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Monthly Predictions July 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, June 26, 2014

July month’s predictions are based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali applet on this page.

There are important long term transits starting now – Jupiter has moved to Cancer already as of a week back and Rahu/Ketu move to Virgo and Pisces respectively in the 2nd week of July. Saturn remains in the sign of Libra through the month. It is retrograde till July 20th. Sadhe-sati is on for Virgo, Libra and Scorpio rashis, with Saturn being in 2nd, 1st and 12th house respectively in the janma rashi chart. Transit effects of Jupiter in 2014 have already been published on the site. Effect of Rahu/Ketu transit will be published by the end of the week.

Mars on its approximately two month long transit will move from Virgo to Libra around middle of the month and it stays there till Sept 1st week.

For remedies, it is important to look at this page to understand the methods of pacifying the malefic planet. Please go through the details, especially if the remedy calls for donation of items like urad dal, iron etc.


On the home front, you should be cautious. If you are not careful and do not keep the communication going, you could get into conflict with immediate family, siblings and other relatives. You could feel that a relationship is becoming a burden for you. To avoid any misunderstanding, there should not be any delay in handling negative emotions. These problems will tend to go away during the second half of the month.

Short travels to foreign countries would be beneficial. Plan ahead for success and stick to the plan.

On the health front, it will generally be good. There will be worries and restlessness. Keep calm to take care of yourself. You should take care of spouse’s health during the later part of the month.

There are many changes happening on the job front. Newer opportunities will crop up. However, a good alignment with immediate boss and other superiors is requires to make use of these opportunities. During the second half of the month, when Rahu/Ketu move to Virgo and Pisces signs, i.e. 6th and 12th house in your rashi kundali, you may feel a little low on self confidence, energy. Live through the time of uncertainty as the times will very shortly change for better.  During this month, a lot of care has to be taken to ensure that real estate deals are clean and the paperwork is proper.

Remedy: Donate black whole urad dal and iron utensils. Worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu daily.


This is for the persons having their moon in Taurus sign in their horoscope. Take care when dealing with a relation outside of immediate family. They will look up to you for help. Your support to them is of utmost importance. Communicate well. On  the immediate family front, children could be a source of problem. The time spent with the spouse will be good. This will immediately show good effect/results in the second half of the month. Travel would be favourable.

You need to take care of your health proactively. Sign up for yoga, gym exercise and continue with it. Anxiety or restlessness could crop up.

As per your moon sign in the horoscope, gains made on investment already made could be frittered away if left unattended. Be careful with speculations in stock market and do not gamble. Control investment in the area where you have not done your own homework. General cash-flow will be erratic. Recovery of bad loans given to other people could be a problem. Those in job and service will be recognized for their hard work and duly acknowledged. Self promotion and self marketing along with the hard work will also be required.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu. Donate Masur dal and red cloth.


This is for the persons having their Moon in Gemini sign in their horoscope. There will be a general tendency to neglect one’s family to focus on self and your own needs. This is good because you get to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. However, do not take it too far as your family also needs you. Travels are likely to be taken in haste without taking one’s family in confidence. Try to avoid such decisions and be careful in thinking it through. If you take additional effort in taking care of your partner, it will pay off.  Relationship with parents could also suffer due to the same reason.

Be careful about health problems and do not neglect any chest problems for yourself as well as your mother.

Jupiter’s favourable transit through Cancer is helping all the Gemini rashi folks on income and job front. Enjoy this time. Sun and Mars have an unfavourable transit and it could show expenses. If not invested, the wealth could vanish. If you plan well, you could get a second source of income coming your way.

Remedy: Hanuman Chalisa will help a lot. Gayatri mantra will be important as well.


This is for the persons having their Moon in Cancer sign in their horoscope. Disagreements with spouse/partners could occur, but you should be able to take care of the situation and put things back on track. This is generally a good time to work with siblings, neighbours, other relations. Try to keep your cool.

There is a possibility of change of place, but think it through. For short term travels, you could get into trouble with law of the land in foreign countries. Keep your guard up.

This is generally a period of good health, but you could have stomach troubles to bother you.

This is an ongoing year of growth for you where you will have the necessary will power to succeed. You should keep your ambitions in check and under wraps at the place of work. Hard work will pay off well though. A lot of expenditure is expected in the short term and you need to be careful for next month and a half.

Remedy: Donate black whole urad dal and iron utensils. Worship Lord Ganesha and Vishnu daily.


This is for the persons having their Moon in Leo sign in their horoscope. This is a good time to spend with family and children. Take it easy with the family and give time to yourselves to reflect on all aspects of your life. Do not get into any disagreements with siblings on account of property. This is good time to clear misunderstandings, if effort is made from both sides. During the second half of the month, work towards the relationships. Do not be dominating in the relationship, listen to others’ point of view and you will get sufficient support from others

Transit of Jupiter through Cancer is difficult time for Leo rashi persons. It will affect on account of travel, where a separation from family and loved ones is shown.

On the health front, this month may show recurrence of some existing disease and it may become worse. There will be some mental anguish and restlessness.

On the job front, it is important that the Leo rashi folks keep their guard up and work smartly. With some roadblocks, hard work will pay off and you will get due recognition from the superiors. Finances could be a little tight and you may not get the increment or bonus that you were hoping for. Tighten your belt a little.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh and Vishnu. Donate chana dal.


You are going through sadhe-sati during this period, with Saturn being in 2nd house in your rashi kundali. You should be aware of how you are communicating with others and keep a check on tone, tenor and emotions. Stay focussed as thoughtless speech may cause strife in domestic life. The Rahu transit through your first house in the kundali will give you confidence, but also cause to create some air around yourself. Keeping a touch with reality and being grounded is important. Taking care of the family is doubly important. Jupiter transit will continue to help you on the domestic front and will create an overall positive influence. Be kind to others and do not get caught up in emotions.

