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Moon Sign based Yearly Horoscope for 2017

By Kshitij Sharma, December 26, 2016

The yearly horoscope for 2017 based on the Moon sign or janma rashi. Please do not substitute this for the Sun sign as per Western Astrology. The following are the long term transits of planets during 2017, which will affect various persons according to the janma rashi in their horoscope.

Other transits like that for Sun, Mars and other planets would have their effect on monthly basis. These effects will be periodically presented in the monthly horoscope section. Horoscopes on month to month basis will continue to be much more detailed than this article. Please be on the lookout for the same and keep coming back to this site. I believe in monthly horoscopes much more than yearly ones – because they work on micro levels and much more timely details can be presented there. The yearly horoscope can be presented as a month to month presentation but that defeats the purpose.

  • Rahu will be in Leo and Ketu will be in Aquarius till the middle of 2017. Thereafter, they move to Cancer and Ketu moves to Capricorn.
  • Jupiter
    • Jupiter becomes retrograde on February 06, 2017
    • Resumes direct motion on June 09, 2017
  • Saturn
    • Saturn moves to Sagittarius towards the end of January
    • On April 06, Saturn has zero speed and then becomes retrograde. This happens when Saturn is at 3°43″.
    • Saturn reenters Scorpio on June 21. At this time, results of primarily Scorpio will be felt along with Sagittarius too.
    • Saturn becomes direct on August 25th 2017 when at 27°5″ in Scorpio.
    • Saturn reenters Sagittarius on October 25th when again starts giving Sagittarius results again.

Aries – Moon in Mesha Rashi in Janma Kundali

Planetary transits indicate that 2017 will be an average to good year.

Aries rashi persons face adverse 6th house transit of Jupiter till October. On the family front, elder brothers, social network will not be useful during this period. While Saturn is again in Scorpio from June to October, there will be problems of support again. Rahu/Ketu move from 5/11 axis to 4/10 axis during the middle of the year.

During the 2nd part of the year, you will feel disenchanted from work. Disappointment and disagreements will be there at the job front. Savings will be lowered. You will not want to engage with any competition and would rather run away from people bothering you at the place of work. It is not that you will be scared, but you will realize the futility of the whole rat race. By October, the conditions will change for positive. Both at the place of work and at home, atmosphere will be good. Communication will improve and so will a source of income. There is a good chance of income from foreign sources.

Long distance travel will be good while Saturn is in Sagittarius. Good amount of planning will be required during these travel. Source of money will not be a problem for you during the year and you should have stable income.

Transits also indicate income from new sources and change of profile. You need to be careful of legal issues during this period.

There will be health problems yourself during Feb to June when Jupiter is in retrogression. Exercise, diet control will be required. You need to be careful with both father’s and mother’s health during the 2017. Mother’s health problems may start in June.

Taurus – Moon in Vrishabha Rashi in Janma Kundali

As per the astrological indicators and transits, 2017 will be an average year on a whole. Jupiter’s transit through Virgo is helping you. Jupiter’s transit through Libra will be tough. Rahu/Ketu will give better results during the 2nd part of the year, when moving through 3/9 axis. Saturn’s transit through 8th house will have problem of support from various quarters.

Till then, you will face problems in various quarters and will feel left out by various people. You will be able to solve your problems on your own and this will make you arrogant as you feel that you are okay working alone and do not need others. This will be negative for relationships. Be careful with the partners you choose during the year. For those going for marriage/alliances during 2nd part of the year must be careful with the choices that you make. Consult others and do not make rash decisions. Your kids will do better during the year, so will Vrishabha rashi born students, who will do well in all exams till October.

On the career front, hard work will start paying off after June/July. Your communication style will become flashy. You will also gain money, although the source of money could be questionable. The partners in business can come from dubious background. You need to thoroughly check their backgrounds and intent. Stability at the place of work will continue for long term.

Keep your travel to short visits to foreign location during the year. You will gain well through foreign connections.

Health will be good through the year, unless your dasha period shows problems in this year.

Gemini – Moon in Mithuna Rashi in Janma Kundali

All the major transits will be tough during the year. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is termed as adhaiya Shani. Jupiter’s transit through 4th house is adverse, but will turn out towards good during October. Rahu’s transit through 3rd house is good, but when Rahu moves through 2nd house, it will be stressful to the family. Ketu’s transit from 9th and then 8th house will both be tough.

The first part of the year will be good for domestic happiness. Immediate family will be supportive. At the same time, you will feel that they demanding quite a lot of your time and you may start feeling tired. During the second part of the year, this may be a problem for you if you do not control your speech and utterances. You will also need to clean up your relationships. You will need to cut off some people from your life and bring in some changes.

Travel can cause accidents. In general, foreign travel will be beneficial during the 2nd half of the year.

Health will be good during the year. Stress will cause problems. You must increase awareness towards potential heart problems or associated diseases.

