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What’s new on the Astrology Site

By Kshitij Sharma, May 31, 2006

Date: October 5, 2022: The Monthly Predictions and other articles will be restarted on the website. Over a period of time, the look of the website will also be updated.

Date: September 17, 2018: Long-term transit of Jupiter through Scorpio – 2018/2019. Posted the effect.

Date: July 07, 2016: Long term transit of Jupiter through Virgo – 2016/2017. Posted the effect.

Date: November 21, 2015: New Year 2016 predictions are posted on the Yearly Predictions Page. See above.

Date: June 07, 2015: Long term transit of Jupiter through Leo – 2015/2016. Posted the effect.

Date: May 31, 2015: Paid astrology services started on the website. Please see the “Contact and Consultation” link above.

Date: March 06, 2015: The horoscope application can now display applicability from 50+ yogas on the chart. Also, a summary of all planets in signs is added. Feedback please!

Date: January 15, 2015: A brand new mobile friendly horoscope casting and compatibility matching application is live on the site! This will work on all platforms – mobile, tablet as well as desktop.

Date: December 20, 2014: New Year 2015 predictions are posted here. Predictions on rashi as well as mundane astrology outlook for 2015 will help you plan the year better.

Date: October 2, 2014: Saturn Transit Results for 2014-2017 are posted here. Do take a look. It is an important, long term transit that affects you.

Date: September 22 2014: Attempt at predictions based on financial astrological results

Date: August 1, 2014 Weekly Panchanga is available here offline for the folks who aren’t able to generate it on the website.

Date: July 20, 2014 – added the second in series on Monthly Forecast for Aug 2014 here.

Date: June 22, 2014
* Starting a new section called Monthly Forecasts on the website.

Date: June 11, 2014
* Terms of use updated. By continuing to use this site, you agree to these Terms of Use.

Date: May 31, 2014
1. Horoscope generation, Kundali matching applications are updated to run properly. You would need to take care of security warning and allow the application to run.
2. The image format kundali application is now up and running again.

3. We have started responding to readers’ queries to the best of our abilities.

May 01 2014: New look, new website…

May 05, 2012: I am trying to clean up links on the website. A lot of old links to other Astrology sites have been defunct for some time. The two pages where I found this problem was –  Rama and Krishna horoscope and  a page on historical Rama. There is a need to review all the links, which I will be doing ASAP.

April 30, 2012: Comments are allowed again on the Astrology Blog Page.

January 18, 2010: There is a new feed link courtesy Feedburner. Subscribe to Jyotish (Vedic/Indian Astrology) by Email.

January 18, 2010: We are on twitter as well…

April 12, 2008: I have added descriptions for books that I have on the Astrology Reference Books page.

March 03, 2007: I am trying to add a monthly newsletter to this site, which will be published once a month and will contain articles that I write and post to the astrology blog. Do register. The link is on the Astrology Notes page.

Update on January 16, 2009: There are no newsletters since the service I subscribed to is closing down.

January 13, 2007: Added a glossary to the site – Vedic Astrology Glossary. Do take a look.

January 08, 2007: Please take a look at the latest post on horoscope compatibility.

August 22nd, 2006: There is finally, finally an option to calculate South-Indian style Kundali as an image.

August 15th, 2006: The server on which this site was hosted has changed. This would solve the problem of performance that was plaguing this site for last six months. The Java application should now load much faster.

I have added ability in the astrology software to calculate Bhava chart and a column has been added to the Planetary Positions table to show the bhava the planets are situated in. For more details, please take a look at the blog – Bhava and Chalit Charts on my blog.

I have added a mechanism to generate images for the birth charts that will help you to save the charts as images on your local hard disk. For more information on how to use this feature, please take a look at the help page. The html chart and the image chart both open in a new window so please disable any popup blocker in your web browser.

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