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Monthly Predictions September 2016

By Kshitij Sharma, August 21, 2016

The monthly horoscope for September 2016 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution. These dates are indicated. The dates for caution on financial matter are also indicated. People with a particular janma rashi should avoid dealing in financial matters on these dates, e.g. investment of property, stock market, giving and taking loans should be avoided.

The planetary positions for the month of September 2016 are as follows.


  • Sun is in Leo till 17th of September. It then moves to Virgo rashi.
  • Saturn will have 10th house aspect on Sun, while in Leo
  • Sun will come out of the Rahu/Ketu axis.
  • Jupiter will be conjunct Sun when in Virgo.
  • Mercury and Venus briefly affect Sun during the month.


  • Mars is in Scorpio through 1st part of the month of September.
  • The close conjunction of Saturn and Mars will be finally over when Mars moves to Sagittarius on 18th of September.
  • Rahu will have 5th house aspect on Mars during this transit.


  • Mercury moves through Virgo and then enters Leo in retrograde motion on September 10th
  • While in Virgo, Jupiter & Venus have aspect on Mercury.
  • While in Leo, Saturn has very close 10th house aspect on Mercury.
  • Rahu also aspects Mercury closely while in Leo.


  • Jupiter is moving through Virgo


  • Venus is in Virgo for first three weeks.
  • It moves to swakshetra sign of Libra on September 20th
  • Venus will be conjunct with Jupiter and Mercury while in Virgo.
  • Venus will be aspected by Ketu while in Libra.


  • Saturn continues to be in Scorpio.

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Aries – Mesha Janma Rashi

Sun transits through inauspicious 5th and then auspicious 6th house during the month. Saturn is going through the eighth house transit – Ashtama Shani that has been causing a problem of support from others. Mars is transiting through the manglik 8th house transit and then will move to inauspicious 9th house. Jupiter’s transit through 6th house is difficult. Rahu is now going through a 5th house transit now. Ketu is going through a favourable 11th house transit, but will keep having vedha of Sun and Mercury through the month. Venus will also go through unfavourable 6th & 7th houses. Mercury is transiting through adverse 6th and then 5th house.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Manglik transits indicate problems with spouse and in-laws both, but that should get over by the middle of the month. Cooperation with family members is required. There can be some problems with father. Excess of indulgence in anything should be avoided. Too much of adventurism, partying, sweet tooth can cause problems, especially if you neglect your spouse. In the 2nd part of the month, mental satisfaction can be derived by serving others.

Travel: Travel will continue to be tough on you. Good amount of planning is required.

Health: 1st half of the month can indicate problems to children and spouse/partner. In the 2nd half of the month, health will in general be good, boosted due to good immunity. Be careful with hip related injuries and problems.

Finance, Business & Job: At the place of business, 2nd half of the month will be better than 1st. Even otherwise, there can be differences of opinion with teachers, mentors, superiors. Intellect will be dull and you may not be able to think ahead. Gains of money are indicated nonetheless. You can also approach others for settlement of disputes and you will get a positive response. This is true, especially for legal issues.

Chandrashtama days: 8-Sep, 9-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 17-Sep, 18-Sep, 21-Sep, 22-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Taurus – Vrishabha Janma Rashi

This will be an average month for Taurus rashi borns. Sun goes through unfavourable 4th and 5th house transits. Jupiter moves to 5th house transit but has Sun’s and Mercury’s vedha. Saturn’s adhayia shani seventh house transit indicates problem in married life and relationships. Mars is going through manglik 7th and then another manglik 8th house transit. Lagna lord Venus is going through 5th and then 6th house transit. Support of both Jupiter and Mercury means that Venus can be considered getting neechabhanga while in Virgo. Mercury moves to 5th and then 4th house in transit while being retrograde. Rahu and Ketu are now moving through the 4th and 10th house in the janma rashi chart.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Home environment, including extended family, siblings, in-laws will have/cause problems to you due to the manglik transit. The family name will come under disrespect as well. Deep thoughts and research will help and the trick to being happy would be to be aware of the problems that you can potentially cause to the environment around you. Children will do well, but you need to give them space and your love. Overall, it can still be a good time at home if you take certain precautions with your behaviour with others.

Travel: There are some indications of tiring travel in the 1st half. There are no major indications about travel in 2nd half.

Health: There will be some discomfort with health this month. You will be susceptible to eye problems, stomach diseases, acidity etc. Control your diet and ensure that you are not eating too much pitta food.