You should move cautiously at place of work and in business this year. Take safe way out. This is a good year for investment in fixed assets and to increase your possessions like real estate, land deals, houses etc. For these, do not rely on loans as they will be difficult to get. Use your own money if you are looking for investment to grow. All major transits indicate that you need to be careful with someone causing humiliation at the place of work. You should also be careful with deception and people trying to take advantage of you.

Cancer – Moon in Karka Rashi in Janma Kundali

Saturn transit will change for better. Jupiter will move through 3rd and 4th house, both of which are adverse. Rahu moves through 2nd and then 1st house, while Ketu moves through 8th and then 7th house.

You will have comfort of a good house this year. Relationship with wife will improve during 1st half. However, there will be a patch in mid year where differences can occur. You should be careful of the same during the end of the year too. You will have too much of self confidence and will not pay attention towards family.

There is nothing major about travel during the year.

Business transactions with foreigners will be better during the year. Unplanned travel will not be good. There are otherwise no major indications about travel during the year.

There are no major indications of ill-health during the year. Some older illness may come back to bother you.

Better than expected financial gains are indicated during the year. Heavy responsibility is indicated, which will come with better pay. Good reputation is indicated, but it can be sullied, especially in 2nd part of the year, if you are not careful. Be careful with dealing in real-estate and legal paperwork. You will need to check your spending and not be extravagant.

Leo – Moon in Simha Rashi in Janma Kundali

2017 horoscope shows that it is a tough year initially for Leo rashi persons. Saturn’s transit through 5th house will be adverse. Towards the end of the year, Jupiter’s transit will become tough too when Jupiter moves to 3rd house. Rahu moves through 1st and then 12th house. Ketu moves through and then auspicious 6th house.

This year will be tough on your children. Their education will be a problem for you and them. During the 1st half of the month, confidence will reign high and you will keep taking chances. The relationship with spouse will become better as the year progresses and will settle down only after October. After October, relations with father can get sour.

Travel and change of place is indicated in the 2nd half of the year.

Health will be as you make it out to be. Get checked periodically during the year in order to get hidden diseases diagnosed in time. Blood will be spilled – it could be due to a surgery or because of an accident.

You will need to keep a very close watch on your finances during the year. Finances will be good during the 1st half. Savings will be good. Investments in safe areas will only be rewarding. If you get too clever with investments, then they will bomb on you. Debts can pile up during the 2nd half. Expenditure will also increase. You will need to ensure that gains made during 1st part of the year are not wasted away.There will be a lot of self promotion and communication to others, but actual on the ground projects will not fly that easily. You will have to compromise on work and surroundings, despite Ketu’s transit being an auspicious one.

Virgo – Moon in Kanya Rashi in Janma Kundali

Horoscope of 2017 through positions of planets in the year indicate a better time for Kanya rashi persons in the 2nd part of the year. Saturn is now moving through 4th house. Jupiter will move through 1st and then 2nd house. Rahu/Ketu axis will be through 11th/5th house in the 2nd part.

From too much focus on yourself, you will start taking good care of your family in the 2nd part of the year. At the same time, new friendships will be formed which will be helpful in moving forward in life and in career. Saturn’s ardha-ashtama will cause problems with spouse and mother.

There are no major indications about travel during the year, but there will be lot of short movement around. Think through if a change of place is required.

On health front, a lot of stomach and heart related long term diseases start during such transits.

At the place of work, it is important to take the safe way out, otherwise it will lead to mental agony. Deals/projects do not go through properly. The problem is that you will keep being over-optimistic and not see the problem around you. If you need advise, call you a Simha rashi person and ask how his last year went. Learn from his/her experience. Transactions with friends will not work out. Do not get into business with them. Stock market, speculation should be avoided during 2nd half of the year. Losses are indicated, which will need to be squared off in long term. It isn’t worth it.

Libra – Moon in Tula Rashi in Janma Kundali

The first part of the year will be good for Tula rashi individuals. Sadhe sati is over and Saturn moves through 3rd auspicious house. Jupiter will move through 12th and 1st house. Rahu is moving from 11th to 10th house and Ketu is opposite Rahu.

During the 1st part of the year, you will be thoughtful and morose. This is despite a lot of positives starting to come your way. During the middle part of the year, things will look negative again, but that will be just a phase which will get over soon. You will need to have patience.

There is nothing major indicated as far as travels are indicated. A long term change of place can happen.

Health will become better as the year progresses. Later part of 2017 only indicates seasonal problems and stomach issues.

At the place of work, there will be ups and downs, but by the time 2017 ends, things will settle down pretty much in your favour. Communicate well with people around you and ensure that you aren’t very caustic in written communication. Wealth and enjoyment is indicated. Over-confidence can and will work in your favour. You can take chances at the place of work and can dabble in new projects. Hard work will lead to out of ordinary success. Losses are indicated on account of real estate, gambling, horse racing and lottery.

Scorpio – Moon in Vrischik Rashi in Janma Kundali

For the Scorpio rashi persons, the first half of 2017 will be great. At the same time, the second half will be average to tough. Sadhe sati is in progress and moved into the third part. 11th house transit of Jupiter will be good but then Jupiter moves to 12th house. Spirituality will be all around you and God will be your saviour. Rahu and Ketu are initially in 10/4 axis and then will be moving through 9/3 axis.

