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Year End Musings of An Astrologer

By Kshitij Sharma, December 26, 2016

People turn towards doctors and astrologers only when they are facing problems. They go with symptoms, expect the symptoms to reveal the real root cause of the problem and then expect the problem to be resolved through various means. In case of astrologers, these remedies are expected to be mantras, tantras and ratnas. While correct diagnosis of disease by a doctor leads to a line of treatment, the root cause identified by an astrologer may not lead to a sure shot remedy. Like viral fever, the problems indicated by a horoscope must run its course. Its a problem with Karma, that you are going through a problem at this point must indicate that something from the past life or this life itself is being repaid.

There is another article on this website about planetary combinations for astrologers. This article is more matter of fact. Yes, Jupiter, Mercury, 2nd house for vaksidhi are important, but we all are looking for astrologers whose advice really resonates with us and who are able to show a path forward.

What appears below is a part of a developing thought process. It is my humble opinion that when a good astrologer is trying to solve others’ problems, the corresponding houses of obstacles, viz., 6th, 8th and 12th must be strong in the astrologer’s own horoscope. This gives them the ability to absorb confusion from other people’s mind and provide clarity and light.

In helping others in this birth, astrologers should be seen as paying off the debt that they accumulated in previous janmas when others would have helped their soul navigate through obstacles, diseases and a sense of utter helplessness. The debt is always indicated by 6th house. Those with 6th house associated with artha-trikona deal with loans and debts. 8th house is about inheritance, the “past karma” that allows such karma to be delivered in this life. 12th house is about long term diseases, hospitalization, banishment and death and decay. Managing disputes, dwelling into the mystical and unknown hence is the unraveling of karma of an astrologer.

Higher knowledge can come only from these dusthana houses because that’s the deeper meaning of dusthana houses.

Lets take an example. I quote Shri Bepin Behari where he says:

Though the twelfth house is popularly understood as house of death, its variously appellations are not merely synonyms of death. They refer to the process by which the journey of the individual from birth to death is undertaken and different experiences are gained.

Now, as an astrologer navigates through his own life, he needs to learn from experience of people who come to him for advice, internalize these experiences and use them further to hone his advise for other people. Hence, an astrologer must experience others’ diseases as his own, others’ misfortunes as his own and must die multiple times. Unless he makes these experiences collected from others as his own, he will never be able to relate to his own advice given to other people. In the absense of such experiences, any advice will remain shallow and only in the realm of making money. The depth will always be missing.

In my horoscope, a retrograde Jupiter as lord of 12th in 12th is exactly opposite Mercury as lord of 6th located in 6th itself. I have always been fascinated by the 6th house and its effect on human life. I read up more about 6th house than any other house in horoscope.

I invite other astrologers to share their horoscopes on this forum in comments or on the facebook page and their fascinations in astrology. Please note that this invitation is about sharing the knowledge of dusthana houses and its applicability towards an astrologer’s horoscope. This is not for checking one horoscope for potential to become an astrologer.


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