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Rectification of Birth Time

By Kshitij Sharma, March 3, 2018

Why does this site not take up rectification of birth time?

Time of birth is a very important factor in constructing a birth chart. It needs to be accurate as error of few minutes in recording the birth time changes the divisional charts. Few questions each individual has for himself is about life, health, family life and vocation. These factors, while being determined from rashi must be seen from their respective divisional charts as well. For example, as per the classical texts in astrology and rightly corroborated by my experience, breaks in job are seen from 8th and 12th in the dashansha divisional chart, also noted as D10. This chart changes lagna in approximately +/- 5 minutes of birth. Hence, if we do not know the right planets and lords associated with 8th house in dashamsha, we will not be able to predict layoffs, resignations, company closures, etc.

The source of time of birth with method of recording is important. Hospital sources should be given most importance, if family members are not around to record it meticulously. Just approximations will not work.

In absence of the accurate time of birth, an astrologer needs following information in order to do corrections in the birth-time:

  • About yourself:
    • What is the best information about the time of birth that you have within the margin of error
    • Describe appearance, height/weight during childhood, high school.
  • Family and relationships
    • Married life & relationship with spouse. Any break in relationship, divorce, remarriage would be important. Dates of events will be important.
    • Family and siblings; relationship with brothers and sisters, father/mother, etc.
    • Children and their dates of birth
  • Health
    • Illnesses and health problems with dates. Any learning disability during childhood, state of digestive system, accidents, unfortunate loss of any limb or body part can provide information for rectification.
  • Education
    • Describe educational journey with status of the school, college, higher education
    • The subjects learnt in each of the stream, etc.
    • Any accolades and scholarship earned during schools and colleges should be mentioned.
  • Career & Wealth
    • Career, job etc. Ups and downs – change of jobs, promotions, layoffs
    • Gain and loss of money
    • Relationship with superiors,
    • Whether competitors are bothering you at the place of work

All these are important criteria for rectifying the chart. As you can see, it is not a small amount of work for any astrologer. It takes time, energy and patience to work through all the information. In my humble opinion, rectification and analysis are two different tasks and should not be combined. An astrologer cannot be tasked with rectification without appropriate fees.

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