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Moon Sign Based Monthly Horoscope March 2015

By Kshitij Sharma, February 16, 2015

The monthly horoscope for March 2015 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution. These dates are indicated.

Hindu New Year will be commencing on March 20, 2015 @ 2.55 PM in New Delhi, according to horoscope cast for this time. The yearly horoscope for India is discussed in this mundane astrology post as a part of 2015 yearly predictions.

The planetary positions for the month of March are as follows:

  1. Sun is in Aquarius at the beginning of the month. It moves to Capricorn on midnight of March 15th.
  2. Mars is in Pisces from the beginning of the month till 24th of March, when it moves to swakshetra Mesha rashi.
  3. Mercury is in Capricorn till 8th March. He moves to Aquarius on 9th, then rushes through Aquarius sign in less than 20 days at high speed and moves to Pisces on 28th March.
  4. Jupiter is in Cancer and is retrograde through the month.
  5. Venus is exalted in Pisces till March 12th. Then it moves to Aries on this date.
  6. Saturn is in Scorpio, indicating Sadhe sati for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius rashis. It is losing speed and it will finally be retrograde on 15th March.
  7. Rahu and Ketu are transiting through Virgo & Pisces respectively through the month.

Aries – Horoscope for Mesha Rashi for March 2015

In the first half of the month, on family front, you will be able to spend good time with family and friends. You will be able to make new friends and get introduced to new people. Auspicious events are indicated to happen at home. You will need to spend some good time with your spouse and keep your tone of voice in check. This is a Manglik house (12th house) transit for Mars and hence the advice. If you are single, this is a good time to make new acquaintances from opposite sex. This is an excellent time for romance, if you can keep your sarcastic comments in check. The second half of the month will be tougher than the first one.

1st half of the month can bring pointless travels. Otherwise, there is nothing major of significance in this month.

1st half of the month will bring freedom from sickness, but mental worries and sleep disorder can still bother you. If you can put time and energy into improving your health, it will work out in your favour. The second half of the month can bring in worries in form of eye infection, boils and blood pressure. Be careful with injuries.

The month is a conflicting month at work. While things are going on well on work front, you are still not satisfied with your performance against adversaries and competitors at work or in your business. Be on the lookout for more than usual obstacles at work. Focus on the superiors and it will ensure that your hard work and effort pays off.

This is a good month for students studying the branch of mathematics.

Be careful with real estate investments. Avoid any such investments if you can, otherwise you will have buyers pangs and will keep thinking “what-if” throughout.

Chandrashtama Days: 12th and 13th March

Taurus – Horoscope for Vrishabha Rashi for March 2015

The first half of the March month will be good, followed by not so good 2nd half.

There is wellbeing indicated through friends and coworkers. At home, it is a good time with the family – children and spouse both. Romance is in the air and you can make new acquaintances with opposite sex. While you have cordial relationships with friends and relatives, you will not get a lot of support from them in time of need. In the 2nd part of the month, Mars transits into the Manglik house for you, causing friction with spouse/mate. Love/romance could be brought in check by way of too much work, household chores and just too much pressure of earning money.

This is a good time to take a vacation/break and maintain communication with people from foreign lands. Do not expect any major work/accomplishment during such travels.

Health will be good in first half of the month. Some chronic disease is bothering you, but overall good physical health is maintained. 2nd half of the month will cause mental worries and make you restless.

At work, the 1st half will indicate success in business and enterprise. Benefits from those in government are indicated. By the time the month progresses, you may start to feel frustrated, but please don’t worry. My advice to one and all in this situation is that hard work will always pay off and do not lose focus. The second part of the month would be good to showcase your abilities and recent hard work and ask for the well-deserved promotion.

Chandrashtama Days: 14th and 15th March

Gemini – Horoscope for Mithuna Rashi for March 2015

March will progressively become better, even as major planetary transits are extremely supportive.

