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Jupiter’s Transit in Cancer–2014

By Kshitij Sharma, June 1, 2014

Find out how you are affected due to Jupiter’s transit in Cancer by referring to your Janma Rashi. This affect is long term – and will be functional through July 2015.

As per Vedic Astrology’s niryana calculations Jupiter will move from Gemini to Cancer on 19th June 2014. As per the coordinates of Bangalore are concerned, Jupiter will enter Cancer on 19th June 2014, at around 8.00 AM and leave Cancer to enter Gemini on July 15th 2015 at around 5.30 AM. In between, Jupiter will be retrograde from Dec 9, 2014 to April 9th, 2015. As we head into June 2014, this is a very important transit is happening around us.

Cancer is Jupiter’s exaltation sign and Jupiter is pompous, extravagant and extremely happy in this sign in a horoscope. The highest exaltation point of Jupiter is Cancer 5°.

This will happen on July 10-11th 2014. However, during 2014 transit, there is a bit of bother during that period. Sun too transits over Cancer and few days after reaching the highest point, on 15th July, Jupiter comes within 11° of Sun and conjunct with Sun in Cancer and hence becomes combust. The effects of such exaltation will definitely be lowered. Combustion is in effect till 7th August 2014.

Therefore, for the children born during 2014 transit of Jupiter, the effects of Gaja Kesari Yoga and Hamsa Yoga yoga that is the panch mahapurusha yoga of Jupiter in their horoscope/kundali will be not as visible as other times.

JupiterTransit results Jupiter should be looked at from the janma rashi and ascendant in the horoscope. Janma rashi is more important, but lagna should not be neglected completely. Jupiter’s transit over janma rashi in a horoscope is considered beneficial in houses 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 11. It is considered harmful for 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Although the janma rashi is more important for transits than the ascendant,  one could look at both janma rashi and lagna in a horoscope and then arrive at overall conclusion. In case one is bad and other is good, then results will be averaged out. If both transits are good for a horoscope, then the results will multiply. Similarly, problems will worsen if both are bad. Jupiter’s transits in two houses simultaneously are bad – 3rd and 4th house. Therefore, bad effects will continue for 2 years for a horoscope when Jupiter enters 3rd house and then exits 4th. In all other cases, the good and bad effects alternate and in most cases (taking Jupiter’s transit only) the bad results are more or less compensated during the next good transit – this is definitely the case 10th house and 11th house transit happens. So, at this time Kanya lagna/rashi individuals should feel good, the bad period that they saw during past year will go away and they will gain much during next one year.

Going by that logic, this transit results can be summarized in a table, as below:

S. No. Rashi/Lagna Nature Effect on Rashi during 2014 transit through Cancer
1 Aries Adverse 4th house transit. Emotional issues, misunderstanding in family. Loss of property. Health problems to mother.
2 Taurus Adverse 3rd house transit. Unnecessary travels. Disease. Obstacles
3 Gemini Favourable 2nd house transit. General happiness with family, gain of money
4 Cancer Favourable 1st house transit shows expenditure, change in place.
5 Leo Adverse 12th house transit. Expenditure, unnecessary travels, sleep disorders, lack of overall comfort.
6. Virgo Favourable 11th house transit. Recovery from bad effects of previous 10th house transit. Gain of wealth and recognition
7. Libra Adverse 10th house transit. Problems and quarrels at work place. Not a good transit for working professionals.
8. Scorpio Favourable 9th house transit. Success at work and help from superiors. Luck, comforts
9. Sagittarius Adverse 8th house transit. Health problems, accidents.
10. Capricorn Favourable 7th house transit shows gains and pleasures from wife, business partners etc.
11. Aquarius Adverse 6th house transit. Rise of enemies (competition) and worries. Health problems through the year.
12. Pisces Favourable 5th house transit. Trine transit is considered very good for the houses signified in the janma kundali. There is general prosperity, gains in speculation, birth of child in family (typical 5th house effect)

Change of place and change in profession
Transits through 12th and 1st house will bring in some change of place. Shri Bijesh in his article on Jupiter & professional life is of the opinion that the 6th, 8th house transit are also important for profession and are specially adverse for it. A 10th house transit will bring a change in job and place. I am of the opinion that a 10th house transit is marked by difficulty at work, including lack of support from superiors. This leads to lack of satisfaction and mental peace at place of work. This is even more frustrating for an individual after a satisfying 9th house transit.

Remedies for adverse transit of Jupiter
To mitigate the effect of an adverse transit of Jupiter, the following is required

  • Wear Pukhraj. This will help, but pukhraj is a costly gemstone and cannot be purchased and worn just for one year. It is okay to look for substitute gems, or avoid this altogether.
  • Gift haldi, yellow mung along with sugar wrapped in a yellow cloth.
  • Worship Vishnu, chant Vishnu sahasranama.
  • Observe fast on Thursday, the vaar associated with Jupiter.
  • Meditate. Be happy in what you have.

Jupiter always imparts wisdom to us. Whatever we say about good or bad results, we should always remember that Jupiter is the best benefic in Indian astrology. Therefore even testing times can be converted into beneficial ones. One can lie low and avoid any misadventures. One should use this time to take it easy, religious activities, general awareness etc., e.g., if 4th house transit means loss of property, one needs to be careful in real estate dealings. Health problems to mother means that one needs to take care of her. If a transit shows that expenditure could increase, one needs to be frugal.

Patience is the key. If one has patience, things will work out.


  • Comment by rajnissh kumar sharma on November 8, 2014 at 9:31 am

    my birth details is-30/09/1966, 07-40am, raisinghnagar(rajasthan) mere life me stablity nahi hey please tell me ye kab hoga ,please giving in hindi langauge. thanks

  • Comment by sudheh on November 8, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Nice Experience for every viewers

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