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Arvind Kejriwal’s swearing-in Horoscope

By Kshitij Sharma, February 15, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal was sworn in as Chief Minister of Delhi state on 14th February 2015 at 12.15 PM in New Delhi (source: TV grabs, news articles and this link from Times of India). He became the Chief Minister for the second time after the state of Delhi gave his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) an unprecedented mandate of 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi assembly. The principal opposition party BJP was washed away in a tsunami of public opinion. Although BJP got a reasonable vote share compared to their previous performances, the washout meant that they got just 3 seats out of 70. It was a major setback for the government at the center, who was used to winning elections as a matter of clockwork. However, the magic didn’t work in Delhi.

The astrological reasons behind the ending of honeymoon period of Modi government were mentioned in this December 2014 post. It was obvious that the government at the center was taking a beating. An aam aadmi was indeed able to defeat the government. However, with this victory, some of the common men are now part of government themselves and they inherit the problems themselves. At this juncture, the honeymoon for Kejriwal’s government will be virtually non-existent as their every move will be dissected and further dissected by entire media and opposition parties. In this context, the horoscope for Arvind’s Kejriwal’s swearing in becomes important.

At this time, I would like to clarify that there are many horoscopes of Mr. Kejriwal are floating around in the net. It will be futile to provide any interpretation based on one of the horoscopes when there are no guarantees on the veracity of the information. Therefore, lets just go ahead with the horoscope interpretation of the swearing-in ceremony.

First lets take a look at the panchanga of the time of swearing in:

Tithi: Krishana Paksha, Dashmi, Phalguna month, Vikram Samvat 2071
Vaar: Saturday
Nakshatra: Jyeshtha
Yoga: Harshana
Karana: Vishti

There are problems with this panchanga. Jyeshtha nakshatra is a teekshana nakshatra. It is _not_ a recommended nakshatra for rajyabhisheka as it denotes “tantrik activities”. Similarly, Vishti Karana indicates death. Any auspicious activity started in this karana indicates little success.



This chart of swearing-in indicates Vrishchik Rashi and Vrishabha lagna. The Lagna lord is well placed in a friend’s sign in 10th house. Moon is neecha in Scorpio, but consider this – it is located in 7th house, Jupiter is in exaltation in Karka, which is owned by Moon and Venus is Kendra. This means that Moon gets a powerful neechabhanga raja-yoga in this chart. 9th and 10th house lord Saturn is in Kendra (7th house) causing another raja yoga. 4th house lord Sun is in 10th house. This is a good position for Sun as well as for the 4th house indications. 6th, 8th, 12th houses are empty and that is a good portend.

Saturn indicates poor, downtrodden and has a special affinity to Aam Aadmi Party. Saturn, pay special attention to this, is the rajayoga karaka in the rashi chart. Poetic yet true… Kejriwal got power due to this aam aadmi.

Navamsha chart shows few problems. Jupiter is exalted in rashi chart, but debilitated in Navamsha, which causes a problem. Mercury, Mars (navamsha lagna lord) and Sun are also debilitated in Navamsha.  Saturn, which is the rajayoga karaka in the rashi chart, becomes exalted.

The intent of the government is unmistakable from this chart. Taurus is a sign of expression, communication & outgoing personalities and its lord is positioned well in 10th house in a friendly sign. This means that the leader will force this attitude on the government and people of Delhi. The third house has Jupiter in it and its lord get the neechabhanga, which means that the party cadre will be with the the CM throughout. Longevity of the government is more or less guaranteed, because of 8th Lord in 3rd house in exaltation, although it is debilitated in Navamsha. But since the entire assembly is the same party, no astrologer with little bit of common sense would doubt it.

Rahu and Saturn aspect the lagna. Saturn’s effect has been explained, but Rahu’s effect will be interesting. Rahu indicates confusion and scams. It is affecting the lagna. AAP takes pride in the anti-corruption stance. Therefore, giving AAP benefit of doubt that the government will keep away from scams, the other effect of Rahu, i.e., confusion, chaos affecting the mind of the leader will be very apparent. Rahu is in 5th house, under the aspect of Mars, which is a natural malefic. In this context, it is a benefic though. A malefic influence on 5th house and with Rahu in it will aggravate plots and murderous attempts against the ruler. One just hopes that Mr. Kejriwal keeps himself safe. It is well known that he has shunned Z+ security, a decision that he must revisit.

The government will not have its way with policies. Success will not be easy. Although the AAP govt. may want it but partnership with center will come after lot of hard work and delays. The overall financial situation does not seem good. The government will have problems funding its promises.

The weaknesses in the chart will not allow Mr. Kejriwal to function to the way the aam aadmi of Delhi wants him to. Given the highest of expectations set for him and his government, there are bound to be disappointments.


  • Comment by ashish_delhi on February 28, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Sir, why are you not talking about neechbhanga of planets in navamsa ?
    Jupiter getting neechbhanga becoz Saturn is exalted.

    Sun sitting with exalted Saturn, sun getting aspect from mars, which is also lord of exaltation of sun placed in kendra. Also Venus is in kendra from moon magna, Venus is lord of debilitation of sun.

    Mars is getting aspected by jupiter, neech planet getting aspected by another neech planet, which is a neech jupiter with strong neechbhanga.
    Thats why mars is capable of sun’s neechbhanga.

    Mercury is neech, and lord of debilitation of mercury is also neech, but since jupiter is getting a strong neechbhanga, mercury also getting neechbhanga becoz of strong jupiter. (Chain neechbhanga rajyoga).

    All these neech planets will take AAP down ! But they will come back and will get success ultimately, due to neechbhanga rajyoga.

  • Comment by Kshitij Sharma on March 1, 2015 at 8:53 am

    Dear Ashish-ji,
    Personally I have not worked with Neechabhanga in a divisional chart. I have worked with Neechabhanga in rashi, in reference to exaltation/debilitation in Navamsha. If you can provide examples where such treatment is applicable in divisional charts, it will be most helpful to the readers of this site.

  • Comment by Astro on April 13, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Ajay Bhambi’s book : Neechbhang Rajyoga says, if two debilitated planets sit opposite to eachother in navamsa, then they both get cancellation of debility. In this navamsa, mars and jupiter are aspecting eachother.

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