Finance, Business & Job: Stress wrt. finances is indicated. Speculations and gambles will not work out. Hence, unless you are very sure about investments, do not put money there. This is also not a good time for loans. At the place of work, stay below the radar and do not attract too much attention. Dominating nature with friends and colleagues will not work too well, although the chances of you getting a strong reaction are still low. Unexpected gains from government bodies are indicated.

This is a good period for students and teachers alike, especially in the 2nd half. Praise will come your way.

Chandrashtama days: 10-Sep, 11-Sep, 12-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 19-Sep, 20-Sep, 23-Sep, 24-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Gemini – Mithuna Janma Rashi

September will be an average month for the Gemini borns in 2nd part. Sun will be going through a favourable 3rd house transit followed by 4th house transit. Jupiter through 4th house. Mars’ favourable 6th house transit will come to an end and it will move to manglik 7th house. Saturn’s transit continues to be favourable. Mercury is going through 4th house transit with a vedha of Sun and then moves to 3rd house. 4th and 5th house transits of Venus are both good. Rahu’s transit is favourable.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Overall comfortable environment in the family is indicated in 1st half of the month. Those looking to get married or looking for an alliance will be successful. There will be problems at domestic front in the 2nd half. Arguments and totally avoidable conflicts are indicated. This is a good time to spend with friends and organize parties, but do not neglect close family.

Travel: Both short and long travels are indicated throughout the month. There will be obstacles in long distance travel during the 2nd part of the month. The travels by themselves should be good and beneficial.

Health: Good health is indicated in 1st half. 2nd half will bring indigestion, fever and headaches.

Finance, Business & Job: In the first half of the month, you should be able to take care of communication with the any audience. 2nd half of the month indicates stress, especially if you are dealing in real estate and property. Debt and loans will be difficult in 1st half and legal issues & disputes can cause problems in 2nd half. Do not take a lot of responsibility on your plate during this transit as execution will be difficult and it can result in loss of reputation if you are not able to fulfill your responsibilities. This is a good period for students and whoever trying to learn something new. New skills can be learnt easily.

Chandrashtama days: 13-Sep, 14-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 21-Sep, 22-Sep, 25-Sep, 26-Sep, 27-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Cancer – Karka Jamna Rashi

September 2016 will be a good month for Cancer borns with 2nd half being more favourable as 1st half. Sun is going through unfavourable 2nd house and then 3rd favourable transit. Mars moves through 5th house and then to favourable 6th house. Venus would  be in the 3rd and 4th house favourable transits. Mercury is going through your 3rd house and then 2nd in transit, but with Saturn’s vedha. Saturn is also moving through 5th house. Rahu/Ketu axis is going through 2nd and 8th houses. Jupiter is going through beneficial 2nd house transit.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Friends and family can get into conflict, if you are too hot headed. 2nd half of the month is better that way. Those looking to get hitched will have transits in their favour during the 2nd half. You will have good relationship with parents and elders. Gather their blessings as much as you can. Birth and conception of children is also indicated. Education of children continues to be a problem where you have to spend too much time taking care of them.

Travel: Travels are indicated through the month. Short travels will be beneficial for business.

Health: Health will be better in 2nd half of the month. Through the month, you will be susceptible to mood swings. Accidents can occur and hence be careful with riding bike or running.

Finance, Business & Job: Do not make any rash decisions, especially if you are losing your temper. That’s why you need to be careful with gambling and speculation as you may not think through the consequences. Plan well in order to not lose money. This is a good time for negotiations though, if you can postpone decision making. Gain of wealth is indicated. You will be able to tackle the competition both at the place of work as well as in business.

Self promotion is required and will be helpful. Do a lot of marketing about yourself using powers of written and spoken communication.

Chandrashtama days: 15-Sep, 16-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters:1-Sep, 2-Sep, 23-Sep, 24-Sep, 28-Sep, 29-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Leo – Simha Janma Rashi

September will be an average month for Leo rashi borns. Jupiter’s favourable 2nd house transit is in progress. Sun is going through 1st and 2nd houses in transit. Mars is undergoing adverse 4th house manglik transit but will move to 5th house during 2nd half. Venus is moving through 2nd and 3rd houses, but with Mercury’s vedha in 2nd half. Mercury moves through auspicious 2nd and then 1st house. Saturn’s ardha-ashtama is an unfavourable transit, which is further tougher on you at emotional level, but then it will separate from Mars and will bring down the emotional problems. Rahu/Ketu are in 1/7 axis, which indicates stressful situations.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Disputes are indicated, but only because others will perceive you as selfish. Enemies will cause problem. You can have romantic time with your partner, but at the same time, you can be very aggressive. This is true especially for women. Avoid using too much logic and have a fun time with friends. Expansion of family is indicated during this auspicious Jupiter transit. Meeting new people is indicated and you can make good new friends and business partners.

