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Monthly Horoscope December 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, November 19, 2014

The monthly horoscope for December 2014 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. A date based on Moon’s transit over 2nd, 8th and 12th house that indicates anishta indicated through the month. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution.

Saturn is well within Scorpio in the month of December 2014, having transited into the sign in 1st week of November. It is now out of combustion and will start affecting all the signs as per appropriate transit houses with full force.

The planetary positions for the month of December are as follows:

  1. Sun is in Scorpio at the beginning of the month. It moves to Sagittarius on midnight of December 16th 2014.
  2. Mars is exalted in Capricorn throughout the month.
  3. Mercury is located in Scorpio at the beginning of the month and transits to Sagittarius on December 14th.
  4. Venus is towards the end degrees of Scorpio on 1st of December. It moves to Sagittarius on 6th December and further moves out of Sagittarius on Dec 30th 2014. For all practical purposes, the effect of Venus will be that of Sagittarius transit.
  5. Saturn is in Scorpio, combust at the beginning of the month. It moves out of combustion around 5th December.
  6. Jupiter moves forward towards the end of cancer. It reaches to about 1.5˚ from the rashi sandhi, becomes stationary for a while on December 9th and then becomes retrograde. It does not move out of Cancer.
  7. Rahu and Ketu remain in Virgo & Pisces respectively through the month.

There is an interesting combination happening at the beginning of the month. Consider an example horoscope. The horoscope of a child born at this stage will have a very strong Jupiterean influence in his/her life. Mars houses 4 planets in its sign Scorpio. Mars is exalted and comes under aspect from an exalted Jupiter. Jupiter can also be seen aspecting the 4 planets in Scorpio. Moon & Ketu are housed in Pisces, which is owned by Jupiter. Rahu is the only planet who is outside of the influence and is in turn aspecting Mars. I am not delineating results for each lagna, but for someone born in Karka lagna at this time, the results would be good due to a fortunate horoscope. Greatness is not indicated as Jupiter is very close to Rashi sandhi, but is still its own navamsha. Saturn is combust as well. But this still would be a fortunate horoscope.

Aries (Mesha Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

The first part of the month would be marked by happiness in family. Those looking for love relationships will find it a favourable time to meet someone new. This part of the month would also indicate birth of children and happiness from them. The trick part is that you need to practice to focus on the need of others. A relationship in this period should be driven by the other person. Otherwise, this will catch up with you during the second week.

Saturn’s transit indicates ashtama shani for you. Overall, you are feeling a lack of support from others and unable to find a rational explanation for this. This is a long term tendency/trend due to Saturn’s transit through Scorpio. You should lower expectations from others towards yourself and then reread the above paragraph.

There will be short journeys –where you will get an opportunity to learn new things. These would be laborious. Plan ahead.

You would need to put good effort towards your health and get into a good exercise/diet routine. The tendency is to get lethargic. Will power and discipline will ensure that Shani maharaj showers His blessings on you. Second half of the month will bring anxiety related disorders – lack of mental peace, blood pressure, etc.. You may suffer from stomach disorders, indigestion, especially after you have traveled away from home.

There is a continuous anxiety about your work and place of work. You are being ambitious, but there are challengers at work who can derail your plans. Second half of the month can bring disapproval, unhappiness and a possible lack of confidence from the system. Authorities can obstruct wealth creation.

Money and new ideas can come from unexpected sources. Be on the lookout for the same. Investment in real estate will be rewarding.

Chandrashtama Period: 20th & 21st December

Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

Ups and downs are seen in relationships. The month will begin with good coordination between spouses and partners, which may turn into disagreements after a week. The second part of the month will also have similar astrological indicators. Day to day chores will be a burden and will tire you out. Overall, if you can bring yourself together with your partner, it will be a good month.

For those who are not married and are looking forward to it, this is a good month to get married.

Take good care of your father as he may need help during this period.

Travels are indicated throughout the month due to multiple planets trying to take you away from home. Long distance travel will bring you luck.

Eating related disorders are indicated as per December 2014 horoscope. Diseases of intestines, dysentery can occur. You should be careful with eye trouble during second half. Keep your anger in check and do not let it become a medical condition. This is not a prescription as per the planetary positions in December, but meditation/yoga always helps.

There can be disagreement with father figure, authorities and partners during the month. Those in business should pay attention to how they deal with their partners. Increase in real estate – either through purchase of property or a notional value increase in the held land is seen during the month. There is lot of communication with coworkers & bosses at the place of work. The demands from them towards your time and responsibilities will be tremendous and you may find it difficult to cope with it.

Chandrashtama dates: 22nd and 23rd December

Gemini (Mithuna Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

This is a good month with favourable transits, which you can make good use of in your family & professional life. First half of the December 2014 as per the planetary positions would be better than the second.

