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May 18th, 2007

Maraka Planets

Maraka planets are ones that get qualities of causing death by virtue of ownership of certain houses in the Vedic horoscope.

In Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra, Maharshi Parashar has commented that 3rd and 8th house in a horoscope are houses that denote length of life. The vyayasthanas (12th) from these houses are bestowed with the quality of expending away life. Overall longivity should still be seen from 3rd and 8th, but the cause and timing of death should seen from rulers of 2nd and 7th houses. Inimical planets in these houses should also be seen in the same light.

Why suddenly a discussion on Maraka planets? While recognizing and understanding that death is the finality, I am hail and hearty, thanks for asking. :-)

We always associate life and death with an organism, very interestingly this works for various aspects denoted by the horoscope as well. During the recession years of 2001-2003 in the US, my company went under and I too lost my job like lakhs of other engineers. I was running mahadasha/antardasha of rulers of 4th and 11th house – 7th and 2nd from 10th, the house that denotes profession and career.

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3 Responses to “Maraka Planets”

March 5th, 2009 at 10:28 pm

Dear Kshitij Sarma Ji,
My Birth Particulars are DOB: 21st April,1940. TOB:- 23:33:21 POB: Chittoor,AP. In my chart the Lagna is Sagg;- Mer and Ket in Pisces,- Sun,Jup,Sat in Aries,- Mars, Ven in Taurus,- Moon in Libra. Maraka Houses 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, Houses are Vacant. Merc-Jup-Sun is runnung from 12th,Feb 2009. As Merc is L of 7th and Sat is L of the 2nd and Jup is Badhakadhipati for Dhanur Lagna, Will the combined period of Mer-Sat-Jup from Mar23,2012 to Aug 1st,2012 is capable of giving Maraka to the Native?
Sreenivas Desabhatla

universal Says:
January 8th, 2008 at 3:13 pm

Sir can someone please guide me who to ask for help offline because, I am running thru tough times

bupinder Says:
July 29th, 2007 at 8:50 pm

dear sir,

i am a learner of astrology.its good you started a discussion on maraka planets.but to be very frankly saying i am starting it woth my own kundli. my detials are

date of birth 20-09-1981
time 5:15am
place batala(punjab)india.

in my chart,i have four planets in second house in virgo alongwith mercury.mercury is my atmakaraka also.but it is the owner of 11th house which is maraka,alongwith it we have saturn with it which is the owner of 6th and seventh house in my chart.nd one more planet jupiter is there which also can b maraka because it is the owner of 8th house, i said ‘can be maraka’ because it is also an owner of 5th 3rd house is also considered as maraka house,but in thirs house venus is present in its own rashi and also venus is the owner of 10th house which is do u think,saturn mercury and venus are maraka for me.

hope we can discuss on it?waiting for the reply,thx in advance.

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