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Basics of Planetary Transits (Example Sun)

By Kshitij Sharma, July 13, 2014

I was not able to finish the post on weekly predictions due to various reasons. As it is a habit to come up with an article at the end of the week, I am sharing the notes on transits that I refer to most often. I am aware that these notes are not very useful to many of the readers who come to this site for quick information, but this may be seen as my attempt to make my notes public and help someone out there with the jyotish knowledge.

Yesterday was Guru Poornima and I would like to thank teachers like Shri Suresh Chandra Mishra, Shri Jagannath Bhasin and Shri L.R. Chawdhri who have taught me planetary transits through their books.

Planetary transits are called गोचर in Hindi/Sanskrit. Transits are a different method of predictions based on current planetary positions of planets in reference to the natal (at the birth) positions of planets in the birth horoscope. The positions of planets as calculated at the time of birth of a positions is called natal positions and is always fixed. At the current instant, the position of planets is something else and this position is used to make predictions. Weekly, monthly forecasts and predictions in various magazines, newspaper columns and websites that are generic in nature are based purely on transits. Since we take only the Moon sign (Janma Rashi) into account, all of these results are based on the position of natal moon and the current position of planets. This is very generic and often the disclaimer would be present in these magazines and websites that the “actual results will be modified due to current dasha/bhukti and other jyotish tools like akstakavarga”. Therefore, please take these forecasts with a pinch of salt, for these show a picture, but not a complete one. This is the reason why the predictions that are published in magazines, newspapers and websites seem right only to an extent. With only the janma rashi available, only so much can be done.

The muhurta information based on panchanga is a useful one and should be keenly followed.

To give you an example of how classical astrology books talk about these transits, let me share what is said about Sun. I will keep on sharing the notes on other planets as and when I ditigize them.

It is important to talk about Vedha position.  A Vedha position is the one that is capable of neutralizing the effect of a good transit. Any planet (other than Saturn, who is son of Sun) is capable of obstructing the good effect of Sun’s transit. Phala Deepika says “वेध विचार के बिना गोचर फल कहना स्वयं को उपहास का पात्र बनाना ही है.”

House Position Transit Result Vedha Position General Description of Results
1st Adverse Loss of wealth and fame, sickness, hard work yet obstacles, unnecessary travel and fatigue
2nd Adverse Loss of wealth and possessions, getting in trap for deceit , financial worries, stress and unhappiness and problems with law enforcement.
3rd Favourable 9th house Freedom from disease and improvement in health, promotion and honour at work, recognition from superiors, victory over enemies. Gain of property – land/house
4th Adverse Disease causing transit, unhappiness and obstacles.
5th Adverse Bad decision making, confusion and illusion. Obstacles in getting money. Illness and diseases.
6th Favourable 12th house Diseases are cured, i.e. good health all around. Sorrows go away, victory over enemies and mind is at ease
7th Adverse Stomach and abdominal diseases, unnecessary and unproductive travel. Loss of wealth
8th Adverse Displeasure from kings/rulers of the day. Chaos all around. diseases, etc.
9th Adverse Loss of enthusiasm, separation from family members
10th Favourable 4th house Success even in hard times, in all endeavours. Person is able to accomplish great tasks
11th Favourable 5th house Diseases are cured, i.e. good health all around. Gain of property, wealth and recognition among peers and friends.
12th Adverse Fever, misunderstanding between friends, Loss of wealth. Sorrows


This summarizes the effect of Sun on a janma rashi, without taking anything else into account. As I mentioned before, the exact results of transit will depend on not only other tools like Asktakavarga, that are very important in determining transit results. The overall results also will be modified according to dasha/bhukti of the person.

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