You need to follow the scriptures that call for keeping a check on tone and tenor of talking. Family life will continue to be tough. Separation from family is also indicated. This is a good period for learning. Chill and relax and do not churn a lot.

This is a good time for long visits to foreign countries for trade and learning.

Do not get into litigation related to real estate. It will become a long term problem. Finances should be tightened and expenses should be brought under control. Hard work will be required to achieve this. You should have a heaven-may-care attitude towards earning money and promotions during the year and concentrate on hard work only. That will be the way to achieve success. You will continue to have problems relating to people who work with you. Authorities could also cause problems. You will be susceptible to evil eye. Take care and do not allow lot of attention to come on yourself.

Sagittarius – Moon in Dhanu Rashi in Janma Kundali

Sadhe sati advances to 2nd of the three part series. This is when any partnership will require a lot of commitment. The responsibilities will weigh you down. The second part of the year will create even more problems on this front. Overall, during the year, you need to work hard at relationships. What is very much required is the cleanup of relationships – ignore what is not important and invest only in real relationships. Towards the end of year Jupiter moves to best transit position of 11th house.

There are no major indications of travel during the year. Separation from family is indicated.

Throughout the year, you need to be careful with stomach problems. Sadhe sati will make you feel fatigued and sluggish. Gym and exercises will help along with the right food.

At the place of business, there will be slowdown in projects. New projects may lead to loss and due diligence will be required before committing loads of money. Money will keep coming in through the work done in previous cycles. Competitors in business and peers in office can cause reptutation to go down. You will have to do all you can in order to maintain and protect this reputation. However, overall, you will not be worried and will be able to maintain composure in business settings throughout the year.

Capricorn – Moon in Makar Rashi in Janma Kundali

Sadhe sati starts for Capricorn rashi persons. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, effects of sadhe sati will be mitigated by increasing the qualities of Capricorn and by being true to yourself. Jupiter’s transits through 9th house continues to be favourable, but the 10th house transit at the end of the year will be tough. Rahu/Ketu move from 8/2 axis to 7/1 axis.

There is a certain withdrawal from family and relations. There will be problems and misunderstanding with spouse/partner. However, such problems can be fixed easily through communication. Do not be argumentative, but try to understand the other persons’s point of view.
There are no major indication of travel during the year. This means that long term travel can be ruled out. Short term travels will be supported by monthly transits.

Be careful with diseases of lungs, chest and get yourself checked often.

Job change can happen in 2nd half of the year. Path to success will not be obvious, therefore please ensure that you are not letting go of the opportunities. Pay attention to every time opportunity knocks on your door. Success and money can come from unexpected quarters. Have courage and confidence. Same way, bad reputation can also come from unexpected quarters.

Aquarius – Moon in Kumbh Rashi in Janma Kundali

This year will start on an average note, but by the time 2nd half hits, it will become progressively better. Throughout the year, Jupiter’s transit will be adverse, but then it will turn to be a fortunate transit by year end. Rahu/Ketu transit will also be positive.

Good relations with siblings will be maintained. 1st part of the year will be tough on your spouse. There will be points of misunderstanding between the two of you. It will be difficult period for those looking for alliances/marriage. The situation will become better only in the latter part of the year. This is when family as a whole will start to help you in your goals.

Travel in 2nd part of the year will start to be fruitful. You will benefit through foreign connections.

Health will also become better in 2nd part of the year. Use the opportunity to improve health through unconventional means – gym, exercise, Ayurveda, etc.

Use the 1st part of the year laying the foundation for successes coming in 2nd half. The better the foundations are, the more enduring the successes will be. Chances of promotion will be there throughout the year and you must try to capitalize on all opportunities, in spite of the ambiguity at the place of work. You need to ensure that debt is cleared during the year and is not hampering your growth. Legal problems are indicated.

Pisces – Moon in Meena Rashi in Janma Kundali

The first part of 2017 will be better than the 2nd part. Saturn moves through 10th house causing negative energy at the place of work. Towards the end of the year, overall Jupiter transit will turn negative. Rahu’s transit will be adverse in the 2nd half, but Ketu’s transit will become positive.

The year starts with happiness within the family. Cherish it. This will be a good time to get married. 2nd half of the year will indicate problems with spouse as well as will be negative for the people looking for alliances. Decision making will be tough.

Through October, travels will be fruitful and will help you. Foreign trips will be profitable.

Health will be good through the year. Monthly transits may cause health problems, but overall health will be good.

In the 2nd part of the year, litigation is indicated, although throughout the year, gains through real estate are indicated. Gains through speculation/stock-markets are also indicated, but profits should be booked otherwise gains will be frittered away. Cash flow will be erratic. Expenditure will be very high and will need to be controlled with discipline. Business will be better and so will be the chances for promotion for those in jobs.

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