You should take care of your father during the first half and avoid any arguments/friction with him. Look after him for his health. Happiness in family is indicated. The supporting Saturn transit indicates that you will have wealth and comfort at home. During the 2nd part of the month, friends and coworkers will be supportive. There will be pleasure at home and birth of children is indicated. You can meet persons from opposite sex and attend parties, but then you will be bogged down by too much work. Develop a balance between work and life and you will do great.

On the travel front, it is a good time to take a break. Religious travel could be undertaken in the first half.

On the health front, while overall health is good, you will suffer from eye or ear infections. Accidents are indicated and you need to be careful on that front. Father’s health should be taken care of.

At the work front, Gemini borns needs to align with bosses/superiors at work. If you own a business, this month could indicate problems with government officials on ethical grounds. In both cases, there is an impediment in acquiring wealth. This situation will improve drastically in the second half when there will be job change for better and problems of previous transits will be solved. Team members and peers will be supportive. Please be careful with officers of law though and do not get into false accusations and unproductive activities.

Chandrashtama Days: 16th and 17th March

Cancer – Horoscope for Karka Rashi for March 2015

This is overall a tough month for Karka rashi persons, with the 2nd half being better than the first one.

At domestic front, there can be unnecessary arguments and discord between partners. Disagreement between friends, close relatives and neighbours is indicated. Burden of children and their education will continue to bother you. There is a need to communicate with spouse and family members well to avoid conflict and if you do, Rahu’s transit will indeed help you clear any misunderstandings with brothers. During the second part, you will feel better and things will be steady.

On the travel front, long distance travels will bring luck. Journeys will be tiresome. Planning is required to ensure that these are success. You may take your loved ones on these travels and combine pilgrimage with your normal work related agenda.

On the health front, you need to eat and drink well to not get fatigued. Illness due to eye inflammation, sunstroke, dehydration is indicated. Danger of heart diseases, blood pressure is also indicated.

At work, if you are in a business partnership, finance could be a worry. Loans will be difficult to come by. Things will be difficult at work, if you are in a job. Disagreements with father or father figure may arise. End of 1st week or in 2nd week, property dealing will be easier, but you must plan and act.

This is also a period when you will gain through continuous hard work.

Chandrashtama Days: 18th and 19th March

Leo – Horoscope for Simha Rashi for March 2015

This is an adverse month for Simha rashi borns with the first half better than the second month. The first half of the month is where you will some respite at family front and will have a good time with your spouse. The planet Mars is transiting through 8th house, which is a Manglik house and that indicates friction between partners. However, at this same time, this will aid in new research. Problems with neighbours and close relatives are also indicated. Disagreement with father is also indicated.

Shani’s 4th house transit is ardha-ashtama and it will cause unhappiness and household chores are something you absolutely have started to hate. Saturn is retrograde from 15th March and this feeling will intensify.

The period indicates frequent separation from family and unnecessary travel will wear you out. Any long distance travel will bring luck though.

You will need to be careful with your diet – stomach diseases, indigestion, dysentery could bother you. In the second part of the month, be careful with blood pressure and other such diseases.

In business, be careful with partners and signing on any documents with respect to legal issues. At work, do not commit if there is a chance of risk in delivery of your project. There is no chance for gambling and this may cause embarrassment. This is not a good time to take loans. Wasteful expenditure is also indicated. A conservative and safe way out in financial matters is what is required.

Chandrashtama Days: 20th and 21st March

Virgo – Horoscope for Kanya Rashi for March 2015

A good first half of the month will be followed by an average 2nd half. Mars causes vedha for Jupiter and hence some of the good effects of Jupiter’s transit will be muted down. Saturn’s ongoing transit is still auspicious, but retrograde Saturn will delay some of the good results of the transit.

The first half of the month will be good for you if you take care of your subordinates, servants well. This will provide mental satisfaction. Good time with kids as well as conception of a child is indicated if you are trying to have a baby.

On the relationship front, Mars transits through your 7th Manglik house and hence can cause unnecessary rift between partners. This can lead to an unhealthy atmosphere in the family. During the 2nd house, Mars transits through 8th house, which is again a Manglik house. This will be better transit than the first half but can still cause worries.