Travel: There are no major indications about travel during the month.

Health: There are only general health discomfort indicators for Leo borns. Ailments in chest area should not be ignored though. Use meditation to bring down the stress levels.

Finance, Business & Job: There is opposition at place of work. In the 2nd half, avoid gambling. Stock market and investments cannot be tamed if you are not disciplined if you are venturing into unknown areas. There are also chances of theft. Take a safe way out as far as finances are concerned. In the 2nd half of the month, confusion will reign. Students will not be able to concentrate.

Gain of wealth is indicated. Respect from friends will also come. Expenses will be high due to purchase of luxury items.

Chandrashtama days: 17-Sep, 18-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 3-Sep, 4-Sep
25-Sep, 26-Sep, 27-Sep, 30-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Virgo – Kanya Janma Rashi

September is average month for Virgo rashi borns as there are many obstacles in form of vedha during the transits. Virgo rashi borns are supported by good transit of Saturn through 3th house, however under the vedha of Sun during the 1st part of the month and Mercury during 2nd part. Mars has a favourable 3rd house transit with Sun’s vedha in 1st half and then moves to Manglik 4th house transit. Jupiter is going through adverse 1st house transit. Sun’s transit houses will be inauspicious 12th house followed by inauspicious 1st. Rashi lord Mercury will be in 1st and then 12th house. Venus will go through favourable 1st and 2nd house transits. Rahu/Ketu axis is going through 12/6 transit and Ketu’s 6th house transit is auspicious.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: 1st half indicates auspicious events at home, but with obstacles. In the 2nd half, there will be problems with close family, parents and social network. You can become very dominating in social environments and can put put people off. You can be very self centered and people will perceive you to be selfish. These transits may make you take arbitrary decisions. Do not keep secrets from your spouse otherwise it may lead to misunderstanding.

Travel: 1st half of the month is better for travel compared to 2nd half.

Health: Health will be better in 1st half. 2nd half may cause problems in chest area. Be careful with chest pains. Eat properly and avoid fatty and spicy food.

Finance, Business & Job: Competition will cause obstacles at place of work. They may create situations of friction with superiors too, if you are in job. In business, a secret competitor’s acts can bring focus of government machinery on your business. Be careful. Problems with real estate, vehicles are indicated.

Students will have good time, if only they can maintain focus and do not jump from one subject to another many times. Go with your gut feel and do not over analyze any problem. By the way, this advice, although meant for students does apply to one and all.

Expenditure will be very high and it will be done on purchasing items of luxury. Your worth will rise in terms of material possession.

Chandrashtama days: 19-Sep, 20-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 1-Sep, 2-Sep, 5-Sep, 6-Sep
7-Sep, 28-Sep, 29-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Libra – Tula Janma Rashi

Sun is going through one auspicious transits through 11th house and later inauspicious transit through 12th house. Saturn is in Scorpio and this means that the last leg of Sadhe sati is going on for Libra rashi borns. Jupiter is going through an inauspicious 12th house. Much pondering, thinking and reflection will be required in this one year. Rashi lord Venus is going through 12th and then 1st house transits. Mercury is going through 12th and then 11th house transit in retrogression. Mars is going through 2nd house manglik transit, but will move to auspicious 3rd house transit. Rahu is going through a favourable 11th house transit, while Ketu through an adverse 5th house transit. All in all, an average month, as Sun will cause vedha to both Mars and Mercury in 2nd half.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: While there will be improvement in personality and scope of meeting new friends, there will be obstacles and it will not be very smooth. Bad decisions can be made that will give negative results later. Do not be very dominating with friends and social network. This month will be better to spend with family rather than with friends.

Travel: Foreign visits are indicated. Short term visits will be good.

Health: Generally speaking, the 1st half of the month will bring good health. Do not pick up any vices. 2nd half of the month will bother you with lack of sleep. Physical strength will increase, but at the same time there are chances of injury.

