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Friction Within Family Members

By Kshitij Sharma, April 23, 2016

Astrology provides a good way to find out potential and possibility of friction within a family. With the houses in a horoscope signifying a relation, effects on the house can speak volumes about the quality of relationship that can be maintained. To judge the relationship, as always, we need to start with the house, lord of the house and karaka of the relationship, and understand the various aspects on the house. The aspects by the separative planets and by the lord of dusthanas gives us the type of results.

Quality of relationship between people can become bad due to various reasons. Some of them are:

  • Feud, litigation, heartburn leading to enmity
  • Neglect and indifference
  • Acerbic tongue and ego
  • Lying and cheating
  • Lack of that relationship

Each of the factors is caused by a different planet and can be easily seen in the horoscope.

Litigation Angle and Difference of Opinion

Litigation angle is caused almost all the time by 6th house lord. 6th house signifies enemies, lawsuits, plots and fights. 6th Lord has the power to cut the relationship and the cause such problems. Location of karakas in 6th house has similar but somewhat lesser effect. In first case, the natural qualities of the planets that get the taint of being the 6th lord and their relationship with the house they are aspecting does come into picture, but again to a lesser degree. The malefic nature of the 6th lord will always cause problems.

For example, lets take the 2nd house. 2nd house indicates family. This is the order in which one should judge the malefic nature: at the top is the location of 6th lord in 2nd, followed by 6th lord in 8th (or any other location from where it can throw 100% aspect on 2nd house) and then the location of 2nd lord in 6th. Location of 6th Lord in 2nd almost always indicates family feud. It may also indicate great family wealth, since both are artha houses, but we all know that money can indeed be at the root of family feuds. Similarly location of 2nd lord in 6th is great for wealth, but then family problems come with it. Other malefic influences on 2nd house along with 6th lord’s influence can indicate that wealth is squandered after fights within the family members.

8th house is indicative of obstacles. In this case, the person will have emotional obstacles to connect with the person and hence create distances between them and relations. 8th house in 4th will make a person withdraw from from mother. 8th Lord in 9th creates serious disagreements with father and father figures.

Neglect, Indifference and Don’t Care Attitude

This is little difficult to judge. In my experience, this is mostly caused by Saturn and Ketu. This is also caused, very interestingly, by the karka being located in the same house, i.e., Jupiter in 5th, Sun in 9th etc.

Saturn and Ketu are planets of separation. Ketu especially causes relation to break due to “I don’t care” attitude. The location of these planets in any of the horoscopes will invariably cause the person to neglect the relation and not pay any attention to the relationship. Saturn’s location in 4th house indicates a cold, disciplinarian and tough mother. The mother may create lot of rules and regulations around the house and this may make the individual just “run away” from the relationship when the right time comes. Similarly, Saturn in 3rd indicates cold and restrictive relationship with younger siblings. Ketu causes similar problems and indicates loss of support from the relationship. Ketu in 7th indicates spouse who is absent and is not available to provide any support.

Karka in the house, i.e., dictum of karko bhavo nashate is interesting. In classical sense “nashate” means to kill or destroy. In a simple sense, this can mean that if the the karaka is located in the same house as the relationship both signify, then it can cause death of the relationship. This is simply not true. Death is not that easy to come. For that, the horoscope of that relationship will also need to be seen for strengths and weaknesses. Sun indicates father and so does 9th house and we can cite 1000s of examples where Sun is in 9th house, but the father of the individual is hail and hearty and has long life. In my humble opinion, this is indicative of neglect (and thus death) of relationship. The relation does not devote enough time to nurture the relationship and the relationship dies rather than the person indicated here. E.g., Jupiter in 5th may make a person indifferent towards having kids. It is not that the ability to have kids is hampered, but rather the person has other creative literary pursuits to follow. Even if they do have kids, they will neglect them and just have a superficial relationship with them. Moon in 4th house makes a person run away from the mother because the mother “smothers them with love.”

Acerbic tongue and Ego

This is naturally caused by Mars and Sun. Both are planets of outward aggression. If they affect any relationship, much ego comes between them. That’s why Mars and Sun in 7th house “burn up” the relationship. Sun in 8th will cause problems with wife’s side of family, in 11th will cause problems with spouse of child, and so on. Mars in 3rd will cause problems with younger siblings, etc. Mars in 3rd or in 9th can also indicate problems with spouse’s siblings. The reason is simple. Mars causes too much aggression towards and from the relationship. There is short fuse, you would say something, the person would say something back and the relationship comes to a naught. Sun is silent ego. Sun will essentially say that – “I have a high opinion of myself and a very low opinion of everyone who has a low opinion of me.” This lack of give and take kills the relationship.

Mars’ effect needs to be studied carefully. Mars can kill a relationship also. Mars’ affect on 5th house from within 5th, 10th or 11th house can cause a woman to go through abortions.

Lying and cheating

Rahu is the main karaka of lying, cheating and deceit. It expands and over expands the ego and hence create a cloud of mystery around the relationship. It tweaks the relationship to the extent of being unconventional. Rahu in 4th makes on unfaithful towards family. Rahu in 5th may make kids to be raised by someone else.

Lack or that relationship

One should not predict lack of relationship or “death” of relationship based on just one of the factors. For the non-existence of the relationship, multiple of these factors operating at the same time is required. The natural karaka of the relationship, the lord of the house should be in pap kartari yoga etc., and only then one should predict that the relationship does not exist.

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