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Jupiter Combust in Transit: July 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, July 1, 2014

The people or persons who have Moon in their janma kundali in the sign of Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces will feel the good effects of the Jupiter transit through July 2015. Jupiter is transiting through Cancer now and is in its exaltation sign is good for the all the folks for whom the Jupiter transit is favourable as Jupiter gives beneficial results to its fullest extent.

During this transit, Jupiter reaches its highest exaltation point around 11th of July, when it reaches the longitudinal 5°. However, there is an important combustion effect taking place around this time. Sun moves into Cancer around 16th of July and by the definition of combustion for Jupiter (conjunct with Sun and within 11 degrees), Jupiter is combust till 7th of August.

During this period, some of the auspicious activities should be avoided. Marriage ceremonies are one of them. Logically avoid upnayana sanskar as well. Additionally, new ventures, grih pravesh should not be taken up.

This has an effect on all the transits as a combust planet temporarily loses ability to do good during the transit. This is how the effect will be felt for the various persons based on their janma rashi in their natal horoscope. Of course, the effects will be modified based on the ascendant sign and the position and lordship of Jupiter in the natal horoscope. Please use this as an overall guidance. Please use the horoscope generator software on this site if you are not aware of your janma rashi. Please do not substitute your western astrology Sun or Moon sign here.


Family or personal life may have an effect. The peace and security that you are experiencing in family life will come down a notch. Be careful during travel as there can be some accidents. Be careful about real estate transactions as there may be some loss.


Take care of your health. At work, self promotion and marketing about your own work is required during the whole period, but you may want to be careful and not overdo it. Double check where you put your money – either in investments and in giving loans to others. It is a good period for relationship with siblings and to do the desired networking with neighbours, but you need to be careful with not getting into disputes during this combustion period.


It is a favourable transit for Gemini rashi folks with general happiness, gains with money. Therefore, during this period, there will be some problems in this area. Sun’s transit, although not of great effect, is also adverse.  This can cause some disagreements, disputes in the family.


Try to keep your cool during this period. Domestic life takes a back seat and you keep on focus in your own needs. You need to avoid this and take care of other family members in order to maintain balance. On the work front, maintain balance in projecting yourself as the go to person in each and every area. Expenditure will be high. Do not push yourself too hard, otherwise fatigue, exhaustion could kick in.


You will work well with family, but not with friends. There could be unnecessary travels. Keep your belt tightened on expenditure front. Avoid getting into new ventures for some time.


Cash flow will be hit for some time. Be careful when meeting new people. You may think they are influential and wealthy, but they may not turn out to be so. Money and siblings/friends will not go together during this time.


You should look to consolidate your profession and not act in haste. There are indications of travel too, but you should be careful because things will not materialize.  You can be feeling off colour at work, but hard work will be a path to success. Since hard work is a habit and cannot be put off for just a month, you should continue to put in that extra effort at work.


Jupiter’s transit for Scorpio janma rashi folks is a favourable one. Therefore, the one month combustion will bring down the results of this favourable transit by a notch. However, the ill effects of this transit will be back to the usual after a month. Keep on lookout for your children and father/guru. Be careful during travels. Health would largely be good, but you should remember that prevention is better than cure.


An existing illness or disease could become worse. You should take care of your health. If you are expecting a windfall, and since you have no control over such a source of money, it may not be up to your expectation. Joint ventures with other folks should be entered carefully.


Your spouse could get irritated frequently with your attitude during this period of combust Jupiter. Please take good care of your spouse. At work, you will tend to bite more than you can chew. Be careful with partners and peers at work. This is a favourable transit overall so the negative affects will not be seen much. If you maintain caution and awareness at work, you will surely sail through.


Be frugal about financial matters and spending. Do not speculate on and spend on just whims. There has to be a solid basis for the same. You need to take care of health for it to not worsen. Recovery may be slow and full recovery may come after 7th August when Jupiter comes out of combustion.


You need to take care of your children and their health. A combust transiting through your 5th house in the rashi chart could cause some worries on your account. Again, do not speculate and/or gamble. This is not the right time. Overall, this is a positive transit for you so you may not see lot of problems, but the comfort factor that you were enjoying for the past month or so will come down a notch. Things will be back to normal from August 2nd week onwards.

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