Finance, Business & Job: There will be conflicting effects in display during the month. While good effects will not be directly visible, they will neutralize the bad aspects. Expenditure will be neutralized with growth in income in both halves. Sale of property is indicated and you will profit from it. At the same time, you may have to resort to some illegal means or corruption to get your work done through the system. Speculation and gambling will not work out well.

2nd half of the month will be good for students and will expand their literary fields.

Chandrashtama days: 21-Sep, 22-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 3-Sep, 4-Sep, 8-Sep, 9-Sep, 30-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Scorpio – Vrishchika Jamna Rashi

Saturn’s transit through your janma rashi is the second of the three part Sadhe sati for you. Despite sadhe sati, this will be a good month. Jupiter’s transit is the most favourable one, through 11th house. Rashi lord Mars is going through 1st house transit and then moves to 2nd house manglik transit. Mercury is going through favourable 11th and then 10th house in retrogression. Venus is going through favourable 11th and later 12th house transits. Sun will move through favourable 10th & 11th houses house transit. Fortunately for you, there are no vedhas/obstacles to worry about this month.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment:  In the 2nd half, gains through family, social network, elder brother is indicated. You will get help from other people when asked for. New friends can be made and those looking for alliances will be able to find one. Romantic relations and association with opposite sex is also indicated. Do not inflict any sarcastic remark on people and ensure that you keep your comments in check. Your approach should not be rash towards others.

Travel: There are no major indications about travel in the month.

Health:Overall health will be good. You will be susceptible to injury in head/face area.

Finance, Business & Job: Do not get into property dispute with your family, especially in 2nd half of the month. Job change can occur. Land issues can cause stress. Rather, look at stock market as alternate area of investment. High officials at work and government will ensure that you gain recognition. It will be a good time to discuss promotions with them and talk to them about new avenues of growth. This is also a good period for launching new projects.
Chandrashtama days: 23-Sep, 24-Sep
Days of caution on financial matters: 5-Sep, 6-Sep, 7-Sep, 10-Sep, 11-Sep, 12-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Sagittarius – Dhanu Janma Rashi

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio indicates that Sagittarians are going through the first leg of Sadhe sati. The Jupiter 10th house transit is adverse. Sun going through 9th unfavourable and then 10th favourable transits. Mars is going through 12th house manglik transit and then 1st house transit.  Mercury will be moving through 10th house favourable and then 9th unfavourable transit. Venus moves through 10th house unfavourable transit and then 11th house favourable transit. Rahu/Ketu transit is now operating  from 9/3 axis. Ketu’s favourable transit will have Saturn’s vedha throughout, which will bring down the quality of the results provided by the transit. Overall tough month for Dhanu rashi borns, but do not worry, things will turn out to be better soon.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Explanation and communication is important between partners. Needless arguments and dominating tendencies should be nipped in bud. You will get into conflicts with in-laws too. Friends, co-workers will start to support you during 2nd half. 1st half of the month will be good for meeting new friends and dating. 2nd half of the month is good for throwing parties and taking it a little easy.

Travel: Religious travel will be good. Travel around without any expectations.

Health: 1st half of the month will cause stress and sleep disorders. While overall health will improve as the month progresses, you will still be moody and quite sensitive to remarks made by others.

Finance, Business & Job: This is becoming a better time to develop your strategies for advancement in career. Look at overall big picture and do not be parochial in your approach. Hard work will start paying off in the 2nd half of the month even though you are not getting credit for your work in the 1st half. Promotion/honour is in offing. Social status will improve. Do not delay in making use of the opportunities.

Legal issues in various areas will bother you. Be careful with others bringing disrepute to your name.

Expenditure will be very high on purchase of items of luxury. Do not take loans to fund this expenditure, otherwise debts will pile up and it will bring disrepute.

Chandrashtama days: 25-Sep, 26-Sep, 27-Sep
Days of caution on financial matters: 8-Sep, 9-Sep, 13-Sep, 14-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Capricorn – Makara Janma Rashi

Saturn’s 11th house transit continues to be good. Jupiter will now be transiting through your 9th house and is an auspicious transit, but there is vedha of Venus in 2nd half. Sun’s transit through 8th and 9th house are both adverse. Mars is transiting an auspicious 11th house, but will move to manglik 12th house during the month. Venus is transiting through favourable 9th but with vedha of Mars and then moves to and 10th. Mercury is transiting through 8th and 9th houses. Rahu/Ketu axis operates through 8/2 houses.

