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Yearly Horoscope for 2018

By Kshitij Sharma, December 21, 2017

The yearly horoscope for 2018 based on the Moon sign or janma rashi. Please do not substitute this for the Sun sign as per Western Astrology. The following are the long-term transits of planets during 2017, which will affect various persons according to the janma rashi in their horoscope.

Other transits like that for Sun, Mars and other planets would have their effect on monthly basis. These effects will be periodically presented in the monthly horoscope section. Horoscopes on a month to month basis will continue to be much more detailed than this article. Please be on the lookout for the same and keep coming back to this site. I believe in monthly horoscopes much more than yearly ones – because they work on micro levels and much more timely details can be presented there. The yearly horoscope can be presented as a month to month presentation but that defeats the purpose.

Rahu and Ketu

  • Rahu will be in Cancer and Ketu will be in Capricorn for entire 2018.


  • Jupiter is in Libra on January 1st 2018 at 22° in Libra.
  • Jupiter becomes retrograde on March 9th, 2018 when it is just short of getting out of Libra at 209°.
  • Thereafter, Jupiter resumes direct motion on July 11th, 2018 when it is at 199°.
  • Jupiter will enter Scorpio on 11th October 2018 and that will be a major transit.


  • Saturn is in Sagittarius at the start of the year.
  • On April 18, Saturn has zero speed and then becomes retrograde 255°.
  • Saturn becomes direct on September 6th 2017 when at 248° in Sagittarius.
  • Saturn is in Sagittarius for the rest of the year.


  • Mars moves to its exaltation sign of Capricorn on May 1st and will stay in the sign for almost 6 months.
  • Mars is retrograde from June 26th, 2018 to August 27th, 2018.
  • Mars moves to Aquarius on November 6th, 2018.

Aries – Moon in Mesha Rashi in Janma Kundali

Planetary transits indicate that 2017 will be an average to good year. Aries rashi persons face beneficial 7th house transit of Jupiter till October. On the family front, married life will be good. Those looking to get married with other positive indicators in dasha period will have lot of support from this Jupiter. Elder brothers, social network will also help you during this period. Communication will be better and motivations levels will be good too. Saturn and Jupiter both activate 3rd and 11th house and have their combined effort. This period is good for your younger siblings too. Cherish the social networks created during this period.

Long distance travel will be good while Saturn is in Sagittarius. Good amount of planning will be required during these travel.

This period might be good for money, but is definitely not good for work, where you will feel bored, disenchanted and subsequently will want to leave. The beginning of 2018 (middle of Jan through mid-March) will be good when Sun transits through 10th and 11th house. Subsequently, unhappiness can creep in. Use 1st half of the year to provide volunteering work and in service of others. Changes at the place of work are mainly indicated during 2nd half of the year. You will come in conflict with superiors at work. Peers will not be helpful, while you will want to aggressively pursue your ambition and your promotion. Some of the aggression will payoff towards the fag end of the year.

There will be health problems yourself during Feb to June when Jupiter is in retrogression. Exercise, diet control will be required. You need to be careful with both father’s and mother’s health during 2018. Accidents affecting legs are indicated in 2nd half of the year.

Taurus – Moon in Vrishabha Rashi in Janma Kundali

As per the astrological indicators and transits, 2018 will be an average year on a whole. Jupiter’s transit through Libra in 6th house is adverse. Rahu/Ketu will give good results during the year when moving through 3/9 axis, but Ketu’s 9th house transit interferes with divine help and removes good result for long distance travel.

Saturn’s transit through the 8th house will have a problem of support from various quarters. There can be some differences with both spouse and children, but overall marital stability will continue. For those who are looking to get married, this will not be the best of years and unless birth horoscope has a strong support, chances are less.

On the health side, you will need to be careful with abdomen diseases, namely gastric disorders. Try to pack up as much nutrition in your diet and do not cut corners. Father’s health will also cause worries.

Perseverance will pay off at the place of work. Keep your head down and work. Concentrate on getting financial benefits rather than getting ahead in career. This year indicates a conflict with gurus and mentors, especially in 2nd half of the year. Hence, it is very much possible that you will not get good advice from all quarters. You will have to rely on your judgment rather than getting readymade answers from others. Jan 2018 and parts of Feb 2018 will be good for career moves if you are interested in a job change. The overall year is not good for students. They have to put more effort than required in order to succeed. If you do put effort, good success is indicated in competitive exams.

