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January 2015 Astrology Predictions

By Kshitij Sharma, December 18, 2014

The monthly horoscope for January 2015 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this site. A date based on Moon’s transit over 2nd, 8th and 12th house that indicates anishta is indicated through the month. 8th house presence for Chandra is called Chandrashtama and is a period of grave caution.

The planetary positions for the month of December are as follows:

  1. Sun is in Sagittarius at the beginning of the month. It moves to Capricorn on midnight of January 15th. This day is celebrated as Makara Sankranti.
  2. Mars is in Aquarius pretty much through the month.
  3. Mercury is located in Sagittarius on 1st of January but immediately moves to Capricorn on 2nd Jan. It is considered located in Makara during the month. Mercury becomes retrograde on 22nd January. Mercury attains the greatest speed of retrogression on Jan 30th, and then it starts slowing down. Mercury come out of retrogression in February.
  4. Venus is also in Makara at the beginning of the month. It moves to Kumbha on 23rd Jan.
  5. Saturn is in Scorpio, indicating Sadhe sati for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius rashis. It is no longer combust.
  6. Jupiter is retrograde in Cancer.
  7. Rahu and Ketu are transiting through Virgo & Pisces respectively through the month.

During this month as well, Mars and Saturn are in a parivartana yoga. They are exact square on Jan 15th. While Saturn doesn’t have a 4th house drishti, this is still a very potent combination. During the last part of the month, both Jupiter and Mercury are retrograde, indicating that general wisdom in mundane affairs will not work.

Aries – Horoscope for Mesha Rashi in January 2015

On Family front, Aries rashi born persons will get a lot of support from loved ones. This is a good period for happiness through children and even indicates birth of children. Gains through friends are indicated. However, you must note that this is a period of ashtama Shani for you and you aren’t very happy with folks around you. This month should be a bit of relief for you. This is also a good time for meeting new people – making new friends and if you are looking for love. During the last week of the month, this event will turn out be be a bit unconventional meeting. You should be careful with the health of both parents – both mother and father.

You could take religious trips, i.e. teertha yatra during January 2015. Long distance travel will bring some luck. A chance of residence is not indicated in this period.

On health front, Aries rashi borns are likely to suffer from eye and ear infections. Upper back and neck problems are also indicated during this period. At the same time, this is a good period to get health checkups done and enlist in yoga programs and gym classes. Utilize this push from planets and heavens!

This is a good period to talk about promotions and hikes with your supervisor and boss. It is important to align with the higher ups as they may not have the best impression of you at this moment. However, with an effort, the 2nd part of the month will be much better than the first one and the efforts can be brought to fruition. Your team members will support and cooperate with you. This is a good time for students and for improving their knowledge. This is a good time to start on new projects, if you put the right effort. Investments in real estate may not be rewarding. Speculation may not work out in your favour as well.

Chandrashtama Days: 16th & 17th Jan

Taurus – Horoscope for Vrishabha Rashi in January 2015

January 2015 will be overall a difficult month for Taurus borns and caution is required. What would immediately solve problems at home will be an attitude of introspection and recognition of needs of others. A lot of attention needs to be provided to family members. Otherwise, there is a distinct possibility of squabbles and unnecessary arguments. Take care of father’s health in the second half. He may need some medical help.

This transit will bring in trips throughout the month. Trips/Journeys in the first half will be taxing. However, same journeys extending in or starting in 2nd half will be auspicious.

On the health front, the transits of outer planets are not being very helpful. There is a need for meditation to bring some calmness in life and to drive away the lethargy. You may contract skin diseases and throat infection.

Hard work during this month will yield results. You can be aggressive and have a rivalry with colleagues at work. Marketing oneself using tools of communication is required. This is a good time for working on multiple sources of income and failures in such endeavours should be taken in their stride. Keep a check on your expenditure. They will sky rocket.

This is a good time for students and they are likely to do well in the exams and their “stature” will rise.

Chandrashtama Days: 18th & 19th Jan

Gemini – Horoscope for Mithuna Rashi in January 2015

Long term transits of outer planets is helping you and will keep you going till July of 2015, post which Jupiter moves to Leo and will come under check from Saturn. Make use of the great opportunity till then.

