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Ramdev is missing the whole point

By Kshitij Sharma, June 5, 2011

Baba Ramdev, who has woken up against the Indian Government on the issue of corruption and black money is missing the whole point. I am afraid that all his posturing will eventually get the better of him and he will become inconsequential.

He has no idea of the black money economy in India. It is not about the money stashed in Swiss bank accounts abroad. It is about the parallel economy that is in operation all around us: the economy that deals only in cash, where shopkeepers do not pay any VAT or ST to the Government, where rich farmers show their illegal earnings as coming out of the agriculture and hence escape taxation and where politicians/babus construct multi story complexes from the money fleeced from general public as bribe.

If Ramdev wants to really fight corruption, he should go back to his followers and ask them to act ethically, not to ask or pay bribes and ask them to pay taxes honestly. His followers in IAS should stop seeing a development project as a money making opportunity. His followers in the corporate world should stop bending rules and not bribe politicians to get their job done.

Can Ramdev not create one yogasana that rinses the body of toxic thoughts that lead a person to ask for bribe? This is how Ramdev should strive to be effective. What is happening in the Ramlila Ground in Delhi is a farce.

One comment

  • Comment by JB on December 4, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    The article is accurate and there is no reason why Ramdev Baba should not be aware of what has been said by Sharmaji. It is his vanity which has progressed to dangerous levels we call arrogance. Despite many warnings he has become a victim of his own ego which is unbecoming of any Yoga teacher. Needless to say that a Yoga teacher is expected to show lot of patience. Ramdev Baba has done something which is similar to a black belt or martial art teacher or elite commandos of India Army beating up those who they don’t like! Gross misuse of his image.. it will never be forgiven.

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