Gemini – Moon in Mithuna Rashi in Janma Kundali

Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is termed as adhaiya Shani. Jupiter’s transit through the 5th house is very auspicious. Rahu’s transit through the 2nd house is stressful to the family. On the same note, Ketu’s transit through the 8th house will tough. Movement of Mars through the 8th house for a long duration in the 2nd half of 2018 will be manglik transit.

Children will do good in the year and you will be able to support them. Those looking for marriage and begetting children will also be successful. The other relations will not be as great. Married life can be boring without romance where it is possible that too much is keeping you away from domestic pleasures. There can be problems with in-laws. Joint financial assets with the spouse can come under pressure and their value can go down.

Food intake and quality should be controlled. Too much exotic food or spicy food can harm your digestive system.

Creativity will be good at the place of work. You will be able to take up new learning. However, execution at the place of work will be difficult due to lack of focus. Plans can be made, but you will need help in execution on the ground as you will be disinterested in actual work after plans are made. If you are a high-level executive, then you can make do with this approach. For a person who get works done, e.g., a project manager in a construction company or a manufacturing organization, there can be frustrations. Be very careful with debt/loans during this period. Do not take loans if they are not absolutely required. This will be a good period for students to learn new subjects.

Cancer – Moon in Karka Rashi in Janma Kundali

Saturn transit is positive. Jupiter transit through the 4th house is adverse. Rahu moves 1st house, while Ketu moves through the 7th house.

You will continue to have the comfort of a good house this year. Relationship with spouse will continue to be good and there will be marital stability. Children can cause anguish and stress.You will have too much of self-confidence and will not pay attention towards the family.

There is nothing major about travel during the year. Unplanned travel will not be good. There are otherwise no major indications about travel during the year.

There are no major indications of ill-health during the year. Some older illness may come back to bother you.

At the place of work, you will be full of yourself. Business transactions with foreigners will be better during the year. Better than expected financial gains are indicated during the year. You will need to check your spending and not be extravagant. Heavy responsibility is indicated, which will come with better pay. A good reputation is indicated, but it can be sullied if you are not careful. Be careful with dealing in real-estate and legal paperwork. Keep away from shady real estate deals throughout the year.

Leo – Moon in Simha Rashi in Janma Kundali

2017 horoscope shows that it is a tough year initially for Leo rashi persons. Saturn’s transit through the 5th house will be adverse. Jupiter’s transit is tough too as Jupiter moves through the 3rd house and then through 4th house. Rahu moves through the 12th house. Ketu moves through the auspicious 6th house.

This year will be tough on your children. Their education will be a problem for you and them. Relationship with spouse will be average and there will be stability in marriage, while a lot of romance may not be indicated. This is a difficult year for getting married unless the base horoscope is very strong and dasha/antardashas indicate marriage.

Health will be a problem. Digestive juices will not flow easily and nutritious food will also not be available. Expenditure on health-related problems is also indicated. Get checked periodically during the year in order to get hidden diseases diagnosed in time.

The year will start on a good note from mid of Jan to mid of March. After that, disinterest will kick in for some time. It is not easy to motivate yourself and get on with work. Partnerships will also be difficult. Compromises are required at the place of work. For students, there will not be a lot of divine support. You cannot leave anything to chance. The only way to make progress is to ensure hard work and discipline. But do not lose heart because the financial situation will be good through the year. Debt can be paid back. The situation improves in the 2nd half of the year for all Leo borns since there will be a lot of energy available to take on the opposition.

Virgo – Moon in Kanya Rashi in Janma Kundali

Saturn is now moving through the 4th house. Jupiter will move through the auspicious 2nd house and then moves to 3rd in the later part of the year. Rahu/Ketu axis will be through the 11th/5th house.

You will start taking good care of your family in the 2nd part of the year, but soon this will seem like a chore to you. You need to ensure that you spend time with your family members and enjoy with them rather than just discharging your responsibility. Saturn’s ardha-ashtama will cause problems with spouse and mother. At the same time, new friendships will be formed which will be helpful in moving forward in life and in career and there will be upward social mobility.