Please be careful during travel. Journeys can be tiring as well there is a possibility of accident and theft during these journeys.

On the health front, the first half will be good. You will need to be careful with eye infection and indigestion. The second half will bring stomach diseases and infection – dysentery, intestinal diseases etc. This is not a season for typhoid, but you should be a bit careful.

In the first half of the month, you should be careful with business rivals or peers at work. You will be able to prevail over them. Have a bit of a compromising mind to not cause too much aggression, as a balance is required. Throughout this month, be careful with legal issues in partnerships and business dealings.

Chandrashtama Days: 22nd and 23rd March

Libra – Horoscope for Tula Rashi for March 2015

March would be a generally favourable month for Tula rashi borns. The first part of the month would be better than the second part.

On the family front, you should spend a lot of time with your children. Those trying for children may be successful this month. This month also indicates marriage. This transit also indicates illness to spouse and you should be careful. The last leg of Sadhe sati is on for Libra borns. Spirituality will help mitigate the problems. Be careful with how you communicate with near and dear ones. Avoid being dominating in all situations.

Mars moves into a Manglik 7th house transit for you in the second part of the month when it moves through Aries. It is in its swakshetra, hence powerful and will make you aggressive and wee bit selfish.

There is no indication about travel in the first part of the month. The second part of the month can cause problems and distress while travel.

On the health front, mental stress and eating disorders will cause you problems. Avoid overeating. Be careful with eye infection throughout the month as you will be susceptible.

On the work/finance/business front, speculation will not work out. Relationship with superiors can become strained. They will become better as the month progresses. During this time, you will be able to gain wealth, dress yourself up well and be able to get court cases in your favour. Be careful with adversaries at work and in business. Expenditure will be high throughout the month and you will spend on yourself.

Chandrashtama Days: 24th and 25th March

Scorpio – Horoscope for Vrishchik Rashi for March 2015

It is an average March for Scorpio borns. The second part of the month is better than the first. During the first half, Jupiter is causing vedha to Venus, which is delaying happiness in domestic life. During the second half, Jupiter causes vedha to Mars, which will take away some of the good effects of Mars transit, manifesting as someone learned or superior or an elder in family creating obstacles. Sadhe sati is on for Scorpio borns and this is the second part of sadhe sati for them. This will require some serious effort in order to take care of the family.

During the first half, unnecessary arguments with partner/spouse could cause some friction. Spend the time with the partner in a hobby or sports activity where some of the aggression can be tempered. It will do loads of good to the relationship.

On the travel front, extensive and long distance travels continue due to ongoing Jupiter transit. During the travels, conveyance could be a problem. There could be some obstacles as well. Journeys would usually be alone as there would be separation from family.

On the health front, fever, body pain and other seasonal issues could crop up. Avoid junk food. However, the main problem that you need to be aware of and take care against is stress and anxiety. You are afraid to face a particular person or situation and this would be manifested in different ways.

You are being indecisive at work and there is state of confusion. This will show up at the place of work. Be careful with gambling and avoid undue speculation. Those in stock market and dealing with financial area should check and double check. This transit is good for planning, but not for acting on it. Real estate or property dealing would cause additional stress. The month of March brings in additional tax worries to those in India. This will affect the Scorpio borns more than others.

Chandrashtama Days: 1st March, 26th-28th March

Sagittarius – Horoscope for Dhanu Rashi for March 2015

Sagittarius borns can expect March 2015 to be a great in the first half followed by an average second half.

Family life will be comfortable. Relationship with parents and brothers can be difficult during the month. You will need to speak well with them and maintain diplomacy. Avoid being temperamental with close relations. First leg of Sadhe sati is on, which means that you are being withdrawn from relationships. In spite of that, you will find that the first part of the month bring in some relief in your domestic environment.

Short travels are indicated, which will be beneficial. They will be tedious, but will work in your favour if you plan ahead.

While first half will be good health-wise, food habits will need to be kept under control as transits of many planets are pointing in that direction. Nervousness and stress are cause of concern.

