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Monthly Horoscope October 2014

By Kshitij Sharma, September 18, 2014

Health, family, travel/trips and career/business – the horoscope of October 2014 is presented for you based on the moon sign, i.e. janma rashi in your horoscope, based on the Vedic niryana system. Please do not substitute your Sun sign or a western astrology moon sign here. If you do not know your janma rashi, please refer to the kundali application on this page. Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury all move into different signs right around middle of October and this month will have a distinct first half and second half flavour. This month onwards, I am removing the section for remedies as I am not sure how useful it is for readers. Rather, I am adding few dates based on Moon’s transit over 2nd, 8th and 12th house that indicates anishta. For other dates where caution needs to be exercised, you should go over the weekly panchanga published on the site.

Planetary Positions in October 2014

  • Jupiter remains in Cancer throughout the month.
  • Rahu/Ketu remain in Virgo/Taurus respectively.
  • Mars is in Scorpio at the beginning of the month. It moves from its swakshetra to fiery sign of Sagittarius on 19th Oct.
  • Venus will be debilitated in Virgo for a brief while in October and it will move to swakshetra Libra around 19th of October.
  • Mercury will be in Libra at the beginning of the month. It becomes retrograde on 4th October and moves back to Virgo on 17th. It then becomes direct again on 26th of October, but remains in Virgo till the end of the month.
  • Sun moves to Libra on 18th Oct.
  • Saturn remains in the sign of Libra. It is on its way out of Libra and will move to Scorpio in 1st week of November. Sadhe-sati is on for Virgo, Libra and Scorpio rashis, with Saturn being in 2nd, 1st and 12th house respectively in the janma rashi chart. Sadhe sati will start for Dhanu rashi persons in November. I will be covering this in a separate article by the end of the month. Sadhe-sati is practically over for Kanya Rashi persons, as Saturn is mere 3°30′ away from changing the sign at the beginning of October.

Aries: Moon in Mesha in horoscope

This is a good month to spend with family. You would be able to take care of the needs of the family and will be a pleasing time and content time at home. Communication with spouse/partner is important for avoiding conflict and misunderstanding. The 2nd part of the month is better than the first. You will feel a little more flirtatious than usual. Your family has lot of expectations from you and you will be able to fulfil it, although with some effort.

The second half of the month will bring on long distance travel – maybe to a foreign location. Plan well ahead in order to avoid worries and concern.

You must take care of diet and eating habits throughout the month, otherwise stomach disorders, food poisoning, physical distress is indicated. There are chances of accident while travel outside.

There is lot of emphasis at work. You will be able to gain from superiors and in unexpected ways. The first half of the month indicates success, while the 2nd half is difficult. Do not indulge in unnecessary office politics at work and keep your business partners and work peers in good humour. Use your words judiciously and tactfully.

Dates of Caution: 7-8th October, 11-13th Oct. Chandrashtama days: 26th and 27th October

Taurus: Moon in Vrishabha in horoscope

It will a relatively difficult October month for Taurus rashi persons. While your tendency would be to dictate terms to others, it will be good to take a step back and ensure that you work hard to cooperate with spouse or partner. An ability to take care of surroundings and awareness is required to make things work. You would not get required help from friends and relatives.

There is nothing of significance indicated during the month for travel, other than the usual grind, if you are going through one.

On the health front, the 2nd half of the month is better than the first. During the first half, you will be fatigued. You are susceptible to stomach disorders, food poisoning  and little bit of mental worries that would show up as blood pressure etc. Please be aware and take care of yourself and things will look better in the 2nd half. Need to take care of spouse’s health in the 2nd part of the month though.

At the place of work – whether it is your business, office or home office, do not get into unnecessary disputes with colleagues and partners. They may not come for your help. Do not get into unnecessary criticism of others as well in self promotion. It is advisable to maintain balance. Students will need to work harder than usual.

This is good period for realization of loans, gain from enemies and success in litigation/disputes.

Dates of Caution: 9-10th and 14-15th October. Chandrashtama days: 1st and 2nd October

Gemini: Moon in Mithun in horoscope

This is a good time to be with family. If communication between spouse is taken care of, there would be no arguments as well. Those who are married, will enjoy good time at home. Those who are not, will likely meet someone special. This is a good time and good month to get married. On the negative side, the month could tire you out in terms of relationships and you may feel that lot of demands on time are being made, especially by children.

Travel would discomforting, especially long ones. This is a good time to get your vehicle serviced !

On the health front, there is susceptibility to seasonal illness – fever, digestive problems, nothing worse. You should take care of parents though.

This is a gainful period for money and expansion of wealth. There could be some stress in this regards and you will need to manage your expectations. It could also be that you are trying to work two jobs and while it is financially rewarding, it causes some stress. Second half could give you some problems with competitors and superiors, but you should be able to prevail based on your skills and knowledge.