On the health front, a lot of stomach and heart related long-term diseases start during such transits.

Stock market and real estate investments need to be avoided. Finances will never be a problem during the year. Liquid money will keep coming in but will need to be invested in safe financial instruments. Friends may seem to help, but be wary of them. There can be few backstabbers. Overall, at the place of work, it can be a constricting experience and motivation will be tough to come by. Those who are in creative and innovative fields will feel the maximum negative impact. There will be self-promotion, but creativity will be less. The same is true for students in the area of higher education. Research work will be impacted.

Libra – Moon in Tula Rashi in Janma Kundali

The first part of the year will be good for Tula rashi individuals. Sadhe sati is firmly over and Saturn moves through the 3rd auspicious house. Jupiter will move through 1st house inauspicious transit and then through the 2nd house. Rahu transits through 10th house and Ketu is opposite Rahu.

There is enthusiasm and a will to work hard after sadhe sati is over. A bit of overconfidence can creep in due to Jupiter’s transit. Overall, this means that you are hungry for recognition and can be quite ruthless in dealing with others. It is perfectly fine to be little selfish. You have had a harrowing 7.5 years and now is the time to rediscover your own self. You will have cooperation from others.

On the family front, you may neglect your immediate family in order to concentrate on your own affairs. Still, children and spouse will be taken care of. It is estrangement with mother and other relatives that you should be careful about.

On the health front, you should keep getting your checked up periodically. Chronic health problems can occur, which may have difficulty in diagnosing. Stomach diseases, abdominal disorders can affect you negatively.

There can be conflicts in this area. Be careful with legal problems in real estate dealings. Speculation needs to be generally avoided as your mind will not work fast enough to keep up with the vagaries of the stock market. Long-term, sustainable and safe instruments will definitely help in increasing wealth. New sources of income will open up. Investments will start materializing and finances will take up an upswing towards the end of the year.

Scorpio – Moon in Vrischik Rashi in Janma Kundali

Last part of Sadhe sati is in progress for Vrishchik rashi individuals. Jupiter has moved to the 12th house and will move to 1st in October. Rahu/Ketu are now operating from the 9th/3rd axis. Mars will spend a lot of time in 3rd during the 2nd part of the year. Although sadhe sati is in progress and Jupiter’s transits are not great, there will still be good willpower to make progress in 2nd half of the year.

Be spiritual and view all your relationships from a distance. This will ensure that feeling of loneliness doesn’t consume you. After all, everyone is alone in this world, but people only realize it when Saturn teaches them this lesson. That way, end of Sadhe Sati is an amazing time to realize the real difference between “Maya” and “Ram”. Take care of your mother’s illness during this period. Also, ensure that you are paying attention to needs of your children well and not just maintaining a superficial relationship with them. Disenchantment with spouse could also indicate growing distance in the relationship.

Chest problems are indicated. Keep getting yourself checked. Headaches could also occur without much explanations and diagnosis. Nutritious food may not always be available.

Travel is indicated to far away places. These should be favourable for higher education and learning as well as for the career. Foreign connection will help you.

Grit and motivation will help you in all areas, especially if you find cornered in negative situations. Fighting spirit will be maintained in face of opposition from superiors and uncooperative seniors. I would still advice you to remain under the radar and not attract too much attention to yourself. Real estate investment will auspicious in landed properties, but you need to be careful with official impediments. Be careful with tax authorities and keep your account books clean.

Sagittarius – Moon in Dhanu Rashi in Janma Kundali

Sadhe sati is on. Jupiter is going through 11th house transit until October and then moves to 12th house. Rahu/Ketu are in the 8th/2nd axis. Mars will be in 2nd house for an extended period in 2nd half of the year.

Sadhe sati advances to 2nd of the three-part series as Saturn coincides with your natal moon. This is when you will feel dejected. Any partnership will require a lot of commitment. The responsibilities will weigh you down. The second part of the year will create even more problems on this front when Mars starts affecting the house of family, children as well as in-laws. Still, relationship with both kids as well as the spouse will remain well and you will be able to provide for their comfort. Ketu is in 2nd house as well. Overall, during the year, you need to work hard at relationships. What is very much required is the cleanup of relationships – ignore what is not important and invest only in real relationships.

