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Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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NameMahendra Singh Dhoni
Date of birth:July 7, 1981Time of birth11:15 AM Timezone: 5:30 East of GMT
Place of birth:Ranchi, India (23°22’ North, 85°19’ East)
Horoscope Data
AscendantVirgo 12°32’NavamshaAries
Janma RashiVirgoNakshatraUttara Phalguni Nakshtra, Pada: 2
Planetary Positions for the Horoscope
Sun81°26’Gemini 21°26’Direct10AriesPunarvasu1
Moon150°5’Virgo 0°5’Direct1CapricornUttara Phalguni2
Mars58°50’Taurus 28°50’Direct9VirgoMrigshira2
Mercury63°19’Gemini 3°19’Direct10LibraMrigshira3
Jupiter159°20’Virgo 9°20’Direct1PiscesUttara Phalguni4
Venus105°25’Cancer 15°25’Direct11ScorpioPushya4
Saturn159°55’Virgo 9°55’Direct1PiscesUttara Phalguni4
Rahu98°7’Cancer 8°7’Retrograde11VirgoPushya2
Ketu278°7’Capricorn 8°7’Retrograde5PiscesUttar Ashadh4
Horoscope Matching Related Information
Manglik Dosha Details
  • Manglik Dosha from Ascendant does not exist as
    Mars is not in houses - 2, 4, 7, 8, 12.
  • Manglik Dosha from Moon does not exist as
    Mars is not in houses - 2, 4, 7, 8, 12.
Applicable Yogas:
  • Bhadra Yoga (Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga)
    • Description: Mercury in a kendra along with being in moolatrikona or swakshatra or exaltation sign
    • Result: Well educated, much respected by relatives. Strong.
    • Planets Involved: Mercury
  • Budhaditya Yoga
    • Description: Sun and Mercury conjunct in a house
    • Result: Highly intelligent and skillful, well respected in society
    • Planets Involved: Sun, Mercury
  • Gaja-Kesari Yoga
    • Description: Moon and Jupiter in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Famous, lasting reputation. Well regarded in society.
    • Planets Involved: Moon, Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 4 and 5
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Saturn
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 5 and 7
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Saturn, Jupiter

Basic Interpretation of Horoscope as per Planetary Positions

Sun in Gemini
Sun is in neutral territory in Gemini as it considers Mercury to be neither friend nor foe as far as Vedic astrology is concerned. Sun’s affect while being positioned in Gemini brings in less authority and brings out more affable nature. Such a person is quick thinking and action. Such a person is good with numbers and has a very good command on language while communicating with others. Such a person loves to gain knowledge at broad level just for learning sake. It is a position where a person is truly jack of all trades. On the negative side, such a person weans off an idea just as easily as they get hooked to it. They would find it difficult to close on a project. They may come across as unreliable as they jump from one idea to other and may copy ideas from others too. Others may find them tricky to deal with. The ailments that bother a person with such a placement of Sun in Gemini belong to the category of nervousness. They spread themselves too thin and get stressed due to the same. Cough, cold and lung disorders may bother them.

Moon in Virgo
For people with Kanya janma rashi portray qualities of Mercury related to their emotions and mind. They are excellent at analytics and mathematics. They can make good astrologers. They would make good healers also due to scientific bend of mind. They are good communicators and have their unique way of putting their point across. Kanya rashi bestows a good sense of humour and makes the person jovial while having company. On the negative side, this combination creates nervousness and depression. The person lives in his mind and thinks too much. He may not get down to execution. It is difficult to please this person as the standards for himself and others are set too high. On the health front, the person is susceptible to stomach disorders and needs to maintain good diet.

Mars in Taurus
Venus is a neutral planet for Mars and hence it is a reasonable placement for Mars. Mars is a planet of passion, competition and in this combination comes under the influence of Venus, who indicates class, refinement and romance. The result is that the person with this combination in his chart has a charismatic nature and a magnetic personality. The person is interested in sports and physical activities but rather in the entertainment aspect of it. This person would be more interested in dance art form rather than music or painting. A lot of passion is demonstrated in any activity that they undertake. They are spontaneous in love affairs and make charming partners. On the negative side, this person is likely to have more than one partners and relationships. This person is likely to be a loner although the outside persona is of a smooth talker and caring person. A really bad placement of Mars in Taurus would lead to person being abusive towards their mate. On the health front, this placement makes a person susceptible towards scars and acne on face, throat ailments, nosebleeds etc.

