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Saturn Mars Conjunction August 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, August 11, 2014

Effect of Mars/Saturn conjunction on various rashis, natal horoscope and on day to day affairs is described in the article.

Saturn and Mars will be conjunct on August 25th/26th. The exact conjunction will occur around midnight of August 25th, going into August 26th. Their latitudinal degrees are different, and therefore the planets will not eclipse each other, but will appear pretty close. This will not be a photo opportunity as for Venus Jupiter conjunction a week before.

Mars is fast moving planet, but Saturn is the slowest planet of the astrological system. This phenomenon occurs once approximately 2 years. This time, the conjunction is seen in Libra rashi, Vishakha nakshatra at 204°. The two planets will be at planetary war (ग्रह युद्ध) from August 24th through August 25th, considering IST, Bangalore.

As in the previous post on Venus/Jupiter conjunction, I will discuss both the yoga and mundane aspects of this conjunction. Mars and Saturn are similar, yet two very different planets. Both are tamasik and malefic planets. But the similarity ends there. Mars is agile, indicates fire while Saturn is slow, cold and steely. They are really poles apart. Mars is enemy for Saturn. Saturn gets debilitated in Mars’ sign Aries. Saturn is neutral for Mars. Mars is exalted in Saturn’s sign Capricorn.

Yoga/Combination: As per Hora-Sara, their conjunction in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house in a horoscope is good for the person. However, given the relative and dual lordship in terms of signs does not allow for any rajayoga with this combination. Since Mars and Saturn are in Libra this time, the best combination would be for Libra lagna, when Saturn and Mars are both in Lagna for the given janma kundali. Saturn would own 4th and 5th house and be exalted in Lagna, while Mars as a owner of 2nd and 7th house and in association with 4th and 5th lord would give raja yoga. However, Mars is maraka for Libra lagna and its location in the 1st house in janma kundali along with Saturn is not good for longevity. Saturn would compensate this aspect though.

Transit Results: In terms of transits, the transit of both the planets together is favourable for Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius rashi persons. Taurus and Sagittarius rashi persons will continue to see good effects for next few weeks. Leo rashi persons will see good results, yet subdued. Other rashis – Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces will see adverse results for them.

Mundane Astrology: When these two planets come together, there is always a problem in mundane astrology. In terms of mundane astrology, this is not a good combination. Mars indicates fire, war and Saturn indicates steel. The overall combination indicates fighting, weapons etc. Whenever these two planets come together, conflicts flare up. At this time, we are seeing an ongoing conflict in Middle east – Israel/Gaza, and there is a very high possibility of cease fire being violated and major conflict between the two warring states. Ukraine/Russia are also embroiled in a conflict that will grow during this period. Expect the stock market to go down secularly during this period due to sentiments due to such conflicts, and not on any fundamentals.

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