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Restarting the Astrology Blog

By Kshitij Sharma, October 5, 2022

Over last few years, I have been very much away from Astrology and have only found time to do one off consultation. Covid took a toll on a lot of our day to day timetables. We got disconnected from the world. The daily schedule was thrown off. The lines of work from home, education, taking a clean break from one activity and to start the other were blurred. However, I think my bigger problem is Twitter. I got addicted to Twitter both for my personal communication with the world as well as for Astrology front. Speaking with the world through twitter is an art, but it is very different kind of art as compared to blogging.  

For Twitter, it is very difficult to organize the thoughts. The overall restrictions on the size of one message and to keep a thread for a longer conversation is not something I am still comfortable with. I find it very difficult to just put a tweet out there and not follow up with a larger point, provide bullet points and maybe insert an image or two as examples. I am also not very comfortable with trolling and that happens regularly even with well meaning people who sometimes try to insert a tangent point. In not trying to ruffle a lot of feathers, the overall communication is lost.

Hence I have decided to come back to blogging and keep putting my thoughts here. I will very soon start monthly, yearly and other predictions also. I had made some predictions on Twitter about US elections in November here: : This is the horoscope for Washington DC @ 1 Apr 22, 2.24am. H2 has malefic influence although the influence is away in terms of degrees. Recession? Also, H4 has malefic aspect. Republicans will not have it easy in November.

I am going to start blogging more about meditation, yoga and religion too. I do not consider myself an expert in any of these areas. I will try to give original sources as much as possible and keep my own opinions about the topics to an absolute minimum. I will provide links to other sites if blogging about rules and regulations about poojas etc. 

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