Mercury in Gemini
Gemini is Mercury’s own sign and Mercury is quite happy in this position. A position in Gemini coinciding with kendras, i.e. lst, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses in a horoscope indicates Bhadra Yoga. This makes a person cheerful and well educated. The person with Mercury in Gemini is very learned. Such a person possesses excellent written and spoken communication skills. The person may be a good computer programmer, mathematician or a theoretical scientist. Sound logic is also predicted with this placement. On the negative side, the person may be removed from practicality and ground reality. There may be problems completing projects. While the person may be able to jump between two activities, they make come across as unreliable and hesitant to take a firm stand on any topic. There are no major health problems that are indicated by this placement alone. Health problems need to be predicted according to placement and drishti of other planets on Mercury and Gemini.

Jupiter in Virgo
Jupiter is in enemy territory while in Virgo as it considers Mercury as natural shatru. This combination makes a person compassionate towards others. The person is disciplined and meticulous in all areas. He has the big picture in any situation - the entire perspective on a situation or issue. The person is very interested in learning new things and constantly refreshing his knowledge. He can be a successful mantri, advisor and a teacher. On the negative side, this person makes one over optimistic. The person has difficulty being grounded and may seem disinterested in many activities. The person may miss many opportunities by being lazy and lethargic and lack a backup plan. This combination may give legal problems as well. On health front, this position of Jupiter causes obesity and related disorders.

Venus in Cancer
Venus is in enemy camp in Cancer as it regards both Sun and Moon as its enemies. On the positive side, this combination indicates lots of emotions towards family and loved ones. The person is sensitive and caring. The person is well educated and had deep understanding of art. On the negative side, the person becomes very tolerant towards others. For example, the person may pamper their children and spoil them. The person may also become emotionally clingy in love affairs towards others without caring about their reputation. The person would also spend a lot of money on keeping himself surrounded by luxury. On health front, this position of Venus indicates ailments in lower abdomen and sexual organs.

Saturn in Virgo
Saturn is in a friendly sign in Mercury and hence the good qualities of Saturn, viz., discipline, focus, fixation, profound thinking is exemplified in this sign. The person with Saturn in Virgo is very motivated and disciplined. This usually compels a person to be fixated on one area. The person works well in service industry where the job involves serving people. Given a set of instructions, the person would follow it to the dot. He would make a great administrator of people, although he would never be friendly with them. On the negative side, this person has difficulty making adjustments in small things also, like daily schedule. The person can be a workaholic with little time for anything else and have a serious issue with work/life balance. A medical condition of nervousness - obsessive compulsive disorder may occur with this combination.

Rahu in Cancer
Rahu in Cancer brings in the factor of unusual and unconventional to emotional make up of a person. Such a person works with foreigners and can live far away from their place of birth. They would also work for the downtrodden of the society. Rahu in Cancer makes a person root for and support the underdog all the time. On a negative note, this person has difficulty settling down in one place. Even if the person manages to live in one city or town, he would have trouble buying a home and property. Such a person also has a problem making long term commitment to anyone. On health front, this combination indicates susceptibility to illness in chest, lungs and heart.

Ketu in Capricorn
Ketu in Capricorn can result in spirituality and growth in this sign. This also denotes skill in making and formulating rules for long term success. This indicates high status in any organization, but especially in spiritual areas. There is a greater aptitude in mathematics, science and technology due to this yoga. The negative side of the placement is that the person does not get success in nontraditional business areas. The person does not do well in unclear situations. The person is insecure and unable to make a decision. This may result in losing some obvious opportunities. The person is narrow minded in achieving his goals. This position of Ketu in Capricorn results in knee problems due to accidents. Long term undiagnosed diseases of knee are indicated.


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