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Vedic Astrology Software - Table of Contents

1. Help for generating Janma Kundali
This page should be referred to if you need help on birth chart generation application. You can get help on how to enter values in the input screen and where to look for information if you need to know the latitude, longitude and time zone of the place of birth.

2. Saving the Kundali as an image
Please refer to this age if you like to know how to save the janma kundali as an image on your computer's hard disk.

3. Divisional Charts
Please refer to this page for more information on divisional (amsha) charts and how to generate them using this chart generation application.

4. Horoscope Matching
Please refer to this page on horoscope compatibility for help on the chart matching application, its input screen, display of compatibility values in output screen and how to look for information on Manglik Dosha.

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