During January 2015, Gemini rashi persons should not get into strife at home. This month also indicates difference in opinion with father and father figures. There is romance in the air and you can meet someone new & special. Relationships started during this period will have lasting impact. Expansion of the family is indicated including birth of children during this period.

Journeys during this period will need to be planned in advance and you need to carefully stick to the plan. 2nd part of the month could bring study tours and short journeys for learning or religious purposes.

First half of the month is pretty good as far as health is concerned. You may get hurt during exercise or sports, but let it not bother you. You should continue with this routine. During the second part of the month, you should take care of health of your wife and children. Mother’s health could be suffering due to long term transit. You could feel fatigued due to anxiety. Keep your rage and blood pressure in check.

Prediction of disagreement with father/figures should be extended to authorities also and can result in legal difficulties. There are good indications of dealing in property, but there will be impediments too. You should ensure that there are no illegal dealings going on in these areas and keep away from them. This is a good period for financial gains and putting plan/strategy in place to increase your net worth.

Chandrashtama Days: 20th & 21st Jan

Cancer – Horoscope for Karka Rashi in January 2015

It is a mixed month for Cancer rashi persons. The first half of the month would be better than the second part. Benefits from service providers and servants are predicted. You could hire a new driver or helper at your place of work. During the month, you are being creative in your endeavors and there is a possibility of strife at home because you are not paying attention to family. You need to be clear and transparent in the communication and taken them on your side. This is a good position for romance and love affairs in the beginning of the month.

Short journeys, foreign travels will continue to provide gains. These travels may be demanding for you.

On the health front, you aren’t eating well. There is a possibility of food poisoning, indigestion and other stomach disorders. There is a possibility of skin diseases as well. As I mentioned before, the second half of the month is worse than the first half.

During the first part of the month, there will be lot of gains from bosses at work. You will prevail over rivals at work. You will be able to complete projects. You will be able to maintain good understanding with government officials. You will need to balance the situations – because there are always two sides of the same coin. This is a good time to settle long pending things – either with relatives or settling litigation with government. This is not a good period for gambling/speculation. Caution will need to be maintained and especially in the second half which will be tougher than the first.

Chandrashtama Days: 22nd & 23rd Jan

Leo – Horoscope for Simha Rashi in January 2015

January would be a tough month overall for Simha Rashi persons. Towards the beginning of the month, you will need to spend time with the children. You would be undergoing a taxing transit wrt Mars where such transit causes people to be dominant over partners/spouse. Ardha-ashtama of Saturn shows disagreement in domestic front anyway.

Avoid travel during the month if you can. If it is a must, ensure that you are insured against accidents and theft.

Retrograde Jupiter would make some existing disease or chronic situation worse. Please take good care of yourself. There will be problems with stomach disorders and eye infection. Blood pressure would shoot up as well.

You will attempt to complete many projects, but there will be obstacles. The second part of the month will be seemingly better than then first part, but obstacles will come in form of a learned person or a superior at work. Do your homework properly otherwise your knowledge will be questioned. Courage is required at the place of work and in relation to your subordinates. Adversaries at place of work should be dealt with appropriately. Take a safe way out there.

Things are going your way financially. You will need to control your expenses.

Chandrashtama Days: 24th & 25th Jan

Virgo – Horoscope for Kanya Rashi in January 2015

This will be an overall good month for Kanya Rashi persons on many fronts. Major transits are helping maintain a good domestic environment at home and lot of support can be expected there. You can never underestimate the importance of support from loved ones and you should thank God for the same.

Creative thinking is happening in your mind. This is also a good time for birth of children, marriage and growth of the family. However, do take care of your mind – there is a possibility of extra marital affairs too!

There will be general discomfort during travels – there is a possibility of problems of conveyances too. For those working in multinational corporations, business transactions with your colleagues and co-workers will be fruitful.

General health problems are indicated, nothing major though. You are more likely to suffer from agitated mind and agony. There could be problems with father. Your mother can get into accident.

There is financial stress indicated due to investment in real estate/property. Be careful not to run into debts/loans. You will get help in litigation. Relation with superiors can get into strain.