2nd half of the month is a good time for students, especially those appearing in exams.

Dates of Caution: 11-13th, 16-18th October, Chandrashtama days: 3rd-4th October

Cancer: Moon in Karka in horoscope

The first half of the month is a time for party, love and harmony. Friends will help you and there is overall comfort in family life. It shows good time with mate, and indulging in hobbies and sports for pleasure rather competitive. You will be able to enjoy the company of good people. You are likely to get into conflict with siblings, but at the same time, it is a good time to get out of it by talking and connecting with them on emotional level.

Travel in the first half of the month would be productive and rewarding. On the other hand, if it continues in the second half, it will tire you out. The transit is making you think if you need a change in residence or place. You should utilize this time to make the decision. It could be change of cities or change of area within the same city.

You are unnecessarily causing anxiety to yourself. The apprehensions in your mind will show up as blood pressure, heart aches. Too much partying may cause problems with digestive system. You should concentrate on your health too.

Through the month, there is a push and pull at place of work, business. You will be able to achieve desired results and get the required credit and fame. At the same time, there is financial stress due to loans and expenditure. Students will have very good time during the first half at studies, but not so good during the 2nd half, where they may have worries and problems memorizing their lessons!

Dates of Caution: 14-15th, 19-20th October, Chandrashtama days: 5-6th October

Leo: Moon in Simha in horoscope

This month would progressively become better as the weeks pass. It is a good time with immediate family, but outside of this comfortable zone, you are being aggressive. You are taking tough stance and have strong opinions. This will affect your neighbours, your relatives and friends. The trick is to stop being defensive and be confident. Be in control of your environment and you would do just fine.

Short travels are indicated and they will be profitable.

On the health front, do take good care of your eyes. The tendency during the first half is to catch cold and general sickness including stomach trouble. Take care of your diet. As the month progresses, body immunity will improve and there will be recovery from diseases.

During the month, you should be careful with new financial investments. New investments can definitely be made, but only after due diligence. Any investments made on mere speculation of if you feel like gambling should be strictly avoided. For example, if you are not careful with property purchase, you could get into litigation.

This is a good time for negotiations. This is also a good time for shopping for yourself to increase comfort at home!

Dates of Caution: 16-18th, 21st-23rd October, Chandrashtama days: 7th-8th October

Virgo: Moon in Virgo in horoscope

Personal time and your own needs are very important for you. Still, in the current social environment where we are dependent on others, isolation is not possible. Do not be temperamental and impatient. Be tactful and diplomatic in dealing with others. Do not disregard advice of others, even if you need to heed to your own heart/head. This will ensure that you take them on board with any decision that is made. This will also ensure that they help you out of any pitfalls – which will be your tendency this month. One of the best Jupiter transit is going on for you and this will ensure that you have domestic happiness. Just do not do anything that you would regret. Sadhe sati is almost over for you and this is the last month, so just hang in there.

Indications for short travels are there throughout the month, but you need to balance between working it out with the family and going out. To ensure that travels are rewarding, plan ahead, otherwise there could be problems.

On health front, good health is indicated. Be careful while working out in a gymnasium or while taking up sports to avoid bodily injuries.

Cash flow continues to be good. You are likely to earn through sale of property. This is a good time for students to take up new subjects. Recognition at work continues to be good. During the second half of the month, be careful with expenditure. Avoid company of shady people and keep away from dishonest deeds.

Dates of Caution: 7th to 10th October, Chandrashtama days: 26th and 27th October

Libra: Moon in Tula in horoscope

Libra rashi persons will also have a month that will progressive become better. However, the flavour of the month, at least for the first half, is to look outwards and take care of friends more than family. Do not be surprised if you family complains that you are spending too much time outside and not with the family. Please maintain balance, otherwise the tendency will be on nit-picking, especially in the second half of the month. Be open, transparent and honest and do not keep things from your mate/partner. You will be entering a new and the last phase of Sadhe-sati in a month’s time and the time will be little easy on you.

Travel, change of job and change of residence is weighing on your mind. This will continue. The month indicates short travels, on work and without family. Travels due to trainings, study tour, conferences will be beneficial.

Propensity is to attract illness – eye infection, stomach disorders with fatigue and general discomfort.

Be careful of expenditure during the month. You are likely to indulge in shopping for yourself and family and will want to stuff your house with items of luxury. Avoid first half for starting any new projects – if there is a major need, talk to an astrologer for a good muhurta. You would feel energetic and dynamic during the second half of the month and will be able to work hard. It is a good time for students. You have intense curiosity to learn new things, even when the competition hits your hard.

Dates of Caution: 21st-23rd & 26-27th October, Chandrashtama days: 12-13th October

Scorpio: Moon in Vrishchik in horoscope

Favourable time during the month – especially for social life. Relationship with elder brother/siblings will be good. Adverse time is predicted with partners if you don’t keep check on what you say and how you say it! Love is in the air and any love affair that starts now will have a lasting effect. However, it will require effort and perseverance to keep it going.  Do not get into property ownership issues with friends and other family members.

Second half of the month may bring in visits to foreign land. They may be tiresome.

First half of the month will bring in good health. Second half of the will bother with general illness and infection – fever, chest infection, eye troubles.

Hard work will pay off during the first half, even though you feel that recognition is not coming in. There will be help from the government of the day. This is a good time for cash inflow. This is a excellent time for studies and to do well in exams. You will spend money on shopping luxury items for yourself.

Dates of Caution: 24-25th, 28-29th October, Chandrashtama days: 14-15th October

Sagittarius: Moon in Dhanu in horoscope

Favourable time to connect/reconnect with friends and family. Gains through friends, family are indicated. It is a difficult time to be with spouse and in-laws. On the other hand, those looking for romantic relationship would be successful. You will be able to make new friends, come in contact with influential people and gain from them. Those looking to mend relationship with siblings will be successful.

First half of the month will find you wandering around  without purpose. Travel will not be fruitful and will not serve its purpose.

This is a month where you will be free of physical sickness, however, work or other pressures will result in stress related disorders – insomnia, blood pressure and likes. You would be a bit temperamental and sensitive. Be tactful not to react to situations unnecessarily.

First half of the month could bring in a new a better job opportunity. You would come in contact with and associate with people with high social status and benefit from it. Expenditure would be high and will need to be controlled. Hard work will pay off. It is a good period for recognition. It will be a fulfilling month overall.

Dates of Caution: 26-27th, 30th-31st October, Chandrashtama days: 16th-19th October

Capricorn: Moon in Makar in horoscope

It will be a month with lot of possibilities, but when it comes to fruition, it will not meet all your expectations. Still, the month will be a good one overall, even though you think lots more could be done. First half of the month is a good one for you, where an expansion in family is indicated. You will be able to meet someone new and marriage is on the cards for those looking to tie the knot. Problems and confusion between siblings is indicated, but it can be sorted out very easily.

It remains a good time to visit foreign countries or go on that teertha yatra.

You will enjoy good health overall. Skin ailments could bother you during second part of October. Take care of your father’s health.

First half will be good at place of work – cooperation with team members will help you. It is a good time to talk to your superiors for the promotion that you have been waiting for. The second half of the month will not be as good, as there will be obstacles at work and you will not get the credit for hard work. Expenditure will be wasteful.

Dates of Caution: 5-6th, 28-29th October, Chandrashtama days: 19-20th October

Aquarius: Moon in Kumbh in horoscope

50-50 month – starts with hardships and becomes better as weeks pass by. Be aware and put the requirements of others before your own. It is a good time for romance, but there will be something or the other bothering you and not letting you enjoy the moment.

It is a good time to travel and for communication – those attending conferences, seminars will be able to make a lasting impression. The journeys will be tiresome and wear you out. If you are planning to go on religious tours and study tours, second part of the month is better than first.

There would be increase of fatigue. Be careful with symptoms of heart troubles and get yourself checked out. Father’s health could be a problem.

You are having anxiety towards promotion at work. You believe that superiors at work do not have confidence towards you and are denying the promotion/hike. These are doubts in your own mind and are removed from reality. While trying to go ahead in career, do not step on authorities of others. Money will come from property dealing or you will be able to purchase property that you have been waiting for. Be prudent and economical about other expenditure.

Dates of Caution: 3rd-4th, 7th-8th October, Chandrashtama days: 21st-23rd October

Pisces: Moon in Meen in horoscope

You are raring to go out and have some adventure, but you feel others are holding you back. Ashtama Shani is on the wane and you will no longer have problems with support from others. A little disagreement with father or father-figures is indicated this month. First half of the month will be good for family, although your expectations are higher. Even if any misunderstanding arises between partners, you will be able to solve it.

Long distance travel will be good and will bring in fortunes during first half. Plan well ahead.

You will need to be careful about your health in second half of the month. While the first half is good, second half may see you losing your temper more often. Blood pressure, fatigue would bother you. Do not let it become a chronic problem. Meditation would surely help you.

As I mentioned above, disagreement with father figure is indicated in this month. If you extend this logic, there is an indication of disagreement with higher authorities. Be ethical in all your doings, but be tactful in bringing out unethical practices of others. Travel could bring in unwanted transfers, especially in the second half. Cash flow will continue to remain positive, with indications of property purchase, gains from business partners etc. Meena rashi students will continue to have favourable time – getting the big picture while learning a new subject.

Dates of Caution: 5-6th October, Chandrashtama days: 24th and 25th October

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