This is a good month for romance and love. Feelings will be reciprocated equally. You will benefit from folks who are subordinates and are below in reporting chain to you. Taking good care of you will help you in return at the place of work. At home, you will have good food and other comforts of home. In the second half, it will be important to talk to your partner/spouse as there is a chance of misunderstanding followed by unnecessary quarrels. It will be important to explain yourself.

There is nothing of major significance for travel for Gemini borns as per December 2014 horoscope.

1st half of December 2014 will bring good health. 2nd half would bother you a little more with stomach problem and issues in abdomen area. Take care of your diet as astrological indications are that you aren’t eating well and not getting enough nutrients. This would result in fatigue and weakness.

At place of work and financially, this is a good period. Therefore overall results will need to be accordingly predicted. For Gemini borns, on an average, this is a better period than other rashis. According to December 2015 horoscope & planetary positions, the first two weeks would indicate successful completion of project with help from both top and subordinates. Following two weeks may be difficult as it will indicate loss of money and impediments. Therefore, if you are looking for success and quick results, wrap up your work by Dec 16th. Post 16th, new work can be taken up, but do not expect completion. It may get dragged to January 2015.

Chandrashtama dates: 24th & 25th December

Cancer (Karka Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

As per astrological indicators, the first half of December 2014 will be tough on Karka rashi individuals. All indicators point to the fact that you as a Karka rashi born need to spend time with their children and take care of their partner/spouse. If you are not married, then there will be a problem with opposite sex. Indiscretions are indicated. You will also have a tendency to become dominant over others, which should be proactively avoided. If these steps are followed judiciously, then the second half would be a good period.

Short journeys, foreign travels are indicated. There will be gains through the travels, but you could get into a bit of bother. Take steps to ensure that there is no theft of your belongings during such travel.

First half of the month indicates ill health to self and children. There will be lack of sleep & mental peace. Body injury due to an accident could occur. After 16th, you would regain vitality.

At work, peers and partners could turn into competitors. Settle disputes with them at the first chance. It is okay to postpone some of the important tasks/project to next month. This is not a time to gamble and speculate without having all the info. Money should be parked in safe instruments.

Chandrashtama dates: 26th & 27th Dec

Leo – Simha Rashi – December 2014 Horoscope

Leo borns can make this tough December into a great December through sheer hard work and right use of imagination. Awareness is important as some disagreements with spouse and family members are indicated and there will be a feeling that household chores are dragging you down. Second half of the December 2014 as per the horoscope may trouble you more than the first half.

Those not married will get an opportunity to meet someone special. Off days from work will turn into hectic social periods.

First half of the month will bring some long travels. This will be rough for you. These will be travels that you would take alone and separation from family is indicated.

Health problems through the month are indicated if you are not proactive. Brace yourself for routing infections, fever etc. Wife or mother could suffer due to mishaps.

Be careful not to run into debts/loans unless you are sure you cannot pay them back. Investment in real estate is indicated, but these transactions could cause mental stress due to financial problems. This is a good time for settling court cases.

This is also a good time for academics – both students and teachers alike. Students will enjoy increase in knowledge.

Chandrashtama dates: 1st and 2nd December, also 28th & 29th December

Virgo (Kanya Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

Astrological factors indicate that Dec 2014 is a great month for Kanya rashi persons. Overall transit of outer planets is favourable at the same time, which is very rare. This favourable transit will continue with full speed till July 2015. Make good use of the opportunities by working hard yourself.

In the month of December 2015, as per the astrological indicators, you are likely to get into fight with brother & sisters. It also indicates problems with children. However, this is a good romantic time with mate/spouse. You are likely to develop a hobby and/or engage in sports.

Travels will be short and fruitful. You will also be able to take journeys purely for pleasure and go on a well-deserved holiday.

Overall health will be good, but anxiety and health problem is shown, which will become worse during second half.

This is not a period to take a lot of chances and gamble. Speculation will not work in your favour. Otherwise, dealing with authority will be easy and rewarding. There is a chance of hike/raise at work too. Good time for students as they will be able to do well in their studies.

Chandrashtama dates: 3rd & 4th December, also 30th & 31st December

Libra (Tula Rashi) December 2014 Horoscope

It is an average to good December 2014 as per astrological indicators. Friends will be faithful and helpful during this while. You will also make new friends and acquaintances, but you need to be vigilant in dealing with these new connections. It is a little tough time in relationship with parents. You need to be accommodating and caring towards them and towards other relatives too. Avoid being dictating and controlling in every situation. The final part of Sadhe sati is on since November 2014. This is a tough period for those who speak before they think. It is the best period for spiritual advancement in life.

As per 2014 December horoscope, short travels are indicated in the first half and they will be advantageous for you. This is a period of change – traveling is indicated, as well as tendency to look out for newer and better jobs.

Health-wise, immunity is lower in the month. This indicates tendency to catch cough/cold, fever, stomach infections etc. This will be worse during second part of the month. Please take good care of your eyes as well.

