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Sachin Tendulkar

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Both Sun and Mars are close to their highest exaltation! Mars is the aggression required for a sportsperson.

NameSachin Tendulkar
Date of birth:April 24, 1973Time of birth1:0 PM Timezone: 5:30 East of GMT
Place of birth:Mumbai, India (18°57’ North, 72°49’ East)
Horoscope Data
AscendantCancer 17°45’NavamshaSagittarius
Janma RashiSagittariusNakshatraPurva Ashadh Nakshtra, Pada: 4
Planetary Positions for the Horoscope
Sun10°29’Aries 10°29’Direct10CancerAshvini4
Moon264°32’Sagittarius 24°32’Direct6ScorpioPurva Ashadh4
Mars296°42’Capricorn 26°42’Direct7VirgoDhanishtha2
Mercury346°44’Pisces 16°44’Direct9SagittariusRevati1
Jupiter286°38’Capricorn 16°38’Direct7TaurusShravana2
Venus14°16’Aries 14°16’Direct10LeoBharani1
Saturn54°8’Taurus 24°8’Direct11LeoMrigshira1
Rahu256°33’Sagittarius 16°33’Retrograde6LeoPurva Ashadh1
Ketu76°33’Gemini 16°33’Retrograde12AquariusAdra3
Horoscope Matching Related Information
Manglik Dosha Details
  • Manglik Dosha from Ascendant does not exist as
    No Dosha when Mars is in seventh house when located in rashis of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • Manglik Dosha from Moon exists as
    Mars is located in second house.
Applicable Yogas:
  • Ruchaka Yoga (Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga)
    • Description: Mars in a kendra along with being in moolatrikona or swakshatra or exaltation sign
    • Result: Aggressive leader in army or otherwisew, ability to lead people
    • Planets Involved: Mars
  • Guru-Mangala Yoga
    • Description: Jupiter and Mars together or in mutual 7th house
    • Result: Activist, Righteous
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Mars
  • Kahala Yoga
    • Description: 9th house and 4th house lord in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Stubborn, leads an army
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Venus
  • Shankha Yoga
    • Description: The 5th and 6th lords in mutual kendras (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other
    • Result: Good wealth, good spouse and children, works for humanitarian causes
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Mars
  • Raja/Dharma-Karmadhipati
    • Description: Conjunction, mutual aspect or exchange of 9th and 10th lords
    • Result: Dutiful and high achiever
    • Planets Involved: Mars, Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen trikona lords 5 and 9
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Mars, Jupiter
  • Raja Yoga
    • Description: Conjunction, exchange, mutual aspect betwen kendra/trikona lords 9 and 10
    • Result: Bestowed with success and positive accomplishments
    • Planets Involved: Jupiter, Mars

Basic Interpretation of Horoscope as per Planetary Positions

Sun in Aries
Sun is exalted in Aries and is at its highest exaltation at 10 degrees of Aries. Sun’s properties and leadership abilities and competitive spirit are best revealed in this sign. This placement makes a person courageous and full of initiative. The person would demonstrate lot of authority. The person takes charge and likes to be in control of any situation. This is a great combination for fame and wealth. It also denotes great will power. On a negative side, a person with Sun in Aries in their horoscope has difficulty working as a part of the team since they believe themselves to be a leader of the team and act as a father figure. They may find others too slow to comprehend a situation and slow in their reactions. They are hot headed and impatient. On the health front, such persons are prone to diseases caused due to pitta imbalance - fever, sunstroke, rashes and boils and headaches.

Moon in Sagittarius
Sagittarius rashi individuals exhibit the qualities of Sagittarius sign that indicate expansion, grace and magnanimity. The person is Jupiterian in grace, which means he is a regarded and well respected in society. Everyone goes to him for advice and he provides unbiased counsel to them. He can be a great advisor or a minister. The person can also be a religious head or associated with an organization that works for betterment of the society. He would be very emotional and attached with his family. At the same time, the fiery sign can make him aggressive. On a negative note, the person loves to argue a lot. While he is fair with everyone in his mind, he does not believe others to be very fair. He follows rules just for the sake of it and can be dogmatic. On health front, Sagittarians are prone to getting fat deposited in the body - obesity, cholesterol and liver problems can exist. Hip problems can also bother a Sagittarian.