This period indicates increased knowledge and intelligence and will be a good time for students. For those at work, this is a good time for growth in professional skills and training. However, you must keep in mind that the last week of the month will be difficult for this aspect. So, if you are preparing for an exam during the last of the month, prepare for it harder.

Chandrashtama Days: 26th, 27th, 28th Jan

Libra – Horoscope for Tula Rashi in January 2015

This is a mixed/neutral month for Libra rashi borns. The first part of the month will be better than the second part. You are under the influence of sadhe-sati, but this is the last leg of it. You will sail through if you follow a spiritual path.

During the month, you will need to ensure that you do not get into unnecessary conflict with the siblings. You will get good support from friends and other relatives. This is also a romantic and exciting time with your partner/spouse. This will be especially true towards the end of the month. You will be inclined to meet new people and enjoy their company, but you need to be cautious with new people and if they bring any bad habits with them. Avoid being too hard on your children and give them space to show their own efforts.

Short travels will be fruitful, long travels will not be. You can take a break and go on a vacation. Although the school season is on, you may still get a deal on late holidays and you may take it.

Due to sadhe sati and other malefic transits, you are feeling fatigued and there is a lack of energy. However, during the month, you will be able to pull yourself up and enjoy good health. There is a chance of diseases in abdomen area. Children could fall ill as well.

During the first part of the month, you will be able to work well, supporting the authority at the place of work. This will give you the right visibility and growth path. Expenses will be high. You aren’t being much disciplined. This is wrong thing to happen at this time as discipline is what you absolutely need – but unfortunately isn’t very obvious. Keep away from stock market if you cannot track it on daily basis. There are going to many ups and downs in the market anyway as you will find out from my post on financial astrology. Keep away from schemes that promise quick and questionable returns.

This is a good time for academics – both teachers and students.

Chandrashtama Days: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Jan, 29th & 30th Jan

Scorpio – Horoscope for Vrishchika Rashi in January 2015

This is a mixed month for Vrishchika rashi persons and the situation will become better as the month progresses. In the first half, you need to be careful with the new friends that you are making. You will need to scrutinize their motives. You will do well in the domestic life but you could have problems with relations – who could embarrass you in certain situations. You would be in a mood to party, but there will be some obstacles in the celebrations. In the second part of the month, there would be comfort in family life; however, you must ensure that you are not overworked.

Overall, second phase of your Sadhe sati is on. It has brought great deal of responsibility to you, but you aren’t able to make anyone happy about it. You need to ensure that you work through it and maintain your responsibility with a thought that you cannot make everyone happy.

Through the month, short travels will be beneficial. Such travel will mainly be alone as Sadhe sati also indicates separation from family. Take this in your stride. Take good care of your health while traveling. Travel should also be planned well and you should not waste a lot of time on these travels. Once you are done with your planned work, head home and spend time with family.

You need to ensure that you take good care of eating habits during the month. Indigestion can happen if you aren’t very careful. You should also be careful with chest & eye infections.

Control investment in unknown areas. Keep your contacts in check as you may get tricked. There is opposition at the place of work and you may have trouble executing projects. These problems at place of work will be much better during the second part of the month when association with higher officials will help you.

Chandrashtama Days: 4th Jan, 5th Jan & 31st Jan

Sagittarius – Horoscope for Dhanu Rashi in January 2015

Mixed month for Sagittarius is predicted in January 2015 as per the astrological indicators and transits. Although the time is good for marriage and child birth, there will be obstacles. There is focus on individual needs, and tendency to neglect the family. This should be avoided and diplomacy is to be maintained. During the beginning of the month, you will be able to meet up with good friends – reliable friends who will stand by you in long run.

Sadhe sati is now on for you starting last month. You are feeling a little reserved and want to be left alone. This will not help you much and you will need to get out of this mindset by bringing out the fighter in you. Remember the sign of Sagittarius, which is the warrior with bow and arrow. That fire now has to come out.

You will need to balance excessive travel. However, do take up short journeys for conferences and study tours. These will allow you to network with others and increase your support base.

