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Urjit Patel, RBI Governor

By Kshitij Sharma, August 21, 2016

It is always interesting to see how some of the bureaucrats who are born in last week of October when Sun is in debilitation/neecha. I picked up this from Times of India who mentioned that Urjit Patel who will be 53 years old on 28th October is picked up as RBI governor. I am therefore working with a date of birth of October 28th, 1953. He was born in Kenya and later moved to India and has since taken Indian citizenship. His time of birth is unknown and hence the current article is based on his Moon sign.

Looking at his horoscope, Sun has just crossed the deepest debilitation point and is at 10°53′. It is still not out of woods. However, the rest of the horoscope is excellent when looked at from Moon sign. Moon is in Aquarius, which makes him a humble person. It is in Capricorn in navamsha, which indicates a worker nature. He is perceptive, but will also please and yield a lot of ground to his superiors. He will make a good 2nd in command to the finance ministry. I do not believe him to be a separate power center to the ministry. The days of a flamboyant RBI governor making media headlines are over.

There are planets in good placement: Rahu is in Gemini, considered by many to be the exaltation sign for Rahu. Rahu in 5th in such exaltation imparts knowledge about speculation. Rahu’s aspect on 5th and 9th house also indicates foreign education. Mars is in own house in 10th. This indicates ruchaka yoga and makes him a survivor. This also indicates that he does get good favours from government and his superior.

The most interesting is the way Saturn influences this entire horoscope. Sitting in 12th in strength, first and foremost, it indicates success in foreign land. Secondly, it affects Jupiter. A retrograde Jupiter is in own house in Pisces in 2nd house. This gives a lot of sense of finance and money. This combination is also known to make a person boast about family money, but here this Jupiter is aspected by Saturn from 12th house. At 23°09′ from Capricorn, this Saturn almost as 100% aspect on Jupiter, which is at 18°33′. The retrogression also tones down the bombastic approach Jupiter might have taken.

Saturn & Venus then bring Sun out of neecha by causing neechabhanga raja yoga. Saturn also aspects its exaltation sign of Libra sitting in 9th house and improves the fortunes. Venus itself in 9th house in its own sign helps with fortune and of course higher education. He has a doctorate in Economics from Yale and an M Phil from Oxford. Sun is also in shubha kartari yoga between Mercury & Venus.

He has been running Mercury dasha from 2008 onwards. A Budhaditya yoga provides the stamp of the trader and economist Mercury on the whole chart, which is 5th lord in 9th house. Mercury is more like 8th lord in 9th also. This cause difficulty with gurus and father figures, but we are talking about employer here. 8th lordship of Mercury does cause obstacles in fortune, but it is balanced by other factors like Venus and Saturn.

Mercury/Mars from July 2016 to July 2017 with operational ruchaka yoga will give him the needed favours from the government, but a 2/12 placement of dasha and antardasha lords will cause stress. A RBI governor getting stressed out means that the economy will be in doldrums :-). The next dasha will be Mercury/Rahu from July 2017 to the end of his term. Rahu is in Mercury’s sign and in Jupiter’s nakshatra. His employers will be happy with his performance.

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