Mars in Capricorn
Mars is exalted in Capricorn, with the best exaltation at 28 degrees within Capricorn. Mars’ simultaneous location in Kendra/angle houses (1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th) manifests as Ruchaka Yoga, which is one of the panch mahapurusha yoga. The person has extraordinary capabilities in area of bravery, energy and initiative. The person can work in a law enforcement organization. Technical and mechanical abilities are indicated in area of science, mechanics, automobile design, construction etc. The person also possesses an awe inspiring personality, which others are scared of. On the negative side, the person is quick to snap and capable of bouts of anger. The person can be quite confrontational towards others. Aggression defines the person, if this combination comes to act through Ruchaka yoga. On health front, this combination indicates accidents and fractures, especially knee and let area. Skin diseases like eczema could cause frequent rashes.

Mercury in Pisces
Mercury is debilitated in Pisces and the worst debilitation occurs at 15 degrees. Even otherwise, Pisces is a detrimental sign as the opposite Virgo is both exaltation as well as mooltrikona sign for Mercury. The person with this yoga in the chart goes through inner turmoil and indecision. The analytical abilities do not yield many results. On the other hand, the person is a jack of all trades and is capable of pursuing many different responsibilities. This also results in artistic abilities - singing and music. On the health front, this may lead to skin diseases, feet/bones weakness. The person may also have nervous diseases.

Jupiter in Capricorn
Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and the worst debilitation is at 5 degrees in Capricorn. A debilitated Jupiter in a kundli results in unhappiness and misery. The person is usually narrow-mindedness and lacks creativity. It signifies lack of children. If this is channeled appropriately, the combination can result in organized thinking. The person helps the masses and fights for the underdog. The person can be a good administrator who goes by the book and can ensure that rules are followed and important policies are enforced. On the health front, this combination results in spectrum of health problems as the basic vigour and vitality is missing.

Venus in Aries
Mars is neutral to Venus and hence Venus is neither strong nor weak when located in this sign. The person loves adventures and sports. They are spontaneous and make charming partners. Such people act in haste in matters of heart. They are infatuated easily and fall in and out of love very easily. On a negative side, they may not be averse to using their charm on others for their own benefits. On the health front, they need to be careful with diseases of sexual organs. They are also prone to acne and spots on the face.

Saturn in Taurus
Saturn is in a friendly sign in Taurus. This is a good placement for Saturn. The person with such a yoga in their horoscope has lot of will power and control on emotions and behavior. He is usually shy and reserved, but has a lot of self-confidence. He comes across as someone who minds his own business and is completely focused on the job. Facets like discipline, responsibility and work define the identity of such a person. On the negative front, such a person is usually a workaholic and has difficulty creating work/life balance. Hence, the tendency is to neglect the family and these results in broken relationships. Saturn in Taurus indicates unconventional approach towards romance and desire. On the health front, this combination can indicate problems with reproductive organs & urinary tract problems. Eye and ENT illnesses are indicated.

Rahu in Sagittarius
Rahu’s placement in Jupiter’s sign indicates unusual or extraordinary spiritual experiences. It also works on fate and luck in a bizarre fashion. The person can be a good lawyer/judge. Foreign trips can be many and there is a strong possibility of making a living in a foreign land. The person may be involved in finances/marketing within a spiritual setup. On the negative side, the person may be disconnected from his father. He may not even know his father. Relationship with authorities and superiors at work may be strained. The financial dealings may be dubious in nature. This may not be a good position for spirituality if there are other factors involved as well and suspicious dealings can occur on his watch. On the health front, the hip & thigh area and part of leg above the knees is affected. Inflammation of nerve endings can affect the person healthwise.

Ketu in Gemini
Ketu in Gemini denotes creativity and innovation. The person is good at communication and presenting their ideas in front of everyone. This also denotes an intuitive analytical mind that has ability to draw accurate inferences from huge sets of data. On the negative side, such a person can go deep into just analysis. There is too much confusion and cannot reach a conclusion. On the health side, problems and accidents in throat and neck area may bother for a long time. It may also indicate respiratory disorders.

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