Throughout the year, you need to be careful with stomach problems and lower abdomen diseases. Gym and exercises will help along with the right food.

At the place of business and work, money situation will be great, and financial success is indicated in spite of sadhe sati. You will need to be careful with your savings and fixed deposits as they may be broken to fund expenditure and may go waste as well.

Capricorn – Moon in Makar Rashi in Janma Kundali

1st phase of Sadhe sati is going on for Capricorn rashi persons. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, effects of sadhe sati will be mitigated by increasing the qualities of Capricorn and by being true to yourself. Jupiter’s 10th house transit is tough until October will be tough and then will be better. Rahu/Ketu are operating from 7/1 axis. Mars will affect your head and thinking in 2nd part of the year.

A Capricorn person is diligent and disciplined even in the face of adversity. Keep that quality going. There is a certain withdrawal from immediate family. There will be problems and misunderstanding with spouse/partner. However, such problems can be fixed easily through communication. Do not be argumentative, but try to understand the other person’s point of view. This is the advice from last year as well. Relations with society and relatives will be cordial and they will accept you as a person of capability.

Be careful with diseases of lower abdomen area and get yourself checked often. Be careful of accidents and headaches in later part of the year.

This is a period of problems at the place of work. Relationship with authority will not go well. You are so full of information and knowledge that you want to impart to the world that you will not take it lightly when others are not listening to you. Promotions can happen only in later part of the year. This is a good time to buy apartments. Financial condition will be reasonable, nothing great and nothing to worry about too. The house of saved up money is safe for the moment. There can be lots of unplanned expenditure though, which you will have to keep in control. Be careful with loans taken during this period. If good research is done, then the borrowing can help you with property purchase.

Aquarius – Moon in Kumbh Rashi in Janma Kundali

Saturn is in 11th house. Jupiter’s transit is through 9th until October, and then Jupiter moves to 10th. Rahu/Ketu are in 6/12 axis. Transits indicate a great year. Mars will go through 12th house manglik transit in the 2nd half of the year.

You will have good confidence during the year to face the world. There will be good relations with siblings, close relatives, and spouse. Children will do well too. Problems with extended family are indicated in 2nd part of the year where there can be some conflict with siblings as well as with wife. Siblings and neighbours will still be very helpful and supportive, in spite of you taking an aggressive position towards them.

Health will be good during the 1st part of the year. Lack of sleep and too much activity can create problems of comfort in the 2nd half.

Finances will be good during the year. Both inflow and savings will be good. You can look forward to investing in stocks. Foreign sources of income will thrive. Worship Goddess Lakshmi if you want to invest in real estate and purchase a good and comfortable house. Loans will be easy to come by, but there is a distinct possibility of you overestimating your ability to pay off the loans and taking a much bigger loan that you can pay off. Be careful.

Pisces – Moon in Meena Rashi in Janma Kundali

Saturn moves through 10th house causing negative energy at the place of work. Jupiter’s 8th house transit is adverse until Oct when it moves to 9th house. Rahu’s transit will be adverse in 5th house, but Ketu’s transit is positive in 11th. Mars will provide good support in 2nd half of the year.

Relations with spouse will cause distance to be developed between you. Kids will also come with their set of problems that you will have no interest to solve. Overall, you may feel alone during the year, having to fend for yourself. 2nd part of the year will be good when you will be able to maintain social contacts and this will have a positive impact on your life.

Keep away from fatty food and sweets through the year or it may cause health problems of bloating, cholesterol and associated ailments. Do not use food as a method of improving your general mood.

Finances can be tough in the 1st half of the year. Speculation can cause both ups and downs. This is not a great year for career and you are better off keeping your head down and working. Foreign relations can be helpful, but a change of place and too much travel can cause health problems. You will get unexpected gains from the place of work, where you will not be able to anticipate the cause of sudden grace on you. As I mentioned before, cash flow will remain erratic. Keep this factor in mind while you plan your expenditure.

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