Overall a month with potential and promise, but will not give results due to vedhas.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: Domestic happiness can be marred due to strife. Do not get into problems with your partner especially starting 2nd half of the month. Think and reflect. Father’s health should be on top of your mind, while relations with him will be good. If these are taken care of, other transits indicate that happiness in family will improve and parents will be supportive.

Travel: Good time to travel for religious reasons. Wandering is indicated.

Health: You are stressed out and hence feeling the heat. Mental worries will keep sleep away. Physical strength will increase. Be careful with diet as spicy diet can wreck havoc on entire digestive system. Spinal area should be kept safe.

Finance, Business & Job: There are alignment issues with bosses and business partners. While first half of the month is good, competitors will start creating trouble in 2nd half of the month. Financial dealings and property transaction are best done with help of spouse/friends so that they are watching your back. If done properly, this can give very positive results.

At the place of work, you are not likely to get credit for what you have done.

This is a good perior for students and teachers alike. All scholars will benefit.

Chandrashtama days: 1-Sep, 2-Sep, 28-Sep, 29-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 10-Sep, 11-Sep, 12-Sep, 15-Sep, 16-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Aquarius – Kumbha Janma Rashi

Sun is going through 7th and 8th house transits. Jupiter is going through inauspicious 8th house transit. Rahu/Ketu transit is going through the 1/7 axis. Saturn’s transit is adverse too in the 10th house. Mercury goes through 8th and then 7th house transit. Mars goes through 10th house transit during the month and them moves to 11th house. Venus will go through 8th and 9th favourable transits.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: In the month, there are chances of unnecessary arguments and you not paying any attention to the need of your partner. You will be dominating and hot headed. Even when it comes to spending good time with the partner, you will want to be adventurous. Keep the communication flowing in order to avoid conflict. Throw parties for your friends to blow off little steam.
Travel: Avoid travel if you can. They will be tiring and will not yield enough results.

Health: Diseases of abdomen are indicated. Anxiety may add to heart problems or ulcers in mouth and stomach.

Finance, Business & Job: Displeasure from higher authorities both in business and place of work is indicated. There are obstacles for acquisition of wealth. You are being very ambitious at place of work. Hold on for 2nd half to make any moves. Courage and aggression is required and should be employed judiciously. Do not hold yourself back. Lot of coordination, negotiations will be required and be ready for the same.

Inheritance is indicated, but so are problems with immovable property.

This is a good time for students and their knowledge will increase.

Chandrashtama days: 3-Sep, 4-Sep, 30-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 13-Sep, 14-Sep, 17-Sep, 18-Sep

Horoscope for September 2016 for Moon sign Pisces – Meena Janma Rashi

The month will an average month for Meena rashi borns. Saturn is going through 9th house transit. Jupiter’s 7th house transit is good. Sun’s 6th house transit is favourable, but 7th house transit is not. Mars will be move from 9th house transit in swakshetra Scorpio to 10th house transit. Venus is going through 7th and 8th house transits. Mercury moves through unfavourable 7th house transit, followed by favourable 6th house, but has vedha of Saturn. Rahu’s 6th house transit is good for money, but Ketu’s 12th house transit is not. However, Rahu’s transit has Saturn’s and Mars’ vedha for long term and hence auspicious effects are not directly visible.

Home, Family and Domestic Environment: 2nd half of the month indicates conflict within the household and anger on your part. Neighbours can also cause problems. Need to work with one and all and keep the communication channels going. You will get good food and will be able to buy good clothes for yourself. You are indeed hungry for recognition, but you should not be selfish and should think about others too.

Travel: No major indication of travel are there during the month.

Health: Indigestion and heartburn will cause stress in 2nd half of the month. Get yourself checked up as part of regular health check.

Finance, Business & Job: Gains from superiors and victory from competitors is indicated in 1st half. Do not get full of yourself and start treating your partners like competitors otherwise you will run into a wall in 2nd half and there will be failures. Projects can be successfully completed in 2nd half of the month. These transits will also start stimulating your ambition to get ahead of others. Be careful for next couple of months and do not do anything rash.

Chandrashtama days: 5-Sep, 6-Sep, 7-Sep

Days of caution on financial matters: 15-Sep, 16-Sep, 19-Sep, 20-Sep

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