Business transactions with foreigners will be fruitful, but at the same time, unplanned travel will not yield desired results.

Health will be good during the month. It is also important to keep emotions in check and do not cause unnecessary anxiety to oneself and to the family. One should not pick up any bad habits during this time and ensure that there is no recurrence of the same too.

Even though cash flow looks good, you will have a feeling that there is financial insecurity. Take time to organize finance as that will help a lot and bring in discipline. This will also help keep expenses in check.

Remedy: Respect your elders. Donate iron utensils. Chant Gayatri Mantra and worship Lord Shiva daily


You are going through sadhe-sati during this period, with Saturn being in 1st house in your rashi kundali. There are lot of expectations and subsequently responsibilities on your shoulder. There could be difficult times in family till the mid of the month. Focus on self improvement and this inward focus should help. Meditation is the need of the hour.

On an average, you will feel sluggish and tired during the month.

The path to success on both financial and job front is caution and discipline. You are being seen as responsible and hence capable of taking up more load. The result may not be immediately obvious, but be aware that it will definitely show up in due course. Stay on top of finances and expenses to ensure that debts do not pile up. New projects should not be started without due diligence during this period.

Remedy: Respect your elders. Donate iron utensils. Chant Gayatri Mantra.


Jupiter transit is good and will keep helping the persons that have their moon in Scorpio in the janma rashi horoscope. This will help with domestic family life, gains with foreign travel and overall increase in prestige. There is sadhe sati started on and this is affecting you negatively during the first phase, but this too shall pass in few months. Just hang in there. Things will become a little better. Work hard on the relationship with the spouse/partner.

In the mean time, things will start looking up. There will be support at work. It will allow you to be a leader and take people along with you. Do not go at it alone. Stay on top of your finances and do not take risks in the area of speculation. Control your expenses too.

On the health front, you need to be careful about injuries due to accidents. There could be eye illness effecting you later in the month of July.

Remedy: Respect your elders. Donate iron utensils and black gram (urad). Chant Gayatri Mantra.


While you yourself feel confident about yourself, you should also take care of other folks around you. The current time of Saturn’s transit is good for your relations and you will get a lot of support from them if you reach out. Bestow your affection on them and it will be worth it. It will help avoid any unnecessary arguments and misunderstanding with the partners and spouse. Issues with parents, especially with mother need to be sorted out with diligence.

Travel is indicated, but it will be quite hectic and tiring. It may cause fatigue.

Cross all t’s and dot all i’s. Diligence and hard work will pay off. Create partnerships at work. Solicit opinions of others and respect it. though there are limits, there is a stability in cash flow and it will continue for some more time. This is a good time to accumulate wealth.

Despite a good Saturn transit that is helping you on the job front, there is something bothering you. Do not allow it to turn into a medical problem. Physical health should be fine, but minor stomach troubles could bother you.

Remedy: A paath of Vishnu puran will help immensely.


With some roadblocks, you should benefit from people who provide services or are your subordinates at work. This should become better through the later part of the month. There is general happiness at home, with spouse and in the domestic life. There is a tendency and if you overcome it to not isolate yourself from others, the family will do well. Be aware and recognize the needs of others and it will allow you to remove confusion, connect with them and create a bond.

There are chances of travel for some religious reasons. It will be auspicious.

There will be much gain from superiors. Success from victory over enemies and opponents, lawsuits etc. You do want to get desperately recognized for the work that you do. If you want to remove anxiety about your positions bring in measure of self promotion and deal with opposition at work place by peers. Plan carefully and do not take short cuts, otherwise there will be setbacks and loss of honour. You will benefit from land and real estate deals.

Take care of your father’s health otherwise things look good during the month.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga. She represents strength and Shakti. Chant Durga chalisa regularly.


The first part of month would be a tough one for Aquarius rashi persons. Spend some time with your children. Take care of them so that they do not feel lonely. You could get in conflict with your partners over some something silly.

Travel seems likely, it will be beneficial too.

Take care of your health during the period. Fever, food poisoning could bother you and your family. The recovery would be equally fast though.

This is a period when you file for your taxes at least in India. Be careful not to invite displeasure from tax authorities. Speculations and gambling will not work in your favour. There will be tightening of money, but there will be stability of cash flow.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga. She represents strength and Shakti. Chant Durga chalisa regularly. Vishnu Puran and worship of Lord Rama will also help.


The persons with Moon in Pisces in their rashi kundali need to cooperate with family and partner during this time. Spending more time with them and taking care of them and their health issues is required. There is a general tendency for being dominant over partners/spouse and this may not be good in long run. Remove misunderstanding between yourself and your partner by being honest.

Pisces rashi persons need get checked for hidden diseases that are hard to diagnose. They may not be very obvious. Put effort in improving your health. Yoga, gym, and dieting will surely help in keeping you healthy over long time.

Gain from legacies and inheritance is shown as are opportunities for sudden money, which is unearned. By the way, bad reputation can also come unearned. You will be able to repay your debts. You can look forward to changes in job profile at work due to reorganization at work and moving from one department to another.

Remedy: Respect the elders. Hanuman Chalisa needs to be chanted daily. Bhairav, who is darker form on Lord Shiva should be worshipped.


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    Guruji Namaskar
    What is the effect of Rahu-Ketu Transit for Meena Rashi. Mine is Meena Rashi and am facing acute problems and am jobless now. My date of birth 11th August 1968 23.08 hours Mysore is the place

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    Sir i just want to know when i’ll have my own house n car
    My dob is 21-4-1987
    Time is 19:50 hrs
    Place is new delhi.

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