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Natural Properties of Planets in Interpretation

By Kshitij Sharma, May 10, 2015

This article describes how to use natural properties of planets in interpreting a horoscope and making predictions. Each of the planets in Vedic Astrology is described as having certain set of properties as described in these pages in detail.

Sun is regal planet that denotes authority and represents government. Moon is emotional by itself and is mindful of others’ emotions. Jupiter is worldly wise. Venus is classy, while Mars is aggressive. Mercury is a great communicator and represents fast thinking. Rahu is secretive and duplicitous and Ketu is chaotic. Saturn is a strict disciplinarian. These set of qualities must be kept in mind when interpreting a horoscope, even when looking at similar placements.

Planets affect a house in a horoscope by one of the following mechanisms:

1. Through location in the house, or,

2. Through drishti on the house or on its lord, or

3. When when are in combination with the lord of the house.

A drishti or placement of a planet in own sign or a friendly sign in a horoscope is beneficial to the prospects of the house. Similarly, drishti or placement in a detrimental or inimical sign is detrimental to the prospects of the house. The “beneficial” or “detrimental” aspect is not absolute and should not applied in a black and white manner to the prospects of the house. These are modified as per the natural properties of the planets themselves. This means that a beneficial aspect of a fiery planet like Sun is very different from a beneficial aspect of Moon, for example, when they are placed in a similar way in the horoscope. Both may be positive, but the aspects will play out very differently. This is the point any budding astrologer should learn and any experienced astrologer should not forget.

Let me illustrate this point through few examples. Consider Aries Lagna. Sun and Moon are benefics for this lagna as they are lords of 4th and 5th house in a horoscope respectively, provided you do not consider Moon to have kendradhipati dosha. 6th house is owned by Mercury who is neutral to Sun and friendly to Moon. Therefore, placement or drishti of Sun and Moon both in Mercury’s sign is apples to apples comparison.

Sun’s placement in house of enemies in a friendly sign in the horoscope means that the person will be victorious over enemies. He will defeat the enemies through authority and with a streak of ruthlessness. This is because Sun represents such properties in Vedic Astrology. Sun is a kroora planet by nature and a placement of such a planet in 6th house is considered good.

Moon in similar position will also mean that the person will be prevail over enemies, but rather than having an aggressive attitude, he/she will use power of emotion and negotiation to deal with their enemies. If Mercury was in swakshetra in this situation, the person would be able to negotiate and cut deals, but without the emotional connect. This is because Mercury represents quick wit and communication.

Lets take another Lagna, but the same two planets. For Libra lagna, presence of Sun and Moon in 10th house in a horoscope can be compared. For Sun, it is friend’s house and for Moon it is swakshetra. Both aspect 4th house in such horoscopes, which belongs to their enemy – Saturn. This is because Capricorn sign falls in the 4th house in the horoscope. Both of them cause problems for 4th house prospects, i.e., will cause problems in accumulation of property, land and vehicles. However, since Moon governs mother by its nature, this placement of Moon in 10th house is good for mother of the person, while at the same time other prospects may suffer. On the other hand, Sun’s placement with inimical drishti to 4th house indicates strained relations with mother along with other 4th house indicators. Further, Sun for Libra lagna is tainted by lordship of 11th house and this would further indicate that the mother of the person would be egotistical person and would be rude to others.

The concepts of Vedic Astrology are logical, if you remember few basic rules. These are derivable based on such basic principles. Please go through this in detail and let me know if you have any questions and further queries about these concepts.

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