On the health front, there is a possibility of physical injury. These may not necessarily be accidents, but you may get hurt during sports activities as well. It may cause other problems due to fatigue and general discomfort. Second part of the month may lead to ENT infections.

If you have given loans to someone, recovery could be a problem, especially in the second half of the month. Some litigation related to inherited property may arise. You are likely to gain money through sale or property. This is a good period at work – with honour and authority, should you choose and plan to be aggressive. Risk taking abilities at the place of work will be rewarded well during this month.

Chandrashtama Days: 6th, 7th & 8th Jan

Capricorn – Horoscope for Makar Rashi in January 2015

January 2015 is overall a fair month for Makar rashi borns, with the first part of the month will be better than the second month. There are few obstacles in the second half, which will affect you, especially on the home front.

Planetary transits predict that you will work well with your immediate and smaller family, but when it comes to outside circle of friends and relatives, the demands from both the sides will be too much to handle. Advise would be not to let the emotions get better of you. Avoid unnecessary fights. You could get into ownership disputes with your relatives so that is something to be aware of. Long term transit of outer planets is favourable and then you will not have a lot of worries on that front, but certainly you have had other better months in the year.

Long distance business travel is indicated in the first part of the month. If this extends to second part also, you will get tired and travel will stop meeting the right expectations. You can take good nice vacation though with your family, which will help you unwind.

During the first part of the month, you could suffer from eye infection and sleeping disorders. This may lead to nervousness, anxiety and emotional issues. Second part of the month may lead to blood pressure and ailments in chest area.

This is a month when your expenses can be out of control. Since the overall year is a good one financially, you may be little indulgent and hence carefree in your spending. During this month, you will have trouble starting on new projects. It is possible that you are vacillating and not taking a stance. Students will have hard time keeping focus on their studies and they may not be able to perform in exams that well.

Chandrashtama Days: 9th & 10th Jan

Aquarius – Horoscope for Kumbha Rashi in January 2015

A fair month for Aquarius borns is on the cards for Kumbha rashi. The New Year 2015 will definitely start well, but second part may show problems and hindrances, but they will mainly be due to your own mindset and emotions. In the first half, you will have a good relation with elder brother. Auspicious time and events will occur at your home. Domestic life will be happy. Your rash approach may not be good towards friends and other relatives. Avoid getting in to some kind of contest with them. It may cause some distress to you, especially in the second half. You may have difference of opinion with your children, if they are old enough to have an opinion.

You may have a longer travel, to a foreign land in the second half. It will be strenuous.

You will enjoy good health in this period and are unlikely to catch any diseases – but you need to be careful with accidents and fire. You may sustain injuries to lower part of the body. As indicated in the Jupiter retrograde article, this is a period when some existing disease worsens.

First half of the month is a good time working in partnerships and you will have plenty of help from authorities. This is good time to invest. Hard work will pay off with interest. You expenditure will be high – purchase of articles of luxury is predicted. You must not spend money on whims and fancies.

Do not enter into ventures/contract where you are unsure of the financial implications.

Chandrashtama Days: 11th, 12th, 13th Jan

Pisces – Horoscope for Meena Rashi in January 2015

A good month for Meena Rashi persons is indicated by the planetary transits.

Gains through coworkers and friends are indicated. You will make new friends and get into new relationships. Love relationships will be lasting. However, at the same time, this may not be the best time for marital relationships, especially because the transits also indicate aggression taking over. Children will continue to do well and will be a source of pride to you. There will be some obstacles in form of authority figures in the second part of the month, who will deny you peace at home.

Travel will indicate separation from family, or, it may also indicate you wanting to get away from daily chores and take a trip all by yourself. Just one word of advice – plan well.

Physical health will be good. Mental worries will be more than physiological problems. Blood pressure and stomach disorders will bother you.

On the job front, you can look forward to some changes – it can come either as a job change or a change in assignment or job profile. Association with high officials will be good for you. You will gain status at the place of work based on your hard work. However, you may still feel that you are not getting the right amount of credit and may have differences with your superiors/bosses. You may want to tone down your aggression at the place of work. Team mates will be helpful.

Expenditure will be unusually high – especially on articles of indulgence and comfort.

Chandrashtama Days: 14th, 15th Jan

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