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Saturn Combust in Scorpio

By Kshitij Sharma, October 27, 2014

As explained in this other article on Saturn’s transit, Saturn crosses over to Scorpio in the first week of November 2014. At the same time, since Sun would be closer to moving to Scorpio on Nov 17/18, the overall differences in degrees of these two astronomical bodies is not that much. Going by degrees of separation, Saturn comes very close to Saturn from Nov 1st onwards. However, at this time, Sun itself is in Libra while Saturn is in Scorpio. Therefore, by one more acceptable logic, combustion is in affect from Nov 1st onwards. By other more logic, combustion will not take effect till 17th Nov when Sun also enters Scorpio. Sun then moves forward and the combustion then ends on Dec 5th. These calculations take a 7° of separation on either side and hence the dates between this site and other panchanga softwares will be a little different.

During the period of combustion, the effect of the planet in question is reduced drastically as it is lost in the brilliance of the Sun. It has a major effect in the natal chart and is an important parameter in the birth horoscope of the person born during this period. Depending on the lagna, it will signify what aspect of the horoscope will be diminished and be lost in the radiance and intensity of father or father figure, leader or authorities. The person will not be able to work hard and reach the full potential of the horoscope for that aspect. If a combust Saturn is a  malefic in the horoscope, then the malefic effects will be diminished and it will be good for the person. Dasha and Bhukti of Saturn in such a horoscope will not give effect of Saturn since Saturn is weak, in state of fear and is agitated.

In terms of transits, the effect will not be much since the actual period of the transit about a month at the max. However, during this period, persons going through any adverse Saturn transit would be able to breathe a little easy.

In terms of mundane astrology, Sun represents kings, royalty and the government of the day. Saturn represents “aam aadmi” and democracy. Saturn’s combustion means that royalty is getting better of the aam aadmi. There will be shrill charges of autocracy and ruthlessness against the government of the day. During this period, there are three planets having aspect/drishti on the combination – Jupiter through the 5th house aspect, Venus will be conjunct to Saturn as it will also move to Scorpio on Nov 12th. Ketu will have 9th house drishti. Overall, the aspect of Jupiter & Venus is good and will overcome the malefic aspect of Ketu. There will be charges of corruption and looting of public money, but these charges will not stick. Overall the marketing machinery of the present day government(s) will be able to counter these allegations. The political situation of the masses will become better when Saturn rises.

Crude oil will continue to fall. Metal stocks will also come under pressure as the overall demand slows down.

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