There are obstacles at your office/business in form of competition. This could result in monetary loss. Astrological factors indicate that first half of the month is good time to lessen your debts and even get rid of them. Retrograde Jupiter can affect you in a negative way – you need to get out of the comfort zone and work a little harder than you are used to. Association with higher officials will be beneficial and must be made good use of. It will present itself as an opportunity.

Chandrashtama dates: 5th & 6th December

Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

This is a good month to get things done. The transit of planets as per 2014 December horoscope makes you forceful and confident. You are poised an assertive as your rashi lord Mars is in exaltation with a favourable transit. The flip side is that this assertion can be taken to extreme. Once you have struck a balance, it would be a good time with comforts of home, good food and good time with your partner.

Sadhe sati is on. This brings in added responsibility and higher expectations.

Short term travel could indicate new arear of learning – attending a conference or a training session.

Period of good health is indicated as per the transits. Scorpio rashi persons should join gym, yoga classes. Health checkups should also be taken up during this time.

This month indicates success at place of work. It is a good time for students as problem solving will come naturally to Vrishchik rashi persons. Couple of cautionary points – do not get into transactions with friends without doing proper research. There are chances of theft, which may also mean that someone can deceive you.

Chandrashtama dates: 7th, 8th and 9th December

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

An adverse December is indicated. Focus is on self and hence tendency to neglect other relationships is strong. Have peace with others and with yourself. This is the first month of Sadhe sati and you will start seeing the effects after Saturn is out of combustion and the effects will be little more malefic. You will feel reserved and withdrawn from relations.

Travels will bring separation from family. These may not be the most productive use of your time.

More than physical health, it is the anxiety and lack of concentration that will bother you more. Those who let go of themselves even pick up a bad habit like smoking during such transits.

Expenditure will be on a rise. Loss of money on risky investments is also indicated. It is important to stick to tried and tested methods of investments. Investment in gold may not help.

Chandrashtama dates: 10th & 11th December

Capricorn (Makar Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

As per the 2014 December horoscope, it is a good month ahead for Capricon rashi persons. The second part of the month would be a little hard on you, but overall good transits are indicated. A powerful Mars in exaltation through a first house transit makes you a little hot headed and rash. At the same time, it gives you confidence & ability to push your agenda through. The first half of the month indicates a good time at home with family and friends. It is a good time for romance with your mate. Those who are not married will get an opportunity to meet someone special.

A nice vacation or travel to religious place is indicated in December.

It would be a good period health wise and you will maintain good immunity from diseases. You need to be careful with accidents, insect bites etc. and in the second half of the month, need to be careful with eye infections. You may have tendency to be short-tempered and irritable.

First half is good for partnerships and working with your colleagues. Gain & accumulation of wealth is indicated. This is a good time to invest. As indicated earlier, the astrological factors point to you being aggressive, which will work in your favour. The second half of the month is not good for launching new projects as you may lose some royal backing or sponsorship towards your project. Expenses will also be high during the second half.

Chandrashtama dates: 12th, 13th & 14th December

Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) – December 2014 Horoscope

This is a good month to meet new people, make new friends and develop new relationship with opposite sex. This is also a time to research and reflect on your relationship and remove the weeds. If you had done anything wrong with folks earlier, now it will catch up with you. This is a difficult transit for existing family. The trick is not to isolate you from others, but be outgoing and develop relationships.

There is nothing of significance with respect to travel, but you may just decide to get up and go for a hike or excursion – wander around.

You need to get yourself a health check done to ensure that there aren’t any existing illnesses. Mental worries can cause restlessness.

Astrological factors indicate that this is not such good time at work where you will feel that you are not getting credit for your hard work. However, at the same time, the factors also indicate that you should sit together with your employer and clear all the air. Ask for the promotion and if you do not get it right away, ask for a path to it.

Chandrashtama dates: 15th & 16th December

Pisces (Meena Rashi) December 2014 Horoscope

It is a good time at work and within family. Children will do well and will bring in a sense of pride. There are chances of misunderstanding with spouse/partner, but at the same time these will be petty and air can be cleared immediately by sitting together and talking. Relationship with father will start get into focus for you. Second half of the month will bring in support from co-workers and friends. It would also be a time to make new acquaintances from opposite sex.

Long distance travel in first half of the month will bring in luck. However, a lot of travel that you are taking up in this period is likely meaningless and with some planning you may be able to cut down on it.

Take care of eye infections & ENT issues during the month. Exercise properly to avoid neck/back pain. You should take care of your father’s health and focus on that area.

At work, a person of repute will cause delays and opposition and will be an obstacle in your path of progress. You are likely in the spotlight at work and there are probing questions for you throughout. While you are thinking about the “big picture” and acting accordingly, however, someone is pulling you towards mundane tasks. Second half of the month could bring in a change in job/role. It will also drive up the expenditure.

It is a good time for students and learning.

You need to constantly keep checking if you are keeping good company. Short terms profits may have long term repercussions.

Chandrashtama dates: 17th, 18th & 19th December

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