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Saturn & Sun Opposition

By Kshitij Sharma, May 11, 2014

Saturn and Sun are in opposition now. As of May 10th 2014 afternoon, Saturn is at 25Li57 and Sun is at 25Ar55, which is almost 180° apart from each other. This is pretty interesting time for astrologers as this means that both Sun and Saturn are exalted.

This isn’t a very good combination in a horoscope though as Sun and Saturn are natural enemies and both are poles apart in their qualities. Whichever lagna the birth occurs in, they will keep opposing each other in the horoscope along the Aries/Libra axis. They will oppose each other through the self/spouse (1st vs. 7th house), family/melancholy (2nd vs. 8th house), hard work through own means vs. luck factor (3rd vs. 9th house) in the horoscope. It is like saying in Hindi, एक म्यान में दो तलवारें नहीं रह सकतीं.

Lord Shri Ram had this combination in his horoscope– Saturn being in 4th house and Sun in 10th house in His janma kundali.

Saturn is retrograde during this period. Saturn remains retrograde from 2nd March 2014 through 21st July 2014.

As they are in exact opposition, it means that Saturn rises when Sun sets and pretty much remains visible throughout the night. Astronomers will have a good time watching the planet now. Check this site out that says:

Opposition marks the peak time for observing any outer planet. Not only does a distant world then remain visible all night and shine brightest, but it also appears largest through a telescope.

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