During the first half, work towards promoting yourself while dealing with supervisors. It is a good time to negotiate with partners in your business too. Peers will not be that helpful. Property disputes and real estate deals should be investigated correctly. Be careful in stock market and other investments, where aggression may not help much.

Students will have a good time during the second part of the month. They will be able to apply their knowledge and mind.

Chandrashtama Days: 29th, 30th March

Capricorn – Horoscope for Makara Rashi for March 2015

A great month or March is in offing for Makara rashi borns. Sun moves to cause vedha to Jupiter in 2nd half and can mute down the otherwise great transit, but that’s about it. Things will mostly be positive for Makara rashi.

You could get into disputes with people outside of immediate family. Be careful with new friends made during this period. If you aren’t being dominating in the relationships, things will be good. During the second half, the relationship with parents will be a little strained. Your personality will be blooming this month and you will be happy. This is a good period for children and conception, if you are trying for a child.

Short term travels are indicated, which will be good. In the second half, there could be some problems with authority during travel, but you will have necessary will power to deal with it.

Your physical strength will be good during first half of the month. However, you will need to be careful with ENT trouble. 2nd half of the month can be a problem if you aren’t eating right.

During the first two week, students can have problems concentrating and focusing on their studies. For professionals, success in work is indicated. Overall time is favourable for cash flow, honour.

Earnings are indicated through property. However, taking loans and recovery could be a problem on the flip side if you are trying to buy one. Other investments should not be made unless you know enough in that area. It is a good time to market yourself.

Keep a check on the company you keep as it may harm you in longer run.

Chandrashtama Days: 4th, 5th and 6th March

Aquarius – Horoscope for Kumbha Rashi during March 2015

It is an average month for Aquarius borns. During the second half, the favourable transit of Venus comes under Vedha from Mercury.

You are focused on yourself, neglecting your family. This will cause problems and can be solved only through a reasonable balancing act on your part. Otherwise, there is a chance that everyone will get caught up in emotions. You could get into property ownership issues. 2nd half of the month will make you confident and demanding.

Travels may not yield the expected results although you may want to take up study tours, conferences etc. Separation from family is indicated.

Health problems are indicated through general fatigue, dehydration and discomfort. You also need to be careful about heart problem and also be careful not to pick up bad habits and addictions. Some existing disease becomes worse.

On the work front, finance and wealth can worry you. Expenditure will skyrocket. Things have been going great at work in terms of career development, but things will start getting delayed from March 2nd week onwards. Purchase of land and real estate deals can also get stuck.

Students will be happy and will be able to concentrate on problem solving.

Chandrashtama Days: 7th and 8th March

Pisces – Horoscope for Meena Rashi during March 2015

It is an average month for Pisces borns, which moves from good to average as the month progresses.

During the first half, you will be able to coordinate well with immediate family, but not with friends and relatives. Many instances of friction are indicated because of your rude approach. Children will be source of pride. This is also a good time to spend with spouse and partner. You will be able to meet people from opposite sex if you are keenly waiting for someone special.

A tedious and boring foreign travel is indicated.

On the health front, eye infection and sleeping disorders are indicated. Pisces borns will be moody and sensitive during this month. Be careful not to resort to any arbitrary medicines for curing these problems.

Extraordinary expenses are indicated ruing the month. Government agencies could come against you for financial reasons.

At the place of work, you can be aggressive for right reasons. However, you may still face obstacles. Enemies who you did not anticipate can come and cause stress with legal problems.

This is a good time for studies for students and reskilling for professionals. The decisions for self-development will help in longer term.

Chandrashtama Days: 9th -11th March


  • Comment by Deepa Telagam on March 5, 2015 at 3:51 am

    I see the monthly horoscopes above are based on planetary positions over India. If one is living in USA for example, will this horoscope be still valid, how does the current living location affect the horoscope reading?

  • Comment by Kshitij Sharma on March 5, 2015 at 11:05 am

    Hello Deepa,
    While the calculations are done taking Bangalore’s coordinates, the differences between Bangalore and rest of the world is not much – matter of few hours. The monthly predictions based on Rashi are applicable everywhere.

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