


Moon Sign Aquarius – Horoscope for Kumbha Rashi for June 2015

June 2015 will be overall a tough month for Kumbha rashi borns. Both Jupiter and Saturn have long term unfavourable transits. Mars and Sun move through 4th house of emotions and this is not a very good transit. They both affect the house of Karma too, which will cause some anxiety at the place of work too, but then it will be okay in the end. This is a 4th manglik house transit for Mars.

The month will show disagreements with mother and cause some emotional issues. There could be disputes within the family. There could be unnecessary strife. Avoid being moody and restless when dealing with family members. During the second half of the month, the transits of planets could affect your children.

Long travels will bring separation from family and discomfort. This could also give troubles with respect to vehicles owned by you.

Overall, there will be more emotional issues than health problems. Be careful with anxiety issues leading to problems in chest area. As much are you are prone to such diseases, recovery can be equally faster. Children can contract diseases during the second half of the month.

Financial stress and loss of money is indicated especially in relation to real estate transactions. There will be opposition at place of work, but it can be controlled with sheer hard work. There could be problems with authority throughout the month in the area of work and specially those who are in a job. If one were to work hard and communicate well, this would be a good time for furthering career and getting promotion. This can be a good time for students too.

Chandrashtama Days: 24-June, 25-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 6-June, 7-June, 10-June, 11-June


Moon Sign Pisces – Horoscope for Meen Rashi for June 2015

This is a mixed month for Meena rashi borns. The first half of the month is good, but the second part of the month will be mixed. Jupiter, Mars, Sun have favourable transits, but Sun moves into Jupiter’s vedha, thus reducing the good effects of the transit. This is a 4th manglik house transit for Mars and by drishti it affects the house of marriage and partnerships too.

During the first half of the month, there can be conflicts with younger siblings, especially brothers. This is a good transit for family, unless the person is too dominating. Children will do well, but you need to maintain a distance and not smother them. This can be a good time for parties and gifts that you can get from other people. Love and affection will be in air for the family and children. Relationship with father will continued to be strained and the retrograde Saturn will meant that communication can be broken a bit more.

Short travels are indicated through the month. For people who want to go on a study tour, this will be a good time. If you can, finish the travel within the first half of June as a travel started after 15th will cause more problems than profits.

During the first half of the month health will be good. During the second half, fever, body ache and some accidents are indicated.

For the first half, you will gain through official communication. You will deal with authorities in graceful and forceful way. Such association and friendship with high officials will be productive. You are also taking charge and displaying courage. Meditation and worship of your deity will take a back seat. During the second half, this could get reversed. First of all, there can be some official impediments in gains of property. You can get into disputes and this can cause anxiety and health problems. Students can fall out of favour at schools and colleges.

Chandrashtama Days: 26-June, 27-June, 28-June

Days of caution in financial matters (apart from Chandrashtama days): 8-June, 